The only difference between a clear and an OT, is the Clear is
carrying around a time track and the OT isn't.

     The time track is an artificial mechanical creation, that long ago
was not being created, then started being created on a knowing basis,
and is still being created by the being on an unknowing basis.

     The time track does not exist in the physical universe, it exists
in the conscious universe and is a recording of all the thought, emotion
and effort that occurs in each moment of time, and all of the valences
involved on all flows.

     One of the time track's key aspects is it can recreate an incident
with full intensity, making it almost impossible to determine if the
incident is happening again or is merely a facsimile in restimulation.

     In other words if an explosion that blew you to pieces gets
restimulated to full intensity, you will be blown to pieces again.

     Rarely do such things get that restimulated, but there are whole
track incidents, implants etc, that are in full restimulation, producing
not being blown to pieces, but total unconsciousness and control.

     Knowing the anatomy of the time track, many have used its design
against your pc down through history, and so has your pc done the same
to others.

     Another of the time track's key aspects is it will apply command
phrases or ideas contained in it, not only to the pc but TO ITSELF.

     Thus a harmless idea like 'I feel all together', if restimulated in
a heavy facsimile, can cause the time track to completely group from
beginning to end into one big unauditable congolmerate mass.

     'I feel all together' may be good for a pc, but it's terrible for a
time track, and if your pc has such a time track, its terrible for him

     The truth is this happens because the pc is dramatizing the phrase
on the time track, and thus if the time track is grouped, the pc will be
found to be parked in the very incident that contains the command phrase
to group the time track and the pc will be DOING it to the time track!

     Your pc is sitting right there saying to the time track "Bite me!"
and it does.

     Command phrases can group, deny, bounce, reverse, derail, make
black, and make invisible, and make drop out of time, the entire time
track or parts of it, or just about anything else you can think of.

     Any command phrase or idea that might confuse a pc will make a mess
of the time track if directed by the pc to do so.

     The pc has an intent to make the time track nonexistent and
unauditable, and to make himself the effect of it, and he uses these
command phrases against the time track to make it so.

     Much of this intent is simply havingness, he doesn't want to lose
the game.  He made (a real stupid) postulate long ago that any game was
better than no game, compounded by another postulate that this was the
only game there was, no matter how much he came to detest it, and so of
course all such games end in an immortal hell of one kind of another,
having to play a detested game, even if it is just sitting in a
simmering rage in a frying pan waiting to be eaten, and never quite
getting around to it.

     These various states of the time track which are created by command
phrases, and the pc's mal intent towards it, all prevent further
auditing, until the incidents that the pc is parked in, which are
messing with the time track itself, are handled.

     In other words finding the incident in which the pc is dramatizing
murder at all his friends is no where near as important as it is to find
the incident in which the pc is dramatizing murder towards his own time
track and everyone else's.

     By necessity, overts against case take priority.

     Since the pc is IN the incident that is most messing with the time
track, that incident is in theory the easiest to run, given pc and
auditor understanding, intelligence and willingness.

     Once the primary command phrases against the time track are
handled, it will straighten out and the pc will find auditing the rest
of it not overwhelming, tempered only by his own daring.

     Remember the pc is overwhelming himself, no auditing takes place
until that is handled first.  He is overwhelming himself BY messing with
his own and other's time tracks.

     Just like a banker, the more gold he has, the more he HAS.  Just
so, the more your preclear is messed up *PERMANENTLY*, the more he HAS
for longer.  This is held in place by a postulated absence of other
havingness, both good and bad.

     At this point the pc is well on his way to recovering his clear OT
state.  Remember he was an OT all along, he can't be anything but an OT,
but he can be an OT entombed in a time track that grips him like living
solid rock.

     Eventually he becomes a prove it case.

     You will find the following items of interest to run on your pc at
some point in his bridge.

     Eternality is defined as timeless, spaceless, causeless existence.


     The subject of causelessness is controversial because cause is
usually considered an in time linear kind of thing, first there is
cause, then there is an effect, two different events separated by space
and time.  Since we are now taking about the static which is above space
or time or linearity of any kind, any effort to describe the 'cause' of
time escapes us.

     It would have to be an eternal cause, its not like at one point
time was not being caused and then at some point later time started to
be caused, because that implies time.

     So the static has to eternally be causing the kinetic from outside
of time, there can't be a CHANGE in that cause.

     Thus we talk about causeeffect, where cause and effect are one and
the same event with no space nor time between them.  We see this in the
proof via our description of direct perception and perfect certainty.

     Unlike in mechanical learning systems where the referent comes
BEFORE the symbol, in consciousness, referent and symbol are one and the
same event allowing perfect certainty to take place, because the
observer is learning about the referent by looking at the referent as it
is and not some later distant symbol in space time.

     When one is learning by being an effect, one learns about the cause
by looking at the effect.  One learns about A by looking at B, and that
of course can not produce a self luminous perfect certainty, only a
theory in the dark made of model (A) and evidence (B).

     Only hubris tries to make theories into self luminous perfect
certainties.  Don't fall for it.

     Indirect perception is made of darkness.

     Direct perceptions are made of self luminous conscious light.

     Thus our own consciousnesses are a direct window into the kind of
precausal mechanics connecting the static to the kinetic.

     Notice this means there is no cause at all between kinetics, except
virtual cause.

     The static as CAUSE creates the kinetic as EFFECT, the static can
not create the kinetic as its own cause amongst itself, except as
an orchestrated illusion.

     Balls in dreams do not bounce off of walls in dreams because the
ball or the wall have anything to do with it.

     All that said, much of it might be considered nonsense, as in time
conception boggles at the attempt to conceive of direct perception.  But
then there it is, everything you are looking at is a living breathing
example of direct perception via timeless causeeffect.


     So by studying our own consciousness perception, we can better be
able to formulate a way to describe or understand a similar relation
between the static and the kinetic.


     Immortality is defined as living forever in time, a highly
desirable heaven for a while that leads inevitably to a highly
undesirable hell forever.

     The cycle goes from Pan-Determined, to Self-Determined to
Other-Determined pretty quickly, relative to forever in time.

     Some of these cycles can be long.  Your pc is still in one, deep in
the hell phase, pretending to be mortal, live once, die once, and that's
it bud!

     He's even got a book that tells him "Man is appointed to live and
die but once."
     Thank God.


     Mortality is defined as living once for a while in time, then dying
forever never to live again.  This is death forever.

     In general your pc will be found to have a confusion on the
subjects of Eternality and Immortality.

     Immortality sticks you in one time that lasts forever.

     Eternality allows one to engage in an infinite number of different
finite whiles in time, being done with one completely, before going onto
the next one in turn, with as much eternal sleep between each as

     There is no memory, cause or influence between one while and the

     There can however be sub whiles within bigger whiles which can give
the illusion one is in a new while when one isn't.  In this case there
will be influences from the bigger while into the sub while that can't
be accounted for in the sub while and which might be related or not to
prior sub whiles within the bigger while.

     Needing to pee in a sleep dream because you need to pee in the
waking dream is an allegorical example of this.

     Thus your pc may be buried in a stack of 20 or more universes that
he has come on down through.  His view of present time is a composite
view through those many universes all compacted up against his 'face'.

     He misses the omni awesome peace of Eternality, and thus believes
he has to choose between Immortality and Mortality, between hell forever
and death forever.

     And choose he will, back and forth, life after life, missing the
peace between.  He lives on the wings of the dicom, rather than in the

     Once he understands the difference between Eternality and
Immortality he can then run the following dwindling spiral which he
engaged in long ago and in which he is still engaged.

      Run to taste:

      A desirable Eternality.
      A detested  Eternality.

      A desirable Immortality.
      A detested  Immortality.

      A desirable Mortality.
      A detested  Mortality.

      E/P is facility in manifestation.


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