Having thought about this for a long time, I would have to change
the word kamikaze to suicide mission.

      Simply put that means take the most dangerous path in life that you
can to effect the most amount of change for the most number of people
even if it means certain death for you and your loved ones for doing so.

      As to how many YOU 'kill' or incapacitate along the way, or whether
you break the law or not, or how much collateral damage there may be,
that's a whole other story not easily determined in a rote formula.

      For example, we agree to follow the law up to a point, we do not
agree to follow the law period.

      Life is not a simple story and it takes a big mind to span the
problems of ethics and aesthetics and come out whole at the other end.

      You can 'kill' people with a word encapsulated truth, it doesn't
have to be a sword or bullet.  You can 'kill' their effectiveness
towards evil intent without terminating the body, or even harming it in
any way, mostly through exposure and education.

      That said, Adore is pretty adamant about a few things.

      The law of the sky takes precedence over the law of the land,

      What is legal deterines right and wrong only for the sworn civil
servant but not for the sovereign citizen.

      For the sovereign citizen doing what is right takes precedence over
doing what is legal.

      And your own conscience is the final and only arbiter of last
resort in any matter.


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       "If you have to die, take one of the enemy with you.

       The Good Lord will not love you for suicide.

       "The Good Lord will not hate you for kamikaze." -Adore.

       If we wish to choose the moment and manner of our births, should we
also not choose the moment and manner of our deaths?

       Do we only kill when the government orders us to do so?

       Do we always kill when the government orders us to do so?

       Is that what Gabriel is looking for on our resume, when we get to
the Pearly Gates?


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