Aberration starts at the top of the following scale and descends to
the bottom.


      2.) Misunderstood words, mechanisms and causes

      3.) Problems

      4.) Overts, hate, sins of separation

      5.) Withholds, Missed, Mutual and Co-excused Withholds

      (A withhold is something you don't want others knowing.

      A missed withhold is what someone ELSE does to make you wonder if
they know anyhow or still remember if they did once know.  A withhold
can also be something you WANT others to know but can't get it across.
The wonder is on whether they got it or not.

      A mutual withhold is something two or more people in a group
are doing in present time, and thus both consider its ok for
themselves and the other to do it, since 'everyone' is doing it.

      A Co-Excused Withhold is when the son in this life is quiet about
something his mother is doing to him, because when the son was a mother
in a past life he (she) did it to her son first.  Its basic computation
is "I won't complain about what you as a mother are DOING to me as a
son, if you won't complain about what I did AS A MOTHER to a son in a
past life.

      6.) Shame, blame, guilt, regrets, ARC breaks.

      7.) Computations, make wrongs and make rights.  Justification and

      The purpose of the computation is to render the area of
enturbulence unimportant for further inspection.

      8.) Time reverse order, you are justified for what you did to Dufus
yesterady because of what Dufus did to you today.  It's assigning cause
where there was none: "I hurt Dufus yesterday BECAUSE he hurt me today."

      Say you have a cigarette lighter, and you love lighters, and this
was a very valuable one given to you by your father.

      You know how it works, and you take very good care of it, that's

      One day it doesn't work, and you can't figure out why, it tweaks
your incredibility chain.  That's the misunderstood and the problem.

      In a fit you toss it across the room where it hits the wall and
falls to the floor, but now it is dented forever more, right where your
father had it inscribed 'to my best son'.  That's the overt and the
withhold from father that his son was slipping.

      You regret the overt, try to turn back time, fail to do so, and are
now stuck with the guilt, blame, shame and regret.  That's the ARC

      You decide lighters are no good, and will never use or think about
lighters again, and take to using matches which are clearly superior to
lighters particularly in the rain.  That's the computation and make

      Eventually you develop a syndrome in your thumb so you couldn't
flick a lighter any more if you wanted to.  That's the service facsimile
impinging on your body making it ill.

      You consider that the lighter caused your thumb to become sore
after all those years of using it and with this you justify the overt of
having thrown it across the room and ejecting it from your life.

      That's also a time reverse order.

      Your consideration that the lighter caused your thumb to become
sore happens AFTER you feel guilty for throwing the lighter across the
room.  You need a prior justification for the overt act which you do not
have, and thus you grab onto something that did not bother you at the
time (your thumb) and which you did not blame on the lighter at the time
it occured, but now do so after the fact of you harming the lighter.

      You also consider that your thumb now prevents you from ever using
lighters again, thus protecting you from getting frustrated with them
and in your fitful foolishness doing harm to them.  That is the

      Justification and Restraint on the same subject at the same time
are an AND, and lead to overwhelm.  All overwhelms are caused by ANDS.

      An OR is an indecision whether to go or not go.  You put your foot
on the gas, then you put it on the brake, then on the gas, then on the

      An AND is a *DECISION* to do both at the same time.  You put your
left foot on the brake AND your right foot on the gas, both peddels to
the metal.

      Eventually you become a 'What's a lighter?' case.  That's NO
lighter on the CDEINRS scale.

      CDEINR = Curious about, Desire, Enforce, Inhibit, *NO*, Refused,
Sub Refused.

      Below that, you will use lighters only to start the fires necessary
to burn lighter users at the stake.  That's REFUSED lighter.

      The service facsimile will be the most detested incident on the
track, it will contain pain and unconsciousness, and violently opposed
allies and foes, heros, victims and villans.

      The pc will be guilty one way or another of all valences involved.

      The valence chosen by the pc while committing the overt will be the
valence of the being who committed the most hideous sin on the pc's
track, either against him or others.

      Word clear Hideous Joy.

      It is the Anti Theetie Wheetie on the case.

      This is the valence you seek in sessson to glean the confession.

      The anti Theetie Wheetie, well...

      A Theetie Wheetie is a 'sweetness and light case', can't imagine
ever having done wrong, "Who me?  What did I do to deserve this?"

      "Past lives?  Hey I only live once, it says so in the Bible..."

      Then the victim valence and then the hero/sympathy/savior/ally

      Run out all Villain, Victim, Hero incidents back to Template 1,
and your preclear will be pretty much clear.

      He at least will not be prone to USING his case in order to deal
with villain, victim and hero moments in the future, or if he does,
watch out, he will know quite well what he is doing.

      Templates are early track demonstrations of how to sack youself and
your friends into oblivion.

      The basic template is probably the tone scale.


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