There are places we want to go, things we want to become, states we
want to recover.

     But force and fit will not get you there.

     You can't create a wall of solid concrete and then expect to be
able to bang your way through it with your head.

     Most of life consists of dramatization.

     Dramatization means bringing unnecessary drama to.

     Drama consists of seriousness, importance, permanence and pain.

     For those that are lost, they spend their lives dramatizing looking
for, searching for, trying to find what to do that would be best for
themselves and the rest of the world.

     For those that have "found" their true calling, they swing their
battle axes trying to vanquish the vanquishers.

     It's a substitute, but it gets them up in the morning.

     Life becomes one long temper tantrum, for most a quiet fit of rage.

     With smiles.

     "How you doing this fine morning?"

     "Good thank you, how are you doing?"

     "Good, thanks."

     We seek something deeper, and sometimes it opens up but the vertigo
sends us reeling back to the comfort of anonymity and banality.

     We seek the higher pleasures and beauties, where the fabric of
reality and consciousness itself is made of gorgousness, but the deja vu
stuns us, flabbergasts us, with unrecognizability, wonder and loss, how
long as this been going on and we didn't know?

     And then somehow we who live in the world of impermanence, Sabe
(SA-Bay), feel we are not ready for our debut on the concourses of life
in the realm of permanence, Dura.

     Are our clothes clean enough to be in the light of our own godhood?

     What no more tears?  No more worry?

     No matter what happens to others?

     Is it OK that they do to themselves what they are?

     Is it OK for the Creator to create it self as precious, unique and
fragile, only to find it self on the side of a road dead?

     Did the Creator put the road there too?

     Operating Solo Realm.

     Can you imagine it?

     But then there is the choice.

     The fair chosen choice.

     To come here, to Sabe, where *ALL* is eventually lost.

     Suffering is a gift from a GodSoul, with a golden temper, to

     And GodSouls live to exchange those gifts with each other in
expressions of love, humor, and high appreciation for ludicrous demise.

     It has been said that the only reason most people come here is
because they love someone who was already here.

     But that is not true, there were original pioneers:

      "Tragedy and Travesty, Romance and Sin,
       Miracles and Majesty, that's where I've been.

       Miracles in Majesty, Romance and Song,
       Tragedy and Travesty, that's where I've gone." -

     Are we really willing to be ourselves again?


Tue Jun 24 13:22:23 EDT 2008