johngeorge  wrote:
> I've actually switched lately to thinking that idea not so wacky.  I
> just think he/she/it doesn't think like "they" think and/or say he/she/
> it thinks.  As the roman catholic thinkers used to think/say (and may
> still), I think the greater than humans involvemnt in reality is more
> subtle than that, if the hypothesis is correct.

     There are many beings over us watching us, perhaps even watching
out for us in their own special way.

     Some would like to be our God, others are just friends, most are
elemental like dogs or cats, they don't have any real answers, to deep

     In general we are way more advanced and powerful than anything
looking after us and most can't even approach unto us for the power that
we exude and the shutout we are operating.

     If there is a wise type being looking over us, he probably isn't
human in nature, as his motivations are not to protect and take care of
like a human father might have.

     The God of the Christians cares more about the sanctity of free
will and testing beings so he can throw them into the roaster if they
fail, than he cares about actually helping anyone.

     Imagine a father that allowed one child to beat up on another
because the bully's free will was more important than anything, and
besides the father was going to dump the bully in hell forever at the
end of his life after the bully killed off all the other children.


     Who is sicker, the father, or the bully child?

     Lots and LOTS of sick beings looking over us...


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