Slarty  wrote:
> addendum: Homer;  I don't know if by saying this I've left the fold of
> anything resembling scientology, but I've actually seen some strange
> "supernatural" stuff and feel pretty sure it was all manisfestations
> of spirit/or "the supreme whatever"/I find that slow fluid
> gracefullness is a truth consistant w/so much.   I think its the
> aspect of spirit that most saturates this universe.  Whats that to do
> w/ray guns/ lightning fast tech I must find myself wondering
> sometimes.  Have I been Hypmotised by helotrobus?

     Flows are flows.  If one gets it right, the enturbulation just
disappears and one gets into a 'timeless motion' that just runs and
runs.  Flinch the wrong way, have the wrong thought, and suddenly one is
completely encased in tar, crazy glue and obsidian glass.

     Ever play with corn starch in warm water?  It is very enlightening.

     Scientology is based on a number very simple posulates.

     1.) Postulates work.

     2.) The postulate that further postulates do not work, works.

     3.) One tries to deal then with unwanted persistences by covering
them with other persistences, black mass etc.

     4.) Charge results from violated desire.  Violations are either
directly desired, or result from inability to track causation through a
confusion of postulates which was directly desired.

     5.) Many desires are folly and can be audited out, but underneath
them are eternal desires, where in the violation must be reversed and
audited out returning the being to a state of absolute peace.
     6.) Help works when based in truth and understanding.

     7.) Justice reigns at all times, as justice means you get what you

     8.) The resolution of all suffering is humor, beauty and peace.

     9.) The source of all suffering is artful dodge, the fair chosen
adore-operation of cool, class, halcyon, sin-song, thrill and romance,
via living majestic intelligence and proud fancy free faithlessness of
grand and excaliper design.  
     See ADORE, A Divine Operating Religion of Excellence.


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