You are an apparent nothing which is the only true something there

     You like to create pretty lights glowing in the fabric of your own
substrate, glowing in the dark of the void, which pretend to be
something more than you.
     These lights are the world you see around you.

     Your experience of the lights is that they are something, and you,
the experiencer, are nothing.

     This is not because you are actually a nothing, but because your
experience of yourself is an experience of nothing.

     Only the lights are experienced as something.  The causal ground of
the lights, you, is experienced as 'nothing there'.

     This 'nothing there' is a huge, vast, infinite vertigo in all
directions.  You could fall into this nothing forever and never return.

     Thus this experience of yourself as nothing is some experience once
you contact it in truth.

     Some have called this infinite nothingness the abyss of
anihilation, but anihilation is merely the last light out until you turn
them on again.  The something which experiences itself as nothing, and
experiences the lights as something, itself remains eternally existant,
if not eternally aware.  
     Eternality is sleep.  Awareness is dreamtime in renditions of

     If you have ever seen your true self, you know what the meaning of
vertigo is.  No matter how deep you look there just is nothing there!

     Now consciousness has a number of functions, one of which is seeing
the pretty lights we call the world.

     But the second function, which is way more important, is the self
awareness function, the awareness of agency WANTING AND INTENDING to see
the world, and the seeing of the see-er seeing the world, and knowing
that it sees the world.

     It becomes a cool trick we do, to gather up the self awareness into
a small little ball inside our faces and call it ourselves, and then
from this small ball of self awareness we look out at the world of
clouds and sky and trees and things, and claim although we see them,
that they are not themselves self aware.

     During session, one of the first things to exteriorize is that
little ball of self awareness inside our faces.  Suddenly it spreads out
and encompasses everything we can see.  That tree over there is self
aware of itself!

     It's not that the tree is self aware, its that the tree is YOU, and
YOU are self aware!

     This I am here and the tree which I see is over there is an
illusion of magnitude.

     But then when we look for the looker, for the self which sees self,
we find that experience of nothing there again, that gives us the
willies, because what is left of our self after the little ball of self
awareness has spread out over everything else, is NOTHING ELSE!

     I we are everything else, there there is nothing else to be!

     We are the world looking at itself from no viewpoint at all!

     Remember the nothing is actually a something, but that something's
experience of itself is as a nothing.

     When the self is being the world, then that tree over there is a
self conscious self luminous self aware tree just as much as the ground
underneath it is, and the sky over head is.  Its all you BEING what you

     Hubbard said "You can be what you see."

     *THAT* is being exterior.

     Moving your implied viewpoint around is another kind of
exteriorization, which comes later.

     But that self luminous self aware consciousness that is being a
tree, is not conscious BECAUSE of any mechanism in the tree.  That's a
trap, to assign consciousness and self consciousness to an object
because of some mechanism in the object like a brain or central nervous
     No, when you are being the world, the object is conscious inspite
of any mechanism running inside of it.

that consciousness of mechanism exists outside of and above mechanism.

     It doesn't take mechanism to create consciousness.

     It takes consciousness to create illusions of mechanism!

     This is very important, because as long as you think that
consciousness is the result of a particular mechanism, you will continue
to think you are a brain.

     I mean how can that stop sign over there be self luminous,
conscious and self aware?

     Or that rack of computers you are looking at that suddenly is you
looking at yourself.  Is that rack of computers alive and conscious
because of all the circuitry going on inside each computer?  No of
course not.

     Attributing self luminous consciousness and self awareness to
MECHANISMS is a death trap.  You become stuck in the mechanism, because
you consider the mechanism is causing you, and when the mechanism falls
apart you die.

     Big joke, you see?

     You can be conscious as a tree, a rock, a cloud or any mechanism
you want.

     But your consciousness doesn't exist because of the mechanism, the
mechanism exists because you are conscious of it.

     Exteriorization is mostly a matter of daring to not be a mechanism
nor dependent on a mechanism for your existence.

     This is what gives you the willies when you are exterior and naked.
     Your body is the fig leaf that covers YOU.

     When exterior, you are naked of any mechanism to cause or support
your continued existence!
     You feel you walked away from your foundational mechanical cause
and shortly you will be blown away by the wind to be no more.

     How can an eternality be causally dependent upon a temporality, a
spacetime ephemerality, for its existence?

     If eternality exists, then temporality, space and time, MUST be
projected illusions in the fabric of eternality, for otherwise where
would eternality hide in time?

     And where would eternality PUT space and time when it created
reditions of them.

     The colored painting is the being, being a colored painting.


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