Black Mamba  wrote:
> Homer:
>    Very interesting essay on "Thetans Of The Universe".
>    I feel this information is slighty bit above most readers heads. Of 
> course I know what you are going to think perhaps, which is "Well, if anyone 
> has a misunderstood word on this, why, then well just go and look it up!".

     Although I did not write the piece, I tend to not condescend to the
lowest bug on the totem pole.  Electra wrote for real people who wanted
to go real OT.

     I had quite enough of the Church 'protecting' me for my own good by
keeping things secret while I was in it.

     The Church is an interesting dicom, 'ability to communicate with
anyone on any subject', and totally forbidden to discuss anything of
importance, the higher bridge, with anyone not at their own level.

     Thus the higher someone was, the more you could get only small talk
out of them.

     With very few exceptions I speak (reveal) the whole truth and
nothing but the truth.  If you die from it, or get sick or blow, well
that's probably a good thing as long as it was the truth that killed

     Can the truth kill?  Dunno, partial lies sure as hell can, so
probably a good thing to make sure you understand what you read.  And if
it makes you sick, try to spot how you could reunderstand what you are
reading to make you feel better.

     Whether Electra's material is to be 'believed', I leave it up to
the reader to decide.  Certainly if the world is made of matter energy
space and time as the physics boys say, and consciousness is merely a
process in chemistry bubbling away at 98.6, then all of whole track is

     But if MEST is a process in consciousness, which existed prior to
and is cause of the creation of the phyiscal universe, then Electra's
writings are at least a plausible interpolation of what certainly could
have happened to explain our present state of amnesia.
>      Well what if some people don't believe in study tech as L.  Ron
> Hubbard wrote it, being that there is a so called effects from going
> past words one does not fully understand in anything one is
> undertaking to study?

     Me I don't care, I talk to the top of the barrel, not the bottom.
I communicate to the able folks, and frankly I don't give a damn what
happens to the rest of the more retarded woggies who might get sick from
a MU.  I certainly wouldn't want them in my church no matter how much
money they had.

     You see the effort to reg RICH people is at odds with the intent to
reg ABLE people.  Thus the church becomes filled with rich idiots that
will throw you into ethics the moment you say anything real or that
violates their fragile conception of the cosmic all.

     I don't know if an MU can kill either, although there are lot's of
MU's on this board, and I post in part presently to clean up a few of

>    That should be easy to answer Homer. Why are the local orgs so empty? 
> Could be people have a misunderstood word on Scientology OR could be they 
> don't!

     People are not ready to confront that their faith in death forever
was a solution to their faith in hell forever.

     They don't believe in getting better any more, as they have missed
the eternality between the immortality and the mortality.

     Hell forever     Peace      Death Forever
     Immortality   Eternality    Mortality

     People play see-saw on the wings of the dicom rather than living in
the center, the eternal eye of the storm.

     Probably only 10,000 people planet wide will go full OT this life
time, other's will go clear or clearish on many subjects but be happy to
not know what it's store for their future.

     "Knows he or she won't get worse" is a broad and vague win during
the beginning of the bridge, even though the being has no clue how bad
its been (hell forever), and how hard it will be to deal with the in
between lives area again next time around.  The temptation towards the
pretense of death by becoming something that can die is almost tidal in

     Most everyone else will simply go to their graves believing or
fearing what they will, suffer the inbetween lives with no ability to
deal, and get swept back into a body or worse next time around.

     For these, the inbetween lives area is like an infinite dark room
filled with vicious unimaginable things grabbing and picking at you from
all directions.  The being will do ANYTHING to get back into a body
where it can see a dream again where it can die for good one day.

     As to whether present Church or Freezone tech can save anyone from
this fate is uncertain, but if so, probably only in spite of itself.


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