Ball of Fluff  wrote about Scn:
> I personally prefer "applied religious philosophy".

     When people tell me "God doesn't exist"!  I tell them to try
redefining the word until it does exist.

     Words really get in the way here, "Scn is NOT a religion"!  Well
define religion.  And then go to a dictionary and see if ANY of the
definitions apply etc.

     What Scn is, as defined by Hubbard is the *SCIENCE* of knowing how
to know answers to questions, in particular spiritual questions.

     I prefer to look at it as a scientifically developed theory of
anatomy and approach.

     We have an underlying theory of what a thetan is, an omni operating
lord god almighty, along with all his buddies, and an idea of the
anatomy of the mess they got themsevles into, and an approach to
reoptimzing his games for him which HE created WITH THEM.

     Thus we have asserted a theory which leads to predictions as to
outcomes from various approaches, experiments, doingnesses, and it
remains up to us to take those approaches and use them, or invent more
of our own and refine the theory, or toss it entirely, if it doesn't

     As I have said, if consciousness is a process in meat, then past
lives and OT powerz are all bunk.

     On the other hand if the apparency of MEST is a process in
consciousness, the world is a dream, then the very existence of the
world in your consciousness is direct evidence of your own shared

     The whole intent and direction of auditing then it get the pc to
take responsibility over the things that he thinks made him, until he
gets that he made them.

     Then he can control them.

     Primary items are space and time and objects in space and time.
and the causes between them (force).

     Another big primary item is other beings in his dream, he let them

     Your average mortal if asked if he created space and time will say
no.  He will in fact say that space and time and energy created him, as
the processes in the brain had to evolve before he could be conscious.

     So he has elected his entire alleged external universe as cause
over his very existence, which makes him almost 100 percent effect.

     I mean how much more effect can you be than to be made and then
destroyed by something else?

     About the most cause you can be in that scenario is to sqawk and
complain about it, but never be able to DO anything about it.

     Created you were, destroyed you will be, that is absolute in their
world view.

     It comes from thinking that the universe is a space time mechanism,
and that consciousness is a process in one of those mechanisms, the

     Scn merely tries to point out to the pc that you don't know if the
physical universe exists, it COULD be all a co shared dream in the mind
of zillions of beings, in which case who made who?

     In that case 'God' is a co eternal multi I AM being, indulging in
co shared dreams with itself.

     Mortals however have a hard time imagining that if there is no
space or time in fact, then whatever was left over after space and time
are removed, couldn't possibly have the ability to be conscious and
create dreams OF space and time.

     How can something without any space or time create anything or even
exist at all?

     You gotta have something (eternal) to make something (temporal),
and without space time matter or energy, you couldn't possibly have
something that is enough of a SOMETHING to make anything else.

     It's a big problem to them.

Tue Aug 18 14:46:45 EDT 2015