Context is important.

     Context is the arena, the milieu in which the pc is making gain.

     Making gains in the wrong context will lead to immediate
invalidation of those gains, throwing them and the pc into doubt.

     Context of course is the AllThatIS that surrounds the pc, but it is
also *HIS* conception of the AllThatIs.

     Remember reality is what we think is true, actuality is what is

     Things persist to the degree that reality != actuality.

     So if a pc has a cognition or a win of ability, that is an
actuality at that moment.  But if the pc doesn't have a world view, a
context, in which that win or new ability makes any sense OR IS EVEN
POSSIBLE, it will immediately be crushed back down out of existance with

     So Joe Woggeroozi goes exterior one day running desire for sensation
in session.  He has had no indoctrination, some auditor just pulled him
off the street and did an experiment on him.

     "Spot NO SENSATION.  Thank you.

     Spot SOME SENSATION.  Thank you.

     They are happily running this when suddenly the lights go on in the
pc, and he's 3 feet behind his head looking at a 'kick me' sign on the
back of his shirt he didn't know was there.

     Now Dr.  Joe, as his friends like to call him, was a PhD in
everything from Quantum Mechanics, right up through chemistry, biology,
neuroanatomy, astronomy, special and general relativity and accepted
21st century cosmology.

     His view of the world was that space and time exist and are actual,
they are not just an experience in consciousness, and the only way that
data can get from there to here is to travel across that space and time
at a finite velocity in a causal messenger wave called light which is
also actual.

     Thus there is no way for anyone on Earth to see what is going on at
Alpha Century right now, let alone see the back of his head when his
eyes are in the front of his face.

     Everyone knows that.  Consciousness is a process in the brain, and
is nothing but chemistry bubbling away at 98.6.

     So that was his reality when he went exterior.

     Now suddenly he is exterior, totaly unexpectedly, and he is faced
with an enormous dilemma.

     There it is, he can see the world without his body's eyes, but he
knows that is impossible.  Not only can he see the world, he can see

     The anatomy of an incredibility is:



     The mind stops when confronted by an incredibility, because it
knows it has made a mistake somewhere, and it can't go on until it finds
that mistake and cleans up its present confusions.

     If you aren't where you thought you were, there is no way to tell
whether to turn left or right down the road a bit.

     So the guy is thinking, "I am exterior, but this is impossible, so
I can't be exterior, I must be hallucinating, or maybe this is a dream,
but I know I am awake, Oh my God I am going crazy!"

     He FEELS crazy, which is the confusion, bewilderment, surprise,
doubt, and indecision all swirling around him like a tornado.

     It's called philosophical vertigo.

     He is standing there on the roof looking over the edge of a
very tall building, and suddenly the building isn't there.

     He has no greater context into which he can fit his experiences of
the moment.

     His local actuality (I am exterior) doesn't fit into his global
reality (I am a brain).

     The end result of this is an enormous desire for the
exteriorization to go away and for things to return to normal again.

     Once back in the body, he can doubt the whole thing ever happened,
and rest comfortably with his original world view again.

     Now in the progress of any science, people think they know almost
everything until something shows up that indicates they don't.

     The question always arises how much do we have to change our
present theories to accomodate these new facts?

     Sometimes a minor correction to a theory will do, but sometimes the
whole foundation of science is thrown into doubt.

     When Kepler was working on the orbit of Mars, his theory was that
it should be circular but Tyco's data didn't fit.  Finally he realized
orbits were eliptical and suddenly all the data fit.

     Was this a major leap?  Did it mean that everything before was
wrong?  No.  Circles are in fact one kind of elipse and orbits CAN be
circular, they just generally aren't.

     Kepler's circles however were a huge jump from Ptolmey's sun
centered nonsense.

     On the other hand when Michelson and Morley showed that the speed
of light was the same in all directions no matter how fast the observer
was moving towards or away from it, our entire understanding of space
and especially time came into question, and remains so to this day.

     Godel told Einstein outright that if special and general relativity
are right, then time can't possibly exist at all.

     Special relativity slants the space horizontal axis of simultaneous
existence for moving observers into the past and the future relative to
stationary observers.  Thus Godel said "it might be alright for time to
be relative, but its not alright for EXISTENCE to be relative".

     General relativity allows in some possible universes for a time
line to circle back on itself.  In such a case the whole concept of
causality that we know and love so much can't be at all correct, for how
can the future determine the past?

     Godel said "If time is like this in one universe, it must be like
this in all universes whether or not it circles back to itself", thus
our concepts of causality and a common NOW experienced by all people at
the same time, came a cropper.

     With special relativity throwing doubt on the very idea of a common
NOW across all observers, and general relativity throwing doubt on our
conception of simple causality, not much is left standing with which to
understand the world.

     Just because we are conscious of it, doesn't mean it is true.

     Just because we are conscious of space, time and causality, doesn't
mean there IS space, time or causality as we belive them to be.

     Consciousness seems to be a projector of illusions.

     About all we can know with perfect certainty is that OUR
consciousness itself exists, and all the rest of it is theory based on

     Does the fact that we see space mean there IS space?

     The SEEING of space is actual, but space itself is not.

     So every new fact that causes a change in our world view, either
changes it a little or a lot.

     Sometimes we think our theory is 100 percent correct, only to find
out that it was 90 percent correct and a minor 10 percent adjustment
brings it back to 100 percent correct.

     Other times we think our theory is 100 percent correct, only to
find out it was 10 percent correct, and it took a 90 percent rewrite to
get it to fit even vaguely the new data.

     Sometimes the only way to get a guy to leave a 2 dimensional plane
is to go straight up in a 3rd dimension he can't even conceive of.

     But the new data about spirit that is coming out, doesn't really
indicate that our understanding of the phyiscal universe is wrong, so
much as it indicates that the physical universe is a virtual universe in
a bigger context, Thus quantum mechanics still holds for those in the
physical universe.

     But when a being exteriorizes, he is now out of the virtual
physical universe up into the bigger actual universe, and we no longer
expect ANY physical universe laws to hold for him while he is there.

     It is tempting to believe that when a being goes exterior for the
first time, it will automagically come with a reality that encompasses

     But this is not the case, the pc does not suddenly remember who is
he, where he has been, and how it all works, if he ever knew.  He
instead is sitting there 3 feet behind his head, wondering how photons
are getting to his 'eyes' in the back of his head so he can see the
room.  And how come the room is so much brighter and prettier?!

light bulb in the ceiling!

     Light bulbs radiate light but not BEAUTY!

     But his reality doesn't even have a word for zero emission self
luminosity yet.

     Let alone Divine Beauty.

     So he looks with spiritual jaw dropped, but has no words with which
to speak about it.

     So when a woglet goes exterior for the first time with no
indoctrination, he is left with his greatest stable datum torn out from
under him, which is:
     "I am a machine, a mechanism in the brain.

     When the brain dies, the mechanism will be busted apart, and my
consciousness will no longer be an ongoing function."

     Well if not that, then what?  Well he doesn't know what, and CAN

     Thus he goes into a crashing dive of self doubt and invalidation.

     The reason this is so bad on a person is because it is his very own
self trustable sanity that comes into doubt, and without his sanity in
place he knows he can't make any computations or decisions on what to DO
next in order to survive with confidence they are right.

     Thus he feels he will shortly die if this continues.

     Remember to an analytical mind,


     We compute what to do next from what we want and what we know about
how things work.  How things work is CONDITIONS at the top of awareness
characteristic chart.  There are conditions (limitations) on how to get
things that we want, we can't just want them and have them happen.  We
can of course, that's how we created the universe in the first place,
but that isn't INSIDE this universe, which is a strict game of

     A person spends his whole life gathering and pruning and fine
tuning WHAT HE KNOWS, so as not to make a mistake that might cause non
survival.  People pride what they know, as they have worked hard at it
to win the respect of others because he can help them survive too and
thus is worthy of their help in return.

     Suddenly he finds himself in a situation which indicates to him
that everything he ever thought was wrong, or at best useless to helping
him through what is going on in the present, which is being exterior.

     I mean jeez, he just the day before presented his thesis on the
neural anatomy of consciousness, and here he is 3 feet out of his head
looking through the dress of the girl next to him.  Not only the dress,
but the body, the walls, the building next door, the room down the
street where...  Whoops, he shouldn't be seeing that, if anyone knew
that he knew, they would come after him and kill him and the girl.

     Suddenly the fear turns on.

     He is afraid he is crazy because this can't be.

     He is afraid he ISN'T crazy because this obviously is, but is also
dangerous as hell.

     "Prove it" cases are *IDIOTS*.

     He barely feels safe talking about it to others lest they think him
crazy, or infested by the Devil.

     So he is stuck in an indecision, either one of which means

     Either I am crazy or I was very wrong!

     Maybe it would be best to admit he is exterior, hasn't a clue what
his thesis should have said, but sneak back into his body and pretend
the whole thing didn't happen, so the guys out looking for him won't
find him.

     Yeah, that's a nice safe comfortable solution.

     He can have his cake and eat it too.

     And that's why once you get someone out of their head, they take a
good look around, and finally come back on in, never to leave it again
until death do they part.

     It's all a problem in context.

     The pc has been out of the prison, but STILL doesn't know what he
is, where he is, or how he got in prison in the first place.


     He may run into overwhelming deja vu, and "Oh my God this is Home!'

     But he still won't remember how he ever left home and forgot all
about it.

     No recognition.

     "I mean, how long as this been going on?"

     He won't have an answer.  It's a big huge other determinism to him,
like he was BORN WRONG, born in hell, born in prison.

     There never was supposed to be anything outside of prison, everyone
knew that the walls were infinitely thick and nothing existed out side
of them.

     Everyone he ever knew or respected had taught him this over and
over again.

     Could they ALL have been so wrong?


     Can he ever live it down?

     Ah now THAT'S a good question, and again its a problem in pure

     Just how did he get so stupid in the first place, and is there
anything respectable about this fall of his?

     How will he feel about himself once he sees how it all happened?

     Infinite Disgrace or Divine Magnificence?

     Or both, the divine magnificence of infinite disgrace?

     Until the context is handled, the pc will have no safe space to
exteriorize TO, and thus will stay interior and remain nuttier than a
mad hatter in order to retain his hold on being in.


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