> writes:
>>     The greatest OT power there is the ability to live fearlessly.  I
>>     don't mean bravely, I mean without fear of the eternal future.

Hoovph (hoovph@cs.comnospam) wrote:
>I disagree.  We can do nothing but survive, and we're all in this together.
>There isn't any super-evil group that's trying to do away with all us *good
>people*, and we're not going to be dumped into any sudden unexpected change.
>Life just goes on, day after day, in much the same way.  Always has, always

       ((Pig ugly stupid.

      There are in fact large groups of beings in this and earlier
universes totally devoted to super evil intentions, like 'to destroy all
games for everyone forever.'

      There are intentions so evil one is has not been allowed to think
or know about them, let alone talk about them, because a being creates
in the the mere conception of things, and conceiving such an intention
would start its implementation unless revoked immediately afterwards.

      Sudden change is well on its way just in the form of natural
disasters, let alone man made disasters.))


      Survive?  Survival as a marble rolling around the drain to hell is
survival alright, yes we can do nothing but survive.  But can we quiesce
in pleasure whilst surviving eh?

      If Atomic war happens, or a super controled slave state, or you
break your back and have to live in a body cast for your whole life, or
you get sent to Vietnam to die for the military industrial complex, you
will be singing a different tune.

       You statement is *VERY* glib.

>>     You might try running (if you haven't),
>>     Sovereignty and Non Sovereignty
>>     Danger and Safety

>Are these items to be run on four flows?  Or just looking for reads on the

       Spot and be with areas of Sovereignty and Non Sovereignty, Danger
and Safety on all flows, all dynamics, all universes of interest to you
and your body and your loved ones and everyone else.

       Also spot "I am made" and "I make".

Sun Feb 24 18:46:39 EST 2019