Exteriorization is a world class super power.

      If you can exteriorize at will you are a super human and that's the
end of that.

      If you can not exteriorize you have to ask yourself a deep and
probing question.

      Is this an inability or an unwillingness?

      One would then audit accordingly.

      Would it really be such a great thing to be superman?

      "Oh yes, people would love and appreciate me!"

      Well yes, there would be 3 kinds of people in your life.

      True devotees who wanted to become supermen also.  These would
probably be worth knowing.

      Followers, those that didn't want to be supermen themselves, but
who wanted the benefits of your protection and care.  They would try to
own and control you, and if you didn't do as they wanted, they would
quickly fall down into the third class, those that were trying to
destroy you.

      "If I can't benefit from your powers, then no one will!"

      Just because you can get out of your body or even move a marble
doesn't mean you can fend off a bullet or spears.

       Thus most groups seriously working on super powers have been secret
through the ages, thus the lack of 'evidence' they exist.  They have
been hounded by the Churches and governments of the time, until they
became effete and uneffective.

      Remember governments and churches have no problem 'believing' these
powers are actual, they KNOW they are, and are working full time to
achieve them, so they won't make a weak effort against you if they think
you have them and would be uncooperative in their efforts to use your
powers to their benefit.

      So if you are going to get into the super power business, you will
need a management team to handle them.

      You will need a PR department, "Oh yes he can move marbles on the
table, but only very small ones!"

      Moving a marble is one step away from moving a pineal gland.

      "Oh yes he can get out of his body, but only 3 feet you know, and
walls, well they just terrify him, he can't move through them at all!"

      That leaves everyone's secrets safe.  You do NOT want a whole world
to even think the idea you can know all their secrets and they will
never know.

      Never EVER do anything on TV or camera, because if you do then
people will never be able to forget it.

      Allowing them to forget it gives them their 'proof' for a while,
but then they can go back to sleep and wonder if they dreamt it.  They
need this to continue functioning.

      You will also need a security department to protect your friends,
family, lovers and pets from people wanting to get at you through them.

      The Nazis used to get people to talk in villages by killing off
everyone else, until the victim talked.  People can take being killed
and tortured, but they can't stand it if it happens to someone they are
supposed to protect.

      And if you kill yourself to protect the others, the Nazi's will
STILL torture and kill everyone else to make SURE you don't kill
yourself before revealing the goods.

      Are you ready to tell the goons, "Go ahead peel her skin off.  It
will look good on your wife's back!"

       Unable or unwilling?


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