Ted Mayett  wrote:
> Agreed, if they proved they could look through walls they would
> surrender their lives to the System.  But dammit, if wogs can age in a
> stunning fashion, so can an OT.  It would unusual, uncommon to be
> robust at 100 years old, but it would *not* be suspicious.

     'Aging' as you describe it is a function of broken dramatizations.

     One gets pain when one dramatizes and fails.

     Some people don't fail, they dramatize freely, and never get a
broken dram, They are thus pain and psychosomatic free, but also empty
in the head except for the dramatizations.

     Those who are at least trying to break their dramatizations go
black V, suffer terribly, and have a very hard time of it physically.

     Psychosomatic = broken dramatization.

     This is because the dramatization is of a valence in
an engram, but the out of valent position feels no pain as
it was the victor.  But when the dram is broken the pc falls
back into the in valence of the engram where of course there
is pain and damage.

Thu Aug  7 22:06:58 EDT 2008