Most early exteriorizations in auditing heppen with the pc moving 3
feet back of his head, and maybe to the side a bit.

      The pc is not free to wander around usually, but is in fact still
interiorized into an earlier stuck state although out side of the body.

      The pc IS out of his body and CAN see things his eyes can not see,
but his viewpoint is still stuck behind his head.

      Further he may not be able to see through walls or other objects
during this time.

      Thus a proper test would be to have the auditor place a card with a
number on it on the pc's back before start of session.  This should be
easily viewable by the pc even during short exteriorizations.

      The pc would not be expected to read through a pack of cards held
by the auditor, because the see through ability may not be there, and he
pc won't be able to move behind the auditor to see the card directly.

      Thus we use the card on the back as a standard test for basic

      There are exteriorizations in which the pc merely gets bigger than
the body, but does not move his viewpoint out of the body's head.  Such
a pc will not be able to see the card nor anything else he normally
wouldn't be able to see while in the body.

      This doesn't in any way invalidate the state of this kind of
'bigger than' exteriorization, nor its desirability in auditing results.

      People can achieve a bigger than exteriorization much easier than
an out of body one, and maintain it much longer as no supernormal powers
go with it other than heightened awareness of true eternality.


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