Although written for Roland, this should really be called a C/S FOR
EVERYONE, and may very well be a one shot clear that has been sought for
so long.

      That means it can be run on anyone, no matter where they are on the
bridge, no matter what their educational or indoctrination levels are.

      It works totally kickass on children who can still feel.

      You simply pick the pc up exactly where they are and start running
the process.

      The pc will TELL you what items he is interested in, just use the
meter, and pick up any that are reading OR NOT and run NO ITEM - SOME
ITEM until flat.

      Remember ITEM often won't read even though NO-ITEM will skyrocket.

      This is a new kind of auditing that will take you to the moon and

      Items may read on the meter when first mentioned, but it is your
job as an auditor to recognize an item whether or not it reads, and then
MAKE it read by getting into sync with it, with


      until it gets into sync, then continue to run it until flat with


FLOATS, or it runs as above.

      If the pc is jammed, and nothing runs, then the right item needs to
be found, and run, and all other non floating items will start reading
and running again.

      Float is mentioned advisedly, if your pc's TA never comes down
below 4.0, you will have to deal, you know when the item is 'floating'.
You will get cascading long fall blow downs when the item goes release
at a minimum, even if the TA never comes down to 2.5.  Eventually it
will and you will get floats like you never seen before.

      A true floating needle can make a strong man cry.

      You will get absolutely wild TA action on this, You will see how
past auditing bypassed and missed everyone's case into the ground, and
you will wonder how LRH ever got this one so wrong.

      There is a danger to this process.  If the pc ever comes to fully
understand how NO ITEM - SOME ITEM work, and in particular comes to
fully comprehend sync, he may get into sync with his whole bank and
start to run the whole thing at once.

      At this moment, if the auditor rabbits, does a bunk, or interrupts
the pc in any way, it will be a life sentence in cramming.

      You wanted it, you got it.  This is it.

      Stop demanding proof.

      You can have all the proof you wish.

      Spot   NO PROOF.
      Spot SOME PROOF.

      E/P Hyena becomes auditor in good standing.


      To dramatize means to bring (unnecessary) drama to.  It is a kind
of dev-t of the soul, the being dramatizes because he can't stand waking
up again.

      Not having any problems, and keeping problems around have become a
problem to him.

      Drama means seriousness, importance, permanence and pain.

      Seriousness is the opposite of humor or fun.  Fun means funny.

      Importance means it has to be handled now or else, hurry.

      Permanence means the consequences of failure are FOREVER, permanent

      And pain means undesirable conscious experience, disharmony, ugly,
physical or emotional pain etc.

      For some people the world is not worth living without drama.

      Since the world is not worth living with drama, they are stuck
between a rock and a hard place.

      It is the purpose of auditing to reoptimize drama, not too little,
and not too much.  This makes for a happy camper at ACTION on the tone
scale.  See below.

      To RUN means to run out the drama from a situation, returning one's
view back to humor and high appreciation for ludicrous demise.

      The joke is that dramatizing and running are exactly the same
thing!  They are exactly the same effort.  When one is dramatizing and
when one is running, your pc is doing exactly the same thing.

      But there has to be a difference, because dramatizing makes things
worse, laying down not-isness and solidities, and running makes things
better, vanishing not-isness and solidities.

      The secret is that you as-is laying down not-isness and solidities
WHILE laying down not-isness and solidities.

      Thus running takes place during dramatization.

      It is mostly a difference in presence and attitude.

      And it is this difference between dramatizing and running that is
the difference between not as-ising, and as-ising.

      The dramatizer considers that he isn't choosing to dramatize, that
some exterior force is making him dramatize and thus any not-isness or
solidities that get laid down stick.

      Whatever you didn't make, or choose to make, you got.

      The runner considers that he is choosing to dramatize and thus any
solidities that get laid down tend to as-is as soon as he is done, plus
some earlier solidiites that may have been laid down earlier.

      Thus dramatizing increases mental mass on a case, and running
releases the presently created masses, plus some from before.

      That is net case gain.

      None the less dramatizing and running ARE THE EXACT SAME EFFORT.
The ONLY difference is a change in awareness and consideration.

      This is why when you see some poor pc in session politely going
through an engram chain, you KNOW he is never going to get anywhere with
this kind of auditing.  There just is no dramatizing going on, so there
is no running!

      Here's the theory.

      People get engrams which are moments of unconfronted unwillingness
caused by other determined forces that produce too much or too little of
something that starts to shut down his survival.  As his consciousness
goes out, the engram is recorded and laid down in the GE, and remains
there until erased.

      It is similar for thetan incidents and implants, but right now we
are only discussing body engrams that get laid down in the GE while the
thetan and body are unconscious.

      Later the person becomes conscious again, physically heals from the
impact (too much of something) or lack of impact (too little of
something), and goes on with his life.

      Impact doesn't necessarily mean he hit a wall, or someone punched
him in the face.  One can have too little impact if one runs out of air.
One can have too much impact if one runs into a radiation field.

      Impact and impingement are pretty much the same thing, and at all
levels and all dynamics, optimum impact is necessary for the continuance
of mechanical life, you know, space, time, biology etc.

      Not too much and not too little of anything.

      Although the pc is now doing fine, having healed completely from
the incident, the engram is still there but out of sight because it is
not restimulated.


      Later the pc undergoes an event that he drives himself down tone

      Each tone he tries is an effort to win against the contra survival
forces that are threatening.  What ever tone he picks, he will run the
entire CDEINR scale on that tone, and failing to win, will then drop to
the next lower tone and do it all over again.  He can go down the tone
scale in this fashion VERY fast under a strong counter survival impact,
or lack there of.

      CDEINR stands for Curious about, Desire, Enforce, Inhibit,
NO, Refused, and Sub Refused.

     Emotion, any emotion, turns from beauty to ugly as he shifts from
CDE to INR on that emotion.

      SOME is bank short hand for CDE, and NO is short hand for INR.

      When we say impact or incident, we mean either too much of
something or too little.

      When his tone gets down near the level of the engram, it goes into
restimulation offering him various solutions to implement.

      An engram is a recording of force, pain and unconsciousness on the
part of the pc, and all the various environmental influences that were
present or impinging on him at the time.

      Many of these influences will be people playing out their roles in
the original scene.

      In particular there will be the environmental influence that
specifically caused the engram, and there will be others, including
those that acted or tried to help him.

      When the engram goes into restimulation, it is because his survival
is being threatened.

      The pc will be tempted to pick the winning valence in the engram,
usually the one that did him in, and DO WHAT THAT VALENCE DID IN THE

      You see its a choice to USE the memory, to PUT it into play.

      For example father beats the pc senseless as a child for messing
his pants.  That's the engram.

      Later in life he runs into a bear in the woods, the engram comes
into restimulation simply based on fear and threat level, and the pc
becomes father and beats the bear senseless.

      This is called dramatizing psychosis.

      Psychosis is total devotion to stopping what you consider you
didn't start and never would.  It's nuts, because the way to stop
anything, is to replicate starting it.

      When it comes to the bank, whoever can put it there, can
unput it there just by letting go (slowly) after you put it there.

      As a thetan a better way to handle the bear, is to become the bear
and walk it away.

      But that ain't going to happen in a homosap environment.

      So the bear is lying on he ground all bloddied and quite dead, and
the pc is feeling GLORIOUSLY VICTORIOUS.

      Dramatizing was beating the tarnation out of the bear.

      Problem is, everytime the pc is confronted with something, he tends
to use the same solution over and over again.  Someone bumps into him in
a bar, and he goes in a rage and beats the tarnation out of the other

      He will regret this eventually, and then needs to find a
justification for it.  Once he does, he will continue doing what is
wrong and nuts for the rest of his life, and not know how to stop it.

      The regret can be very serious, no matter how bad the provocation
or the deservingness of the counter force he clobbered.  That regret
itself then becomes another incident of too much or too little, and it
is the effort to assuage the regret that makes the being seek a

      Justification is not provocation.  The pc was provoked, that is not
in question.  But his regret tells him he didn't offer a properly
measured response, he lost his class for a moment, and now he deserves
something in return.

      That bear lying dead on the ground was his brother.

      It is this situation that the pc finds intolerable, and thus drives
him to find or fabricate a justification beyond the obvious provocation,
at any cost.

      The bear might not have been dangerous, it isn't what the bear DID,
it was the FEAR in the preclear when surprised by the bear, so a
justification is needed to make sure that the preclear doesn't have to
second guess his murderous rage.

      A pc can and will regret anything.

      Only the good die young, only the good live forever, and only the
good go to hell.

      Hells are made of that regret/justification sandwich with the pc in
the middle denying that his victim, no matter how culpable, was his
brother or wasn't as bad as the preclear made him out to be.

     The problem is he has an engram that is presently bigger than he
is, that he doesn't know about, that can come into restimulation at the

      His father WAS dangerous to him, the bear MIGHT have been dangerous
to him, so he dramatizes his father on the bear and then wonder if he
couldn't have found some other way to do it.  He loses some of his self
respect because he lost some control, the engram dramatized HIM into
action, and he needs to make that action RIGHT even if he wasn't fully
at fault for it.

      Thus he feels out of control.  Since he IS going to beat the
tarnation out of that guy who just bumped him, he needs to find
justifcation for it fast, so he doesn't have to worry about being out of
control any more.  He can fool himself into thinking that having no
choice in his reaction is now his CHOICE to have no choice because its
the 'right thing to do' anyway.

      If it's right to do, who cares about control!

      He is beating the other guy up because the other guy 'DESERVED' it.

      So being out of control is moot.

      'Deserved' is at best a sarcasm, at worse it's the end of the

      The solution is to run out the engram.

      But how do you run out an engram the pc doesn't know he has?

      You have to restimulate it!

      Now this is where the women get separated from the girls in the
auditor's room.

      The purpose of auditing is to selectively restimulate existing but
unknown engrams in the pc, in order to get the pc to run them out.


      So in session the pc needs to some extent be flipped into the
engram and 'made' to dramatize it, usually at the auditor, in order to
run it out.  It is the auditor's job to keep the pc aware enough so that
all the while the engram is dramatizing, the pc is running the
dramatization with awareness of personal choice in the matter.

      Thus the engram becomes known, loses charge and eventually blows
into gorgeous fairy dust.

      Really, try it sometime.

      It's the beauty that keeps the engram around, for pain is basically
enturbulated pleasure.  So when it releases, the pain turns into
pleasure waves and runs out like rays of sunshine.

      Those who can SEE a person's engram bank are prone to gails of
laughter because they see the beauty of the materiality of the engram in
stark relief to the suffering and story line of woe encysted by it.

      The suffering of the pc was real, but engrams are made of beauty
none the less.  All pain is enturbulated beauty.

      So if you are not having sessions where the pc is screaming and
howling, crying his eyes out, crushing the cans, and trying to kill the
auditor, you just don't have a session going.

      Where's the drama?

      No Drama = No Running = No Auditing = No Session = No Case Gain!

      For those who are fed up with auditing, try



     It may take a few lifetimes.

      E/P is wants auditing again and knows no auditing when they see it
and won't tolerate it any more.

      The VGI's at the end of the running will be of the same magnitude
as the drama that blew off during the running.

      This is because running the engram turns its entheta back into
theta which is humor and high appreciation for ludicrous demise at the
top of the tone scale just under majesty, class, beauty and peace.

      The engram is gone when the pc is back at eternal peace in the

      No lessons learned, nothing to hang on to, it was worthwhile doing,
because it was so damn funny, it was a practical joke he played on
himself of grand and excaliper design, and he would do it all over
again, but now he's got an even wilder future planned for himself, so
why bother?

      That engram is GONE like it never happened.

      I will say it again.

      That engram is GONE like it never happened.

      It will be so gone he will be hard pressed to hold onto even an
analytical memory of it, but his affinity for his father and bears will
be restored both of whom he will love again like his brother.

      And he will be just that much bigger for having some of his
encysted free theta restored to him.

     This will manifest as good mood.

      Just remember a God in a good mood isn't quite the sasme thing as a
human in a good mood.

      The more free thata, the more able the being is able to handle the
forces counter to his survival, and the more good mood he will manifest
more of the time.

      Once he has all his free theta restored he will manifest good mood
no matter what is happening, even if he is crying.

      As long as the being retains awareness of his responsibility and
choice in the matter, he will retain his good humor and high
appreciation for ludicrous demise no matter what other emotion he might
be feeling.

      It's HIS emotion, don't you see!

      And HE is gorgeous.  And so, so will his emotion be.

      Self love runs deeper than anything, right back to Source.

      Self love is the blood in the veins, the water in the vine.

      OK, so we have some work cut out ahead for us.


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