Each being is a God in disguise.

     It might be disturbing to you that every one of the hyenas and
jackals on a.r.s are gods in disguise.

     They seem so unworthy.

     So full of arrogance, vanity, conceit, and hubris,

     '*I* am no God!'

     "A God could/would/should NEVER become me!"

     How do they know?

     Who are they to limit what a God might become?

     A God can make himself into whatever he wants.

     However the motivations of a God are not those of a human.

     What human in their right mind would chose to become human?

     Yet there it is, you did.

     That ARC break then that you have with yourself, is the conceived
difference between your motivations as a human and as a God.

     (ARC break means a sudden sundering of Affinity, Reality and
Communication, where reality is defined as agreement.)

     The God has a vantage point that the human can not conceive, which
changes things for him.

     Eternal Safety.

     Thus no matter what the God throws himself into, there is always
home at the other end.

     His intent however is to give himself pause to wonder.

     But it's always the same thing at the end.

     "I am so glad to return home, I am glad I left."

     Can you die of happiness?

     Can you die of tears and laughter?

     Can you die of "It's too good to be true!"

     Can you die of peace?

     Since the God knows he will always get out no matter how deep he
throws himself in, the game is always to see how long he can stay in.

     He has a serious problem with this, because the more he tries to
stay in, the quicker he starts to get out.

     That's because the way in IS the way out.

     The way out is the way in.

     The intent and effort to come in, puts you out, because that's what
out does!  Namely come in.

     The effort to COME IN, prepostulates that you are out, so you are
out, just before you come in.  Thus practicing coming in, puts you
further and further out just before you come in.  You can at some point
changing your mind while coming in and stay out.

     But you have to understand what that out is about, it is not
an out that is sorry it came in.  It's an out that is pissed off
it is out again and COULDN'T stay in, no matter how miserable.

     Thus out is very good at this trick, trying to get out sticks you
in, because it prepostulates you are in.  Trying to get in sticks you
out because it prepostulates you are out.

     There is no big mystery or confusion to this, its like a door
that you push shut, then need to push it shut again to open it.

     It's OK to want to get out, but not on the vector of rueing
ever having come in and never going to do THAT again, because
doing THAT again, coming in, is what gets you out.

     Coming in only sticks when the motivation to get out becomes
serious, based on regret of ever having come in, in the first place, and
trying to make sure you never do THAT again etc.

     Feeling around trying to figure out how to come in, immediately
puts you out where you were figuring out how to stay in.

     If he even vaguely duplicates how he came in, in the hope of making
it worse and staying in longer, the more he is out.

     Thus how long he stays in is pretty well determined by the initial
thrust into ignorance that brought him here, and once he becomes aware
again that he did it, well he's on his way out whether he wants to be or

     On the one hand this is sad, because there is nothing sadder than
saying good bye to a game and its players.  That's why the death of a
loved one is so sad, the appointment book becomes empty.

     Pages go by never filled.

     On the other hand it means the God can't be otherwise than
eternally safe no matter what he does.

     In the absence of space time, there is just no where to go.

     Thus no matter how hard he tosses the coin into the well, it always
comes back to his hand.  That cycle creates a universe and is the
creation and living of a universe.

     There is nothing to become but himself again.


     That's the warp core of the being, right there.

     "Safety is Hell and High Water via Eternal Omni Awesome Peace." -

     In other words, eternal peace is but a pit stop on the way back to
action, games and friends.

     And you want out?

     Desperately wanting out sticks you in.

     Desperately wanting in puts you out.

     Who are you going to call?

     You can get out, but only if you are willing to want to be in again

     Willingness and high appreication for ludicrous demise desolves all


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