There is no such thing as can't, only superior unwillingness.

      Unwillingness then gives rise to can't.

      Will -> Can -> Won't -> Can't.

     Often an apparent can't is made of WILL *AND* WON'T at the same
time, we call that an AND.

     Pain is unconfronted force.

     Pleasure is confronted force.

     Pain can not be confronted, but any amount of force can be.

     In the presence of confront, force which was creating pain, then
creates pleasure instead.

     Force CAN be confronted, thus any non confront of force is fair
chosen.  It probably seemed like a good idea at the time.

     Unconfronted force results in pain.

     Confronted force results in pleasure.

     Pain can not be confronted period because pain IS non confront.

     Thus trying to confront pain is a waste of time.

     Force can be confronted always.

     Non confront is flinch and elsewhereness.

     Confront is being there and making the scene with high appreciation
for ludicrous demise.

     Putting it there.

     Doubt is self casting.

     Doubt about the ability to confront leads to non confront, which
leads to failure to control via not 'putting it there'.

     Faith is the ability to operate the above just enough until one
knows it is true.  :)


     We define virtue as that which leads to success with basic purpose.

      We define survival as the result of success with basic purpose,
survival of that purpose and its valuable final products.

     There can be short term and long term virtue and success.

     A pc can get into a conflict, having to choose between long term
virtue and short term survival, as long term virtue can get you and
yours killed in the short term.

     If the preclear thinks that long term virtue will create
long term non survival, he is in deep trouble.

     It might seem hard how this could be, but you may find his downfall
right there in that choice he made to survive in spite of the call to


     Problems the pc knows about are solutions to problems the pc has
fair chosen to not confront.

     Solutions then become problems of their own which then seek further

     This sinks the pc in the problem-solution whirlpool.

     Fairchosen problem -> fair chosen no confront -> solution ->
problem -> solution -> problem ...  -> stuck in oblivion and tar.

     Fair chosen problems are properly solved through as-isness, which
is the reduplication of the intention to have them and what to have.

     One vanishes the problem by unmocking them, not by mocking up
something more or else.

     Fair chosen problems are improperly 'solved' through alter-isness,
isness, and not-isness, mocking up something more or else.

     This is an effort to 'vanish' a problem by mocking up something
else.  Now you have two persistences instead of one, and the second
covers the first in blackness or invisibility giving the apparency of
resolution.  But the second persistence then becomes a persisting
problem of its own, if only because it is persisting!

     Persistence = Problem = Persistence.

      Even persistence of Love and Hate.

      Suggested Runs,

      Spot, tell me about, get the idea of:



      "What" = spot, tell me, or get the idea of.

     Don't run 'what', as its a question, and questions kill.

      What problems are there to being On Purpose?
      What solutions has being Off Purpose provided?

      What problems are there to being Off Purpose?
      What solutions has being On Purpose provided?


      How has having a problem been On Purpose?
      How has being On Purpose been a problem?

      How has having a solution been On Purpose?
      How has being On Purpose been a solution?

      How has having a problem been Off Purpose?
      How has being Off Purpose been a problem?

      How has having a solution been Off Purpose?
      How has being Off Purpose been a solution?


      E/P: Able to be on or off purpose at will with facility to whatever


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