Happiness arises when desire and actuality are in accord.

      When you finally know what you really want, you will remember
it is true.

      So seek desirable views of the Cosmic All until you find the one
that sticks and stands forever.

      I had a dream tonight, wherein I was talking with Ron about my view
of the Cosmic All.

      I said,

      First you choose.

      Then you choose to not know you chose.

      Then you wonder if you chose,

      Then you try to know if you chose by looking into created space to 
see if you chose (memories, facsimiles etc).

      Finding nothing there, you doubt you chose, which makes you feel so
bad, you become convinced you did not chose.

      Doubt is self casting.

      Thus you conclude that you really are what you have chosen to be 
without having chosen to be it.

      This is not stupid behavior on the part of the being, it is intensely 
intentional, it is the warp and woof of spiritual persistence in space and 

      Without it, there is no show.

      Since the being no longer has his finger on the start point of his
existence, he falls into a dwindling spiral ending in desperation and
hysteria headed for spiritual death.

      One way to blow through this spiral is to


      "Mock down an ideal scene."
      "Mock up   an ideal scene."

      If you want to be orthodox about it, run



      This is a very rough process that will throw the being deeper into 
despair and hysteria than he dares imagine,

      His present feelings are mere intimations of the truth in the deep 
which will surface with great brutality while running the process.

      Ever felt slammed against a wall by despair?

      This process can and will run for a very long time, across multiple 
F/N's (Floating Needles on the E-meter), and multiple years.

      It must be run across all dynamics everywhere for all beings.

      "Spot a being".
      "Mock down an ideal scene for him."
      "Mock up   an ideal scene for him."

      This will run into your preclear's resignations, settlings, 
compromisings and uncommunions.

      It is this last that leads to hysteria and despair.

      Separation from Love.

      The purpose of existence is to co-create, while in communion with

      Many would tell you that communion should be reserved for God, but
all beings are God in carnation, and they are all the God there is.

      Thus communing with others, with *ALL* others, is communing with God, 
so you have the best of both worlds.

      If you could live in the (spiritual) heart of another being and pump 
it for them, would that be sufficient reason to live?

      E/P (End Phenomenon of the process): happy, moving forward in life, 
and able and willing to manifest an ideal scene for self and for others.


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