Ted said:
> I believe you are correct, it looks like a rough and lengthy process.
> Ted

      Correct, it is the process of living.

      None tougher or lengthier :)

      We live in a highly unideal mess.

      Beyond people dramatizing ideals out of their reactive bank, (Be
ideal or else!) which makes things worse, they have mostly given up or
outright turned against their's and other's true ideal scenes.

      Some are even devoted to creating ideal anti scenes, criminals,
psychotics etc.

      There is so much non ideal in the world, that it becomes an
overwhelming task to know where to begin.

      Ultimate E/P (End Phenonmenon) would be a realization that even the
unidealness of things is part of an earlier ideal scene that we wanted
and have been quite successfull at creating during a time when we needed
problems and they were hard to keep around.

      But its now time to turn it around.

      In the practical matter of the now, survival involves sow and reap
cycles, and co operation with self, family, groups, mankind, life, MEST,
spirits and the rest.  (MEST = created matter, energy, space and time).

      Some don't even believe in spirits and the rest, so their dynamics
stop with MEST and mechanics.

      "I am a brain!"

      For them that was an ideal scene at one time!

      But it has a kick back, and most meatballs are getting tired of it,
although many won't admit it yet.

      Their problem is they they can't conceive of an ideal scene
involving spirits and God, all they ever been taught on the matter are
anti ideal scenes bad enough to drive anyone to seek the grave forever.

      "God made you without your permission, droppped you into this
universe to test you, and if you aren't 'good enough' he will throw you
into hell forever as the screams of sinners are music to his ears."

      The sounds of hell harmonize well with harp music.

      Or "God loves free will more than you do, and so if you abuse your
free will, rather than chastise, discipline or restrain you, he will
allow you to continue to exercise your free will until NO one will ever
forgive you."

      THEN He will toss you into Hell forever so everyone else can feel
some closure about having known you.

      Thus people hide behind the apparent absence of evidence for the
existence of spirit (consciousness!), and scream "Prove it!" at every
opportunity hoping you can't.

      You can hear them chanting their mantra in the background of their
lives all day long, 'consciousnessismeatconsciousnessismeat...'

      Nut cases aside, each sow and reap cycle should produce or enhance
an ideal scene for yourself and for others.

      For example Lightlink is an internet provider, our present
attention is on getting people on line with high speed in the boonies
where they have no other hope where, there is no cable or DSL or cell
phone internet.

      Although it is an impossibly hard job, every time we succeed, we
increase the ideal scene of the person who gets high speed, as now they
can work better at home, and their kids can keep up with their city
counterparts in education.

      We also increase the ideal scene of those that work for us by
providing a way to make a living for them, and we increase our own ideal
scence by generating income that allows us to survive into the future.

      Thus as Lightlink, we major in 'creating and manifesting ideal
scenes for ourselves and for others.'

      We provide a better living for everyone involved, not just
outselves, and perhaps that is the secret to survival.

      The communion bit is the result of the co operation necessary to do
it.  One does not increase ideal scenes alone or for oneself only, at
least not here.

      If your pc is not increasing ideal scenes for others, he probably
isn't increasing any for himself either.

      The greatest increase in any one's ideal scene *IS* the increase in
communion with others and the support structures that allow it to
continue for one and all.

      I am not sure exactly what communion means, but it is being
'together' with others, and feeling from their position and pain, and
doing for them what they can not do for themselves.

      Fair exchange balances the flow.

      So during the running of the process, the preclear will go from
utterly mundane things like better jobs and getting laid, to improving
his concept of God and Creation.  Along the way he will find his
overwhelms, his give ups, the 'no way can I do anything about this' and
acknowledge them all, but eventually find something he can improve.

      Once he enhances that scene, other scene's open up to him.

      It is really an attitude change, investing in ANY enhancement of an
ideal scene for self and for others, HAS to produce a positive return on
investment, it couldn't be any other way.

      So top line in ideal sceneing is merely operating soveriengty, and
bottom line, its good business sense.

      And all of life falls between the two.

      Creation and trade.

      "The purpose of creation is trade in expressions of discovery." -

Wed Nov 11 16:15:36 EST 2015