In the normal course of living postulates are used to create
packages of beingness.

      A postulate defines a package.

      It defines what you are, what your abilities and limitations are,
and what you want.

      That is the power of the timeless moment.

      Time is then created by operating the package.

      By doing.

      By committing effort to the package by chasing after what you want
via those abilities and limitations.

      You don't as-is things by ransacking your facsimiles.

      The timeless moment of creation is not in your 'memory'.

      You as-is things by duplicating the timeless moments wherein you
created your state of beingness.

      I can hear somneone saying this is completely unreal to me that I
created my present beingness from a timeless moment!

      Good.  Great.  Thankyou.  I got that!

      Mockup a timeless moment, and create a beingness that can't
conceive it was created from a timeless moment.

      This is an important ability.

      Persistence in a space time game stream depends on it.


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