From the static comes everything that comes.

      The static is harmless and harm free.

      It can not impinge upon, nor be impinged upon without its own say

     The static is scalar meaning it has no dimensions, and thus no
extension in space or time, matter or energy.

     The static however can cause the kinetic.

     All life is the static, the great multi I-AM God, incarnated as the
kinetic in the form of conscious units in all things.

     The conscious unit is the static acting as an apparent individual
inside the kinetic vessel it has built for itself.

     Everything is a conscious unit, from the tiniest quark on up.

     Atoms and molecules and biological entities are all made of smaller
conscious units bound together as a team, and have themselves a single
conscious unit at the top of the team.

     Some motion in the kinetic can harm other motion according to the
agreements that have been made.

     Optimum life consists of optimum motion, not too much and not too
little in all arenas of operation.

     An optimum amount of time for a game to take place in, is called a
while, never infinite in length, always finite in length, but as long as
is appropriate to the game in question.

     The static invites itself into the game as multiple individual
players with their own viewpoint of the game, that is location in space
and time.

     Since all players are child processes of the static, they are
brothers and sisters to each other and are bound by the ties of the
Cosmic Family.

     Thus all games, and all players in all games, are fair chosen, even
in the games where they appear not to be.

     One can fair choose to pretend that one didn't fair choose, but
only for a while :)

     Even though brothers, once sides are chosen up, beings can end up
on high opposite sides of the game.

     Since the game is fair chosen, and the invite was offered and
accepted by all, the game continues in fair chosen glory regardless of
who wins or who loses.

     But games have rules, and sometimes a being will choose to break
the rules, to try to win by cheating.

     When one deals with a brother that has erred on the dark side of
the force, one feels for them and treats them differently than if one is
offended against by a 'total stranger' that is 'not family'.

     One treats the brother as oneself, one treats the stranger as

     There are no strangers, but it can be mocked up to seem as if there

     The brother is treated as 'I would rather he not err on the dark
side of the force and we will do our best to bring him back.'

     The alien is treated as 'would rather he not exist at all'.

     For family members one lives by 'All for one and one for all'.

     For strangers one lives by 'To hell with them'.

     One 'owns' everyone that one considers part of one's family.

     One 'disowns' everyone else.

     As everyone and every *THING* is in fact a living conscious
incarnation of the static, and thus part of one's family, disownership
of any kind is a grave sin.

     If one spent a microsecond in hell for every being in existence
that one considered not part of one's personal family, how long would
that stretch be?

     The hell comes about from regret when one realizes the guy was your
'long lost' brother after all and not some asshole from hell you could
have done better without.

     Disownership leads to death of the disowner, not the disowned.

     Thus justice is swift and merciless, but perhaps not as expected by
the dazed game player.

     Thus " not send for whom the bell tolls, for it tolls for

     The hell created by disownership however can be reversed into a
heaven merely by reowning what one has disowned.

     There is no "It's too late, you had your chance!" nor is there any
time to be served after the full confession and repentence is complete.

     No Hell can out last a full confession and repentence.

     It is really just a matter of changing your mind and deciding not
to be an idiot any more.

     Just as one can invite anyone in to play a game, one can also
disinvite them right out again by duplicating the invite in.

     One disinvites by reinviting.

     But one can only invite someone in as a brother.

family member.

     Likewise you can invite yourself out of any game, but only as a
brother amongst other brothers.

     The most fundamental overt act of harm against another is ruining
their ability to return to static at will, ruining brothership.

     Ruined brothership leads to beings all disowning each other, trying
to disinvite each other, and all stuck like sardines in a can together
to the end of time.

     The last great spiritual war left EVERYONE in ruin, spiralling
around the whirlpool in the sargasso sea of sick, dead and dying

     Ask someone how they are doing someday, they CAN'T tell you how
they are doing, that's how far gone they are, they don't even know

     What we call an up and coming civilization is but driftwood in the

     Whiles can be pretty long, certainly they can outlast any sardine
can anyone might wish to create.

     Efforts to kill, murder, destroy, or permanently harm a being fall
into this class of overt.

     It is the implied FOREVER in the mal intent that creates the damage
on the intender.

     We aren't talking about bodies here, you can always get another
body.  Bodies get slaughtered in games all the time, if only as food,
but it's the intent behind the killing that counts.

     The intent to kill someone FOREVER.

     That violates the while and comes after a failed disinvite via
re-invite, so class is gone.

     'Class is an attitude, that all should live forever and be my
friend' - Adore

     Replace the word friend with brother or sister, and you got it.

     Once class is gone, only hell remains.

     One may never have actually committed a murder, but everyone has
assuredly wished murder off on something or someone, probably many in
the past.

     Murder by will alone is an OT ability, and even if it fails, it
counts as a done.

     (OT means Operating Thetan, a spirit with full native powers.)
     The attempt was done, right?

     Attempted murder counts as accomplished murder.

     The failure of an attempt to murder is not a measure of one's
guilt, but a measure of one's competency.

     We are not talking about the law of the land here which can not
measure intent, but the law of the sky, your own law, which can.

     The overt act, whether it succeeded or not, is followed by regret.

     Regret is an effort to turn time back, and failing that leads to a
must never happen again, powered by the fact that it happened at least

     'Must never happen again' is accomplished via what ever means of
restraint that the being can devise, all the way up to ruining his
ability to do it again, driving the event down into oblivion so it
"never happened in the first place," and removing himself from areas and
realities where he might be tempted to commit it again.

     We call this, one's temper.  Temper is not the inclination to
anger, temper is the tempering of anger into nonexistence.

     After regret, we seek to recover the free flowing golden temper of
the static, but we do so with restraint, self justification, self
punishment and burial under force and mass.

     There is no golden light nor static in that direction.

     Anger and no sympathy are buried under waves of sympathy for the
victim, and both sink into mass and oblivion never to be thought of
again, until the next impingement.

     As life continues, the temptation impinges on him again and again.

     As life congeals into vast clusters of flaming assholes via the
many dwindling spirals offered them, life becomes one solid rage trying
to not-is everyone out of existence and to make nothing of everything.

     Failing that life crystalizes civilizations on Earth or elsewhere
where everyone has two tones, the true screaming mad tone below hiding,
and the outward social tone of 'How you doing?  Just fine thank you.'

     With each impingement or provacation the being commits the crime or
anger, hatred and no sympathy again feeling justified, but soon is back
in the regret and restraint stage.

     This forms an 'indecision sandwich' which consists of anger, regret
and restraint on one side, indecision in the middle and justification on
the other.

     Overt -> regret -> restraint -> indecision -> justification ->

     When he is not commiting the murder, he should be because it is

     When is is committing the murder, he shouldn't be because he is
restraining it.

     So which is it?
     Regretted and restrained, or justified and committed?

     Worse, overt acts you cause against others in this life get buried
under overt acts others caused to you in past lives and visa versa.

     This is called the Co Excused Withhold.

     Co excused withholds are not the same as mutual withholds, which
are times when two people are committing the same overt acts against
others and neither considers the other guilty of any wrong doing because
both are doing the same wrong.

     Bonny and Clyde had mutual overts of robbing banks, and thus mutual
withholds from the rest of the world.

     A co excused withhold is when you as a mother abuse your child last
life, find yourself being abused as a child by your mother in this life.

     The overt against you in this life creating anger, restimulates the
overt you committed against your kid in a past life creating regret, and
the anger and regret cancel forming a 'nothingness' and sinks into

     Let's do this again.

     If your mother caused you as a child in this life to form an
indecision sandwich, and you AS a mother caused your child to form an
indecision sandwich in a past life, the two will sink together into

     This arises from the following computation: "If you won't complain
about what I did to a child in a past life, I won't complain about what
you are doing to me as a child in this life."

     Co excused withholds can also be used as blackmail the other way

     "If you don't complain about what I am doing to you in this life, I
won't complain about what you did to another in a past life."

     The primary overt acts then are acts of disownership and permanent
separation from the victim, which then tempts and allows you to treat
them as if they were not you or your own brother.

     When dealing with people, always ask yourself, "Would I treat my
own brother or sister this way?"

     When a being is disowned the chalice is broken that connects us all
as one.  It then becomes possible to commit overt acts of hideous joy
against them.

     Torture is a kind of hideous joy to the torturer.

     "This is no brother or sister of mine."

     Imagine having to torture your own brother in time of war.

     Hideous joys involve forevers and nevers.

     Disownership means forever, which means I regret inviting you in,
in fact I don't believe I did invite you in, and even if I did, I will
NEVER invite you in again, and I wish you out of this game now and
FOREVER more, in all games for the rest of time and eternity.

     Space time game streams are created in a finite while.

     Punishing someone 'for a while' can mean either for a short while,
shorter than the length of the full while, or it can mean for the length
of the full while, for the rest of the game to its end.

     But not longer.  Punishments can not survive Game's End.

     Punishments are part of game rules, but punishments for brothers
are not the same as punishments for disowned strangers.

     The disowner ends up in a greater hell long run than any punishment
he conjured up for another.

     Punishments conjured up by a disowner STICK TO THE DISOWNER and not
the disowned.

     When two disowners go at it against each other, it can get pretty

     This is what Christ found on the cross, he had to end his
disownership of those driving in the nails to reattain the beautific

     "Forgive them Lord for they know not what they do," is not a behest
to God, for God is incarnated as everyone of us and is driving the nails
into himself!

     It is a behest to ourselves, to recover brothership with those that
crucify us, so the pain turns to pleasure.

     "You are crucified on the cross of being cross while you are
crucified." - Adore

     It is all a matter of disownership and brotherhood.

     This is not a superficial brotherhood, but a state where the
conscious unit is once more attached inwardly directly to the static,
the fountainhead of source, and outwardly to the kinetic, and sees
DIRECTLY that others are his brother at the static level.

     Pleasure is basically (cosmic) family feeling.

     Where there is no pleasure, there is no family, and where there is
no family, there is no pleasure.

     We are not talking the body family of blood and sex.

     We are talking the dynamic of Source and Sourcer, which spawns all
the rest.

     One runs the indecision sandwich with something like,

     Spot, tell me about, get the efforts of, or otherwise to taste:

      NO   STATIC

      NO   KINETIC

      NO   MOTION

     Then we try to take the restraint -> indecision -> justification
apart with,

     Who or what are you still trying to murder, kill or destroy:

      To kill
      To kill for a while
      To kill for ever

      Add the modifiers, for a while, and for ever, to all items

      Also run the NOT side of the command.

      Not to kill
      Not to kill for a while
      Not to kill for ever

      The following is a partial list, the pc will have HUNDREDS of such
times, some subtle, some violent, all involving classless handling of
detested terminals.

      To murder
      To destroy
      To harm
      To hurt
      To punish
      To cause pain to
      To torture
      To disgrace
      To castigate
      To teach a lesson to
      To make wrong
      To make guilty
      To make succumb
      To dominate
      To separate from
      To disown
      To disinvite


     E/P, End Phenomena, No longer in hell and not prone to revisiting
without fair chosen intent.


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