"\"Rev\" Norle Enturbulata, OD, DTS"  wrote:
> Reading about the recent stalking of Anons in LA by "Fatty" Patty (not my 
> description) and a bunch of other clam thugs, I noted some big text (which 
> helps when you're over 50) that stated a question Scientologists cannot 
> answer.
> "A Church is a place to worship.  What do you worship?"
     What you are probably meaning to ask is what do they idol?
     But a quick answer would be aesthetics, ethics, decency, truth,
awareness, individuality, coexistence, source, sovereignty, and sanity,
clarity and lucidity, in themselves and others.
     Lord knows they need it.

                           Idol and Worship.
                            Worship is Work.
                    Directed by one trying to bring
           Order to chaos, better to worse, and idol to mess.
            Worship is what a Master does to a pig in a pen,
       in the dream that one day the pig will be better than he.
                 Any celestial anybody has this dream.
                     Creatures idol their creator.
      They worship the creator's creatures in order to bring about
         a more idol (ideal) state in the creator's creatures.
             Worship is WORK SHIP, the Ship of Worthy Work.
    Worship is operating kindship in concert of effort and concern.
      Idol is towards excaliper competency in operating kindship.
      (Ex Caliper means beyond measure)

               Idol the creator and worship the creature.
           Do not worship the creator nor idol the creature.
                               Watch it.
                      Medusa is the Devil's Harem.

     Happy Thanksgiving to all those headed out the turd ball tubes on
this fine day.
Fri Nov 28 19:05:16 EST 2008