I tend to be a firm believer in the idea that anyone claiming to
know anything about how it all works, assuredly doesn't.

     Including me.

     Not because it can't be known, but because its a big subject with a
lot of bullshiters throwing very hot bullshit, so I consider anyone
pretending to know something, guilty until proven innocent.

     Adore says "As for those who claim to wisdom, let them be crucified
to their crosses, and let us see how close they are to their God now."

     That's why I keep saying I may write this stuff, but I am just a
messenger, I don't believe a word of it, any more than anyone else does.

     Adore starts off saying that Desire and the AllThatIs are in
perfect accord, meaning the world is as you would want it.  One is
merely left with working out how one could want something that was bad,
something one didn't want.

     The aesthetics to unaesthetics.

     The ability to be unable.

     Total responsibility for total irresponsibility.

     The 'how' of how self creates a lockdown in hell is becoming
clearer to me, as this life is actually a continuous PART OF the after

     Thus taking apart the hells of this life IS taking apart
the hells of the between lives area which has been going for
a very long time.

     Thus whatever hells or heavens one has playing out now, will
continue if not finished in the after life, and whatever hells or heavens
are playing out in the after life, if not finished, will continue into
the next life.

     Hells and heavens of long duration can be playing out across
hundreds if not thousands of life times.

     If one wanted to be cynical about it one might even say that the in
body life is a kind of escape from the between body life, and the hells
going on there.

     So the HOW we get locked down in a persisting state is getting

     It's the WHY that still eludes my grasp.

     What's the purpose, the motivation, the enticement to engage in
such enterprises?
     The childish view is that the in life is a testing ground and those
that fail the gauntlet are removed by the Creator.

     The adolescent view is that the in life is where we SOW, and the
after life is where we REAP.  
     Or life in a body is a school and lessons need to be learned.
Hubbard talked about these kind of people, they were SO GOOD, the thetan
escaped at first opportunity.

     Both of these views kind of imply a higher force or purpose that is
not our own governing why we are here, and doling out lessons and
justice as fits wrongdoers, and generally makes everyone other
determined, "God created me!".
     This denies that justice reigns at all times, that the being's
condition is fair chosen
     One can not love such a God.

     A more mature adult view can be postulated but its still unclear to

     This would be based on the idea that 'lessons' are in fact the
problem, and need to be unlearned.

     What is clear to me is that any choice can be erased by reoperating
it and letting it go.

     Awareness of choice is self erasing.

     This is both our salvation, and a curse, for it guarantees that we
don't have to be stuck in any choice forever, but also makes it almost
impossible to get stuck in a choice even for a while, to keep anything
around long enough to make a game of it.

     Thus there is a necessity to make choices to be unaware of choices
we have made so we can be stuck with them for a while.  Thus the playing
field and ability/disability packages can persist long enough to play a

     One way to run the whole problem as a session command would be
something like this.

     If you could have designed the AllThatIs yourself, how would you
have designed it?

     Having designed the AllThatIs, and now being God, how would you
have designed the world?

     Adore says, when one finds the truth of one's desire on the matter,
one finds that the present world and all other created worlds fit the

     Thus God and Soul are in accord, because God and Soul are one.

     I saw a movie last night called What Dreams May Come with Robin
Williams, about his wander through the afterlife to save his wife from
hell for committing suicide after the loss of her children and Robin to
car accidents.  She was a mortal meatball and didn't have the faith or
insight to carry her through.  She 'lost her mind' ended up in the psych
ward and eventually killed herself shortly after Robin's death.
     An amazing movie, visually stunning, and not to be missed.  It's
world view is a bit simplistic and childish, but way better than the
sickness passing for religion elsewhere on this planet at this time.

     Its basic view is that people put themselves in hell for whatever
reason, and no one yet knows how to get them out of it.  Thus hell is
growing without bounds, while those in heaven get to reincarnate.
     Robin wants to find his wife and wake her up, but is told by
everyone it's impossible, no one has succeeded before, and to give it
     Robin is also told it is very dangerous to try, because in so
doing, he could get 'infected' with her hell and end up in his own hell
and become likewise unrecoverable.  Insanity, losing one's mind, is
apparently contageous.  Thus it is better to not play around in
dangerous waters.

     However Robin 'no dog pcs here' Williams takes umbrage at these
warnings, and goes after her anyway.

     (A dog PC is a dog pre clear, one who is impossible to audit or
clear, usually blamed on attitude of the client, but is usually the
fault of the practitioner.)

     How can you live in heaven while a loved one is in hell?

     How many forgotten loved ones in hell are there in your life?

     Except for the nonsense about only those in heaven get to
reincarnate, I think this is all pretty close to the truth.
     Beings have been coming into this universe and incarnating on Earth
for a long time, even those who are clearly still stuck in prior hells
and ready to cause more.  In other words everyone is incarnating
regardless of what heavens or hells they have going in the between
     Many choose incarnation to ESCAPE their heavens and hells!

     Everyone follows the dwindling spiral down and finally 'dies in the
rigid apathy of MEST', when they can not incarnate any more - LRH.

     (MEST means Matter, Energy, Space and Time, the physical universe
dream we all think we are made of.)

     It can be reversed, but we are all just figuring it out now.
     "And no Goober, we are not in the good hands of AllState."

     We ARE God in carnation.

     God did this thing to himself.


Mickel  wrote:
>  wrote in message 
> news:20090102000657.44CC655C0D@adore2.lightlink.com...
>>      YOU 10
>>      NEW AND OLD
>>      You are bigger than the world.
>>      The basic game then is to bring that part of you to the world that is
>> bigger than the world and not yet in the world.
>>      To bring something new to the world.
>>      You are bigger than the world in terms of the space and time needed
>> to encompass it.  Your consciousness is a zero dimensional rendition of
>> the apparent multidimensional dream reality, called the physical
>> universe.
>>      The physical universe is computer graphics, conscious rendition, in
>> the mind of God, the High US.
>>      Conscious rendition is a painting of space and time that itself
>> does not take up space or time.
>>      Just because there is perspective of space and time in a painting
>> doesn't mean there is space and time between paintings.
>>      Just so, conscious renditions of space and time do not themselves
>> take up any space or time.
>>      Thus your consciousness may (thankfully) not be immortal, but it
>> certainly is eternal.
>>      Immortality, living forever without choice in a single space time
>> game stream, is not desirable.
>>      Eternality, coming from, and living above space and time where one
>> can source and join or not join space time game streams at will, for ever
>> for free, is.
>>      You do not come from the world.
>>      The world comes from you, the conscious High US.
>>      You are also bigger than the world in your ability to create and
>> originate things to do.
>>      Except for clearable aberrations, anyone can out create the world,
>> as the existing world is merely what everyone has already brought to the
>> table.
>>      The universe is not a buffet of all the possible things you can do
>> in the world.
>>      It's a pot luck dinner.
>>      What is here, is what people have brought here to do.
>>      You needn't eat their food, let them eat yours.
>>      They need something new to chew on.
>>      Many children, first starting out, look to the world to give them
>> an idea of what they want to do in life.
>>      They consider the world to be their list of opportunities, the
>> ultimate job listing.
>>      They visit all the churches, all the science labs, all the art
>> galleries and music halls, all the market places, all the government
>> halls, all the coffee shops of philosophy, all the places of social
>> concourse, looking, looking, looking for something that interests them,
>> for something they can do for the rest of their lives, to make for
>> themselves that oh so precious living.
>>      They are trying to find a preexisting receptor site for themselves
>> where they can fit in and function.
>>      But the basic purpose of a child lies not in what others have
>> already done, although the child certainly can learn for a while through
>> mimicry, harmony and counterpoint to others.
>>      The basic purpose of a being is to bring something NEW to the
>> world, sourced from that part of himself that is bigger than the world
>> and not yet manifested in the world.
>>      Yes there may be some willies.
>>      The slave masters do not like anything new, no laws written yet to
>> control, tax, or use it to their own ends.
>>      But too much agreement and devotion to what other's have done will
>> lead to an existence of dwindling life, dissatisfaction,
>> meaninglessness, and unfullfillment.
>>      For the originators of what already exists were doing something
>> NEW.
>>      But their followers are not.
>>      Are you happy?
>>      Are you doing something meaningful in life?
>>      Are you fullfilled and satisfied at the end of every day?
>>      Or are you sacrificing yourself to another's cold pot of stew?
>>      Happiness, meaning and fullfillment come from ORIGNATION of the
>> new, not from agreement with the old.
>>      If everyone does only what already exists, the world becomes old
>> pretty quick.
>>      Oldness is death.
>>      Newness is life.
>>      Anything new is better than nothing new, even if it is just new for
>> you.
>>      Homer
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> Hi Homer
> Excellent messages from you recently, thanks.
> My youngest Daughter who works as a keep fit instructor and receptionist and 
> knows a little bit about the Spiritual stuff I study said to me the other 
> day that She knows someone at her Gym that "sees" what I "see", if you see 
> what I mean, (sentence constrution is not my forte).
> Anyway She gets into conversation with this Guy on the internet and She 
> keeps asking me questions and I thought to myself that it must be Her time 
> to wake up so I was in a bit of a quandary on where I should start.
> I have read so many books, so many ideas, concepts, I had not a clue, the 
> Spiritual field can be a bit of a minefield for those that choose to walk 
> that path, so what could I show her to start her off.
> Then it came to me, On the Ivy list a short time ago someone posted  an item 
> from 'The Bhagavad Gita' "What is Real never Ceases", that's it I thought, 
> that will be good grounding in understanding Spiritual Universe.
> Take care:)
> Mike
> 'The Bhagavad Gita'
> What Is Real Never Ceases
> The Self dwells in the house of the body,
> Which passes through childhood, youth, and old age.
> So passes the Self at the time of death
> Into another body. The wise know this truth
> And are not deceived by it.
> When the senses come in contact with sense-objects
> They give rise to feelings of heat and cold,
> Pleasure and pain, which come and go.
> Accept them calmly, as do the wise.
> The wise, who live free from pleasure and pain,
> Are worthy of immortality.
> What is real never ceases to be.
> The unreal never is. The sages
> Who realize the Self know the secret
> Of what is and what is not.
> Know that the Self, the ground of existence,
> Can never be destroyed or diminished.
> For the changeless cannot be changed.
> Bodies die, not the Self that dwells therein.
> Know the Self to be beyond change and death.
> Therefore strive to realize this Self.
> Those who look upon the Self as slayer
> Or as slain have not realized the Self.
> How can the Self be killed or kill
> When there is only One?
> Never was the Self born; never shall it
> Cease to be. Without beginning or end,
> Free from birth, free from death, and free from time,
> How can the Self die when the body dies?
> Who knows the Self to be birthless, deathless,
> Not subject to the tyranny of time,
> How can the Self slay or cause to be slain?
> Even as we cast off worn-out garments
> And put on new ones, so casts off the Self
> A worn-out body and enters into
> Another that is new.
> Not pierced by arrows nor burnt by fire,
> Affected by neither water nor wind,
> The Self is not a physical creature.
> Not wounded, not burnt, not wetted, not dried,
> The Self is ever and everywhere,
> Immovable and everlasting.
> The Self cannot be known by the senses,
> Nor thought by the mind, nor caught by time.
> If you know this, you will not grieve.
> Even if you mistake the Self to be
> Subject to birth and death, you must not grieve.
> For death is certain for those who are born,
> As rebirth is certain for those who die.
> Why grieve over what cannot be avoided?
> We perceive creatures only after birth,
> And after they die we perceive them not.
> They are manifest only between birth
> And death. In this there is no cause for grief.
> Some there are who have realized the Self
> In all its wonder. Others can speak of it
> As wonderful. But there are many
> Who don't understand even when they hear.
> Deathless is the Self in every creature.
> Know this truth, and leave all sorrow behind.

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