We define mortality as living for a while in a time stream, dying
and then never to live again.

      We define immortality as living forever in a single time stream,
which is both impossible and undesirable.

      We define Eternality as living forever above space and time, and
able to sleep and dream finitely long space time game streams at will
forever for free.

      Eternals live forever by definition because there is no space or
time in which for them to change or die.  Their incarnation in space and
time is a dream with the scent of illusion.

      Mortals are born on death row and spend their lives waiting to die.
but wish they didn't have to.

      Immortals are born on hells row, and spend their lives waiting for
the day they wish they could die but still can't.

      Mortals want to live forever but can't.

      Immortals want to die forever but can't.

      Eternals are free to engage in life and death as they see fit.
because they know its only for a while, which then ends, and can be
started anew when they want to.

      Eternals like to step into time for a while for the shear thrill of

      Time is like a roller coster, the longer you remain on the ride,
the further you get from your starting point.

      The further you get from your starting point, the harder it is to
recover it.

      The harder it is to recover your starting point, the harder it is
to get back off the roller coaster.

      Eternals like to play with their point of no return, it adds to the

      The point of no return is the point where they can no longer
recover their starting point for a while.

      Never forever, but it can be a very long while.

      Remember there is could, would and should.  Even if a being COULD
lose himself forever in time, he shouldn't, thus he wouldn't, thus he

      Take some responsibility for your condition already.

      All of life is an Eternal lost in time for a while.

      Eternality is magical, and there is a message to it's beauty.

      That message is OKness.

      There is no OKness in either death forever or hell forever.

      No matter how much the dying or damned will tell you there is.

      OKness is what you are jealous of in a dancing girl's eyes, the
beauty of self love, poise, equanimity, immutable dignity and self

      And Omni Awesome Peace, if you are into it.

      "This song loves itself." - Adore

      The fabric of Self IS satisfaction.

      "Awareness of awareness as sufficient communication." - LRH

      "Breathing is sufficient reason to be." - Adore

      This idea that you have to DO something in life to find
satisfaction is the beginning of game playing dangerously close to
roller coasting right past your point of no return and beyond.

      A being can tune down the light and clear harmony of his own
fabric, and even negate it entirely until the fabric of self becomes
negative, becomes dissatisfaction.

      Then he HAS to do something (in time) in order raise the fabric
back up to satisfaction for a while.

      There are levels of this.

      We call the resting quality of his self experience his base level
of satisfaction.

      Say the being has lowered his base level of satisfaction to minus
3.  That means his actual self experience is a continuous
dissatisfaction of 3!

      Then he writes a piece of music that results in a satisfaction
level of 5, but that adds into his existing base of minus 3 and thus
only produces a plus 2 level of satisfaction.

      But for how long?  Satisfaction produced by doing, receeds into the
past as time moves along, and thus becomes, after a while, as if it
didn't happen at all.

      That's called resting on your laurels.

      That's a sinking raft in a maelstrom.

      You can quickly see that doing the myriad normal things in life
that most people enjoy but which only bring in 1 to 2 points of positive
satisfaction would still leave him hungry as even 2 points added into
his base level of minus 3 still leaves him at minus 1!

      He runs on hope of better, forever.

      People with a positive base level of satisfaction are quite
contented to do the banal things in life because really they don't have
to do anything at all to be happy, except breathe.