The level of not know on a case is daunting.

      One feels that one couldn't possibly not know so much, if in fact
there was something to know, therefore there isn't anything to know!

      "Man do I not know!  Therefore I can rest assured there isn't much
to know."

      Just as one can know by emoting, one feels afraid, and therefore
one thinks that one is in danger, this is also a kind of knowing by not

      Now a person who thinks he is meat, that consciousness is a space
time gizmo, will think that he dies when his body dies, because he
thinks he IS a process in the body.

      The body is a short time span affair, and thus can't know very
much, either about itself, or it's past, and certainly doesn't have much
to say about either, let alone its future.

      If you take the total amount of responsibility the being as a body
thinks he has about his condition, and divide it by the total amount of
things that exist that one could be reponsible for, the ratio is
vanishingly small and approaches zero.

      The being as a body certainly doesn't believe he chose his life,
his body, his parents, his planet, solar system, galaxy or universe to
be in.

      He certainly doesn't believe he chose any of his playmates that
already existed when he was born, but perhaps he chose to team up with a
few that he happened to run into after he was born.

      He has no idea where he came from, where he is, nor where he is
going, but the often thinks he does.

      His world view is almost as vanishingly small as his sense of
responsibility for things as they are.

      He will in fact find no use at all for responsibility defined as
knowing willing cause, and he will define the word down to mean things
he OUGHT to be taking care of or DOING something about but which he will
probably never get to, for lack of time, ability or interest, none of
which he thinks he has any ultimate responsibility for.

      If something good happens, its God's doing, if something bad
happens it is his doing.

      "All that comes from God is good, and man came from God, so is it
good that man is bad?"

      At the bottom of that ladder is defining responsibility out of
existence as obeying orders.

      He can't even originate a cause any more, unless someone orders, or
causes, him to.

      The idea that we are responsible for our conditions is one of the
grandest absurdities of our existence.  Contemplate the idea for a while
to feel the repercussions and assault on our sensibilities against the

      People will take GREAT umbrage at the idea that they chose their
present condition, that they had any choice in the matter at all.

      Someone else created them, they didn't ask to be created, they got
dumped in a spin bin family, in a hell hole on Devil's Island, er I mean
Earth, in a universe that is so big and multifaceted no one as yet has
spaned its enormity, amongst compatriots who think the world is flat and
maybe a tad more than 10,000 years old, and science is the Devil's
conspiracy against religion and God, created to test their faith.

      Most of the world works on the premise that one writes the book of
knowledge first and does the research second.

      Thus if the book says the world is 10,000 years old, and man is
appointed to live but once, and Goober was the one and only Son of God
who so loved the world that he sacrificed his one and only begotten son
to redeem the sins of mankind, then that's how it is.

      It's as absurd as they think the world is, and so it must be true!

      If the scientific evidence says that the world is 12 billion years
old, that we are all Son's of God in carnation, then that must be the
work of the Devil.

      To some people the Lord reserves a special place in hell for
scientists.  To others, the Lord reserves a special place in hell for

      When observation is altered to match the book written prior to the
observation then you have insanity, and the status quo, on Earth in both
religion and science.

      Yes even the scientists suffer from it, the books all say that
everything is a space time gizmo, and that gizmo's can't be certain of
anything, thus consciousness must be a gizmo, and if someone claims that
he is certain of his own existence, he is suffering delusions about

      You know if a being isn't certain about his own existence, he
certainly isn't certain of YOUR existence, and thus he isn't certain if
anything matters at all, including whether you or he hurt.

      Thus he won't pay total attention to what he does or the
consequences of it, because he isn't certain there are consequences.

      These people will tell you that they ASSUME that there are
consequences and the people to feel them, and that this is enough, but I
assure you the assumption that someone exists and the perfect certainty
that they do are two totally different ball parks.

      When you find someone who is totally out in left field, consider
the possibility they are really in the wrong ball park, the ball park
for loonies.

      One can be so far below pain, that one is no longer certain that
pain even exists or ever did exist.  The highest such people attain on a
daily basis is the certainty that certainty is useless at best,
dangerous or criminal at worst, and they really don't want to be certain
of anything because it gives them an omni awesome case of the qualms,
willies and monster vibrations.

      It becomes a crime then to remind people that they are denying the
existence of perfect certainties, because who can take care of the kids
when shitting bricks on the toilet?

      Just as it isn't polite to tell people they have bad breath or
their fly is open, it isn't polite to remind people they are mind broke
and deluding themselves with their "I am uncertain of everything!"

      But it is all for the sake of the kids that parents never admit
they haven't a clue about anything, that they bred out of season and for
the wrong reason, and basically are still kids themselves cowering in a
corner of life called adulthood, hoping the boogey man won't come and
get them, all the while claiming "There IS NO boogey man!", there ARE no
demons, no monsters, no multi being conglomerates from hell eating at
the very center of their face.

      Eye glasses help them focus around them, so they can see what they
are looking AT without having to admit what they are looking THROUGH.

      On this planet adulthood is a psychotic state of childhood.

      The christians talk about being reborn into a pure state of
childhood, but then in the next breath they claim that fear of God is
the beginning of wisdom, and fear of Hell the beginning of love for God.

      Fear = wisdom = hell = love.

      You see a problem with this?

      A religious nut case won't.

      "The Book says so" makes him feel all warm and fuzzy inside,
because now he doesn't have to think about the truth, which is that the
Creator is so far above love and hate he would gasp in vertigo if he
ever looked upon the expanse of the deep.

      He would actually have something to think about then, God forbid.

      People think that God is some kind of big parent in the sky who
will punish those who are bad and reward those who are good.

      People fail to effect justice themselves, so they want their big
daddy to do it for them!

      "My messiah is going to send your Messiah to hell" is no more and
no less than "My daddy can beat up your daddy!"

      And of course free will is more important than the public good in
God's eyes.

      So I have twins, and one is always beating up on the other trying
to kill him.

      Do I step in and chastise, correct, discipline, guide, quarantine
or punish the errant child for harming the innocent one before it gets
out of control?  No sir, when the two twins die, I am going to torture
the bad child forever to make up for all the pain he caused while alive.

      And if a child doesn't love me as a parent when he dies, I am going
to torture him forever too.

      Who is the sick one?

      And I will make sure hell is soundproof so the eternal screaming
won't bother the harp players in heaven.

      And I will provide some kind of drug to the good twin in heaven,
who really does love his errant brother after all, so he will be able to
forget about his brother in hell, and what, in my righteous spitting
drooling vituperation, am going to do to him forever and ever Amen.

      Such a wonderful parent am I!

      Kind of gives meaning to the words bred without a license, and out
of season for the wrong reason.

      Usually this is applied to humans, but perhaps it better fits God
the Father.

      Ever wonder how long it takes a person in heaven to forget about
his friends in hell?

      The love of humans extends across the heaven and hell boundary,
while apparently the love of God does not.

      Child abuse has some very strange definitions on Earth.

      It is child abuse to teach your kid about sex at an early age, much
like teaching them about eating, sleeping, horse back riding etc.

      Children learn by mimicry, "Oh no mustn't mimic daddy and mommy
about that!  (followed by the sound of doors slamming shut!)

      But teaching your kid about hell forever, and how to say grace "We
thank you Lord that we are not as them," is good solid parenting.

      A lot of people possibly deserve to be killed on sight, and much of
this is why the rest of us are sick all day long.  We just can't scream
loud enough to disperse the demon wings covering the sunlight, but we
coward away from kamikaze and thus lose the will to live ourselves.

      Sometimes a reason to die is a last reason to live.

      But only sometimes :)

      Mostly on Earth.

      But in the end there are more constructive ways to take
vengence on those that lied and lied and lied until no one
could stand the sound of sound any more, and that is to salvage.

      But only a God in carnation can do that.


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