Science is 10 percent truth and 90 percent institutionalized

     Don't get me wrong, I am not waving a flag for religion here, most
religion is 0 percent truth and 100 percent institutionalized idiocy.

     I AM trying to build a bridge between religion and science here,
but I bear little love for either.

     Religion keeps claiming that the world is going to be destroyed,
and science keeps trying to provide it the means to do so.

     Both have a long ways to go before they are ready for prime time in
a civilized society.

     By institutionalized I mean these things aren't merely the private
thoughts of lunatics in happy houses, but are written in solid rock into
our very way of life, our halls of business, science, government and

     You go to Church and they teach you God is love, fear of God is the
beginning of wisdom and fear of hell is the beginning of love.

     "Love me or I will torture you to death, er well, forever!" - God

     You go to school and they teach you that you are a body, that
consciousness is a process in the brain, and that force and pain are the
same thing, that pain is just mass in motion, that a computer that says
'OUCH!' when you hit the 'P for pain' key actually hurts or gives a

     They teach you that God created space and time, but fail to admit
that before space and time was created they didn't exist, and thus in
the beginning God must have been zero dimensional.

     They also fail to point out that if God is fundamentally zero
dimensional AND CONSCIOUS, and he creates a space and time dimensional
world full of beings who are also conscious, how likely is it that the
human's consciousness is a multi dimensional space time gizmo, and God's
consciousness is an eternal zero dimensional static?

     Thus they fail to notice that human consciousness is also zero
dimensional and fail to study the possible ramifications.

     They teach that God created the Soul, that God and Soul are two
separate objects, but they fail to mention that two separate objects can
never know about each other with perfect certainty, thus each remains
forever a THEORY to the other.

     So how the hell is the Soul going to find God, if God can't even
find the Soul!

     They teach you that Goober was the one and only Son of God
incarnated in the flesh for our sins, but fail to mention that all of
life is God in carnation, that flesh and stone alike are avatars
(rendered symbols) for God to represent and convey himself through to
other conscious units who are also God in carnation.

     The idea is NEVER mentioned that God is a Multi Being, a multi I-AM
being, and each conscious unit is one of those I-AM's and is an
independent, full and complete instantiation of the Infinite.

     In other words existence is comprised of an infinite number of
infinite minds playing finite creature in the self created dreamtime of
space and time.

     The universe is a dream in the minds of God.

     The artificial unintelligence people tell you that if they can just
make the self aware circuit in the machine fast enough, they can create
a mechanical analogue of self awareness.

     They fail to admit that an analogue is not the same thing as the
real thing and that no machine can ever know word one about the NOW only
the THEN, let alone glow in the dark of the void with spaceless timeless
self luminousness self awareness.

     No where do they teach you about self luminous redness, and if you
ask them 'Why do I see red?' they talk about photons and frequency
absorption, and lenses and retinas and visual cortexes, then it gets
vague you see, for except for blood, there is no red in the brain.

     If you ask about direct perception, they will say there is no such
thing as direct perception, that direct perception is logically
impossible, everything HAS to learn via indirect perception, learning
about A by looking at B, namely the effects in one's self of the causal
influences of A on self.

     If you ask "How do I see red?" they will answer that consciousness
is nothing, just your brain's interpretation of the physical universe,
when in fact the physical universe is an interpretation of what you see
in your consciousness.

     You see they tell you that the physical universe is something, and
your consciousness of it is nothing of its own, just a mere process in
the physical universe brain suffering delusions of self existence,
awareness and person agency.

     They will tell you that the physical universe and everything in it
is just dominos falling, knocking each other down in perfect
mathematical clockwork.  Dominos fall because of force not because of
pain.  Pain is merely an inward sign, a vanity, in the domino that it
has been forced to fall.  The FALLING would all take place just as it is
even if the pain did not exist.

     To the meatball apologists, pain is an unnecessary adjunct to our
existence, because nothing physical can feel pain, and force and mass
alone are sufficient to cause survival as any mechanical robot can

     Force and mass explains everything.  That some forces hurt and
other's don't, is just not part of their equation.

     THEN they fail to mention that just because you see space, doesn't
mean here IS space.  The universe could be a dream, imagination,
hallucination, or another form of arcade game controlled by a source
that creates conscious renditions of objects in space and time directly.

     They fail to mention that if time were actual, no machine could
ever tell if time was taking place, because a machine can't tell if it
has changed state.

     Just as certainty of space implies space is an illusion, certainty
of time implies that time is an illusion.

     If you ask "Where is the red?  If I cut the brain open will I find
any red there?" they will answer of course you will, if you cut the
brain open there will be blood all over the place!

     And in the end they will claim that "Love and shame can of force
and mass be made," and we have a circuit here that will act just like
love and shame.  They fail to admit that outward actions do not prove
inward feeling.  Two different objects can never prove each other's

     If you ever asserted anything otherwise, those in the halls of
academentia will cry 'Prove it, the extraordinary claim suffers the
burden of proof.'

     Oh man are they whistling past the graveyard and hope you don't
notice it.

     Their theses are at risk, best used for cat litter.

     It is tempting to just let them all rot in their hell where they
belong, but the desire to prove the SP wrong is just so delicious.

     SP means Suppressive Person or Parent.

     So one day you are out rounding up cow doggies on your horse, doing
what cowboys do, having a good old time.

     And this wizened old psychiatric zombie lord in a white coat comes
up to you with pen and tablet in hand, and a pocket full of pills, and
says "You know buddy, you think you are a cowboy on a horse, but the
truth is you are just a horse!"

     So you say, "Oh?  So how come I can get off my horse, let it out to
pasture, and go play with your wife in the meantime."

     The psych says "What do you mean get off your horse, that is
delusional, you need Horszack to calm you down, (and some crazy glue on
the seat of your pants to make sure you don't leave your saddle again!)"

     You say 'Oh bananas to you, just because you think you are a horse
doesn't mean I am a horse, I am a cowboy, been one for years, and me and
my horse are good friends and, oh by the way, TWO DIFFERENT OBJECTS!"

     You see the cowboy had been going to cowboy school where they teach
these things.

     The psych says "Oh yeah, well prove it, the extraordinary claim
bears the burden of proof!"

     You say "Extraordinary claim?  The extraordinary claim is that I am
a horse and not a cowboy on a horse, who are you fooling?  Why don't YOU
prove to me that I am a horse."

     The psych says "OK, you asked for it", and calls over his gang of
hooligans to administer the proof, electric shock.

     Apparently they believe that if you shock the horse enough the
cowboy on the horse will start to think he IS the horse too.

     Talk about doing a life continuum.

     The psych thinks he can prove anything with force.

     FORCE PROVES NOTHING, not even its own existence to the forced, let
alone source of the force.

     And then the psych proceeds to fois-gras you with a funnel and his
pocket full of pills.

     Finally you admit you are a horse, never were a cowboy, just to get
the psych to go away, but that crazy glue, that remains a problem,
because now you can't get off the horse any more.

     Is that a problem in inability to get off the horse or
unwillingness to get off the horse?


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