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>Homer Wilson Smith (homer@lightlink.com) wrote:
>>    Truth is I hate women that don't know a MAN'S place in the

>which is...where? what? 

     Well sugar tits, if you don't know, then you as a female are part
of the problem rather than part of the solution.

     If you ever want to find THE point of *TOTAL* irresponsibility on
a woman's case just audit 'Boys and Bombs'.  You will find they have
*NOTHING* to do with how men turn out.

     Except the fags of course, in which case the mother sucessfully
demasculated them completely.
     "I mean to have something come out of your cunt and not know
whether it will rape, kill or suck blood, just be something else."


     If a man is not operated BY a woman in his full capacity AS A
MAN, then the man will turn to war to wipe out the woman indirectly.
     Anyhow to answer your question:

     God     Master of Total Responsibility
     Man     Master of Offense
     Woman   Master of Defense
     Child   Master of Total Irresponsibility

     Each one graduates up to the next level, until the God graduates
into the Child at the next grade up.

     It is not true that all men are better than all woman, it is true
that all men are better than all woman in the same and lower grade.

     All women in a higher grade are better than all men in a lower

     All children in a higher grade are better than all God, Men,
Woman and Children in a lower grade.

     A grade consists of a full cycle of growth through child, woman,
man and God in whatever arena or sphere of endeavor applies.


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