Children are taught how to talk on this planet just long enough to
understand the meaning of the words "Shut up you little shit machine!"

     They are taught the meaning of words so they can understand what
NOT to say, think or feel.

     "Don't say that!"

     "Don't think that!"

     "How dare you feel that way."

     "Say you are sorry right now, or I will MAKE you sorry!"

     "That's none of your business."

     You know parents want their children to always tell the truth, all
the while the parent is lying to the child on a full time basis.  Only a
very stupid parent, which is most of them, think the child doesn't know
he is being lied to.

     They want the child to be gentle, kind and polite, and the whack
the tarnation out the kids behind when he isn't.

     I once heard someone say to a child "How can you say that to your
mother, she's your one and only mother!"

     Right, you see the mother knows the child is expendable, if she
doesn't like the child she can just get rid of it and create another
one.  So the child has no bargaining power.

     To the child however, the mother is the one and only mother, and
that's heavy to be stuck with someone you want to kill, cuz you can't
parenticide her without taking yourself out in the process.

     The first moment the child wishes death or damnation off on the
parent, a new murderer has been born even if its over something as
simple as a piece of candy or a bath the kid doesn't want to take.

     Generally the child will go on to regret it, then repeat it, then
regret it, until there is no more left to feel.

     In one breath the parent will tell the child there are no monsters,
and in the other breath make sure the child doesn't know or see
something lest he spend the rest of the week in nightmares.

     Children make these things up in their little minds you see, then
they worry about nothing for the rest of time.

     It's the NO MONSTER case that has the kid scared out of its wits.

     He understands the monster, its the NO MONSTER he can't figure out.

     Parents, they have outgrown the nightmares, they know what is truth
and what is imagination, and thank God alcohol is still legal.

     Truth is, parents believe that truth is bad for kids, because the
parent knows they can't face the truth themselves.

     Used to be a long time ago, they would take bodies they didn't like
and lie them down tied to a bed of slow burning wood and grass.  Then
they would light the thing from the feet end and let it burn.

     By the time the fire got to the knees, the being wasn't in a very
good mood, and sometimes you can get one of these things looking you
right in the eyes when you are going to bed at night.

     They are still alive, but man do they want you dead, and there is
NO talking them out of it.

     Talk about if looks could kill.

     So there are things parents aren't talking about to their kids,
because if they did the parent might freak out and lose it completely,
and thus not be able to take care of the kid.

     I mean imagine having to take care of kid with things LOOKING at
you during the night.

     So for the sake of the kid, the parent lies and maintains a wall of
silence about him.

     The kid in return learns simply to not relate to his parents
because they will lie and tell him the monsters and sorrows are not

     How many times have to seen someone tell someone else not to cry?
Crying just drives adults hysterical.  Crying is the ONLY way out of
this prison of tar and amber, and people just won't have it no matter

     Every time YOU feel like crying, you gotta go somewhere where
someone won't come along and pull a crying police on you, or dump
hysteria about it all over the place, or LAUGH at you for being silly.

     It's hard enough simply to get your average person to SHUT THE FUCK
UP and simply do nothing when you are crying.  They at least just gotta
ask what is wrong.  Like they really want to know.

     Lord God don't do that to people.

     The fires of hell lick high on non cryers.

     And they got no water to put out the fires!

     The more they cry the better off they are.


     Sorrow is inverted love, and when one can not express sorrow one
can not express love.

     It is as simple as that.  If you want a life of no love, make damn
sure you never cry again.

     There are just about three things you need to know about sorrow.

     Sorry is an expression of love.  Supression of sorrow means
supression of love.

     Dry eyed sorrow never heals.

     And an excess of sorrow laughs, and an excess of laughter weeps.

     Wanna laugh?  Cry.  Wanna cry?  Laugh.

     Dig it and don't leave it.

     If you want to feel deeply, if you want your future to be full of
'limitless undying love', then you had been be able to cry and laugh,
for both are love in carnation.

     Otherwise your future will end up being limitless undying despair
and inability to sigh or breath.

     "Pining is unsighable bitter noble melancholia, mostly on the
subject of non operating divine operating religions." - Adore

     Sorrow is love interiorizing into crucifixion, and laughter is love
exteriorizing from crucifixion.

     In and out, you see?

     When someone dies say HELLO to them, not good bye, they are OUT.

     When someone is born, say GOODBYE, they are IN for the count.

     If you can go a whole day on Earth without cracking up into sorrow
and laughter over something, you are well on your way to earning your
PhD in death and damnation.

     And if you are never contacting deep emotion in your dreams, what
ARE you doing with your life that is so important then?

     Pretending you got it together?

     Leave that to parents who bred without a license and losers on
their way out.

     Most of a person's this life time case surrounds all the different
things he never felt and talked about with his parents, and they never
talked about with him.

     Take any child of any age, and find out all he words he is old
enough to understand, but has never heard of, and you will find all the
subject areas that his significant others have been carefully stepping
around making sure the kid doesn't find out about them.

     Parents are supposed to be team mates in the quest for survival in
life.  They are supposed to be our best friends, not our biggest problem
in life.

     Kids that live their entire lives wanting to kill their parents and
then feeling sorry for them and guilty about it, end up able to feel
nothing and sick as hell, dependent on drugs, doctors and hospitals.

     Lots of doctors in hell, where everyone is patient as hell, as a
patient in hell.

     And all those conversations, all that RELATING, that should have
gone on between parent and child and didn't, is just so much wasted
goals and dreams and co operation in the games of life.

     You might as well have poured your life down the drain.

     The toilet would probably over flow when you flushed, even
a toilet's got pride.

     Thus any auditing directed at recovering what should have been said
and by whom amongst parent and child will go a long ways to recovering
the *LIVING* being for the pc.

     You know the kind that run on white light instead of drugs, alcohol
and medicine.

     Unexpression is the death of a being.

     "Spot something said or talked about."

     "Spot something not said or not talked about."

     End result of such auditing will be the white light turning on
again, with the dazzling blue auras, and the rose emmanations from the
heart and the golden temper we been dreaming about.

     Almost anyone has seen small momentary sparks of blue, rose and
gold in their space while thinking about something.

     That's YOU buddy, that's what you are like full time when you are
clear enough to see forever.

     You know being clear isn't about being free from aberration, or
regaining a few abilities here and there, its about dripping beauty, and
gorgeous light, and stunning power, where one's very attention is a
piercing search light of glorious undauntable fondness into the darkness
of the obsidian glass, tar and amber around you, and you can watch it
blow away as sparkling fairy dust.

     Yes even fondness for parents, for they were just kids who didn't
say things to their parents too.


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