Ted  wrote:
>  wrote:
>> But periodically he wakes up and either decides to go back to
>> sleep, or he puts a sign out on his door saying wake me if you want to
>> play.
>>       That's called an invite.
>>       Invites are telepathic, they resonate through all of creation,
>> until they reach a critical mass of beings, who have also put out an
>> invite, who all want to be together again in a game of life.
>>       Invite is desire, and desire is invite.
>>       When enough people put out invites, the co resonance of their sum
>> desires wakes them all up and they find themselves together in a common
>> universe with nothing going on yet.
>>       That's what they wanted, so that's what they got.
> Very good.
> What the hell am I doing here with all these zealots and fanatics?
> Well... Universes overlap. 

     Only if invited to.

     More to the point, many different games over lap within one

     A junk yard contains junk from MANY different sources, nothing like
a good junk yard to give you an idea of the dynamic range of production
across many civilizations on the same planet across the eons.

     What a pigmy will throw away, Eastern Europeans like to collect.

     Earth in particular is a junk yard for those that didn't fit the
status quo, meaning both the top and bottom were skimmed off and sent

     Thus Earth represents the best and the worst of the local galaxy

     Most are living in the past, thinking Earth is still 'their joint'.

     "Where are you and what time is it?" to E/P


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