There are many good religions in this universe.

     Just not on Earth.

     At its heart a religion needs to provide two things.

     First, religion needs to provide a desirable view of the world.

     Second, religion needs to provide a workable approach to the
questions and problems of life based on that world view.


     The way these High Priest guys enslave people is by getting them to
accept an undesirable view of the world, a view that is in direct
conflict with the soul's inner most desires, how the soul wishes things

     This creates a permanent disharmony within the soul about the
Cosmic All and results in a dwindling spiral from there on out.

     The soul is now condemned to accepting forever a world view that he
doesn't want, and that powers the Hell's Forever that he inexorably gets

     Eventually personal integrity is no more, as the soul finally
forces himself to believe that what he wants is what he has been
offered, and he gladly slides down the tubes that are provided, with

     Don't worry, its all only for a while.

     The soul himself has probably done the same thing to others, either
before or after having his own world view tainted.  In this life, much
of his suffering can be traced back to his own efforts to push false
religions in the past on the whole track.

     The way to happiness is a true confession.

     Thus getting the soul to take an honest inventory of what he really
wants goes a long ways towards correcting his downfall.

     Many beings will be so far gone they won't be able to admit what
they really want, for the bitter noble hopelessness of it all is just
too great to bear.
     Adults find it hard to cry like a baby.

     But over time this inaccessibility can be alleviated with skill and
persistence in the matter.

     The cost of laughter however is tears, classy tears.

     Another thing is that a true religion doesn't need a Messiah, it
doesn't need to become a cult of personality.

     A Messiah is a teacher, we are all Messiah's, if reluctant.

     Its only a matter of having the knoweldge and being willing to step
up to the plate, or the soapbox if you prefer and speak the Truth as you
see it.
     And want it.

     Wisdom is knowing that what people prefer is a good approximation
to the Truth.  At least it points the way.
     Souls are powered by what they desire, and if you can find what
they desire you will have your religion.

     Not the petty desires of hatred and separation FOREVER, but the
desires of fair chosen Spirit of Play and grand escapade.

     Thus the ideal religion would set down enough basic operational
principles that would appeal directly to the true desires of the soul,
and from which all souls could then derive whatever other wisdom they
needed on their own, in accord with their own foundations.

     Once a soul is his own High Priest, he is free to restore awareness
of always having been one-with-God again, that separation is and always
was a lie.

     The soul IS God in carnation, so he already has his Messiah if he
would just look.

     "Fame is a rock, let the rocks be used to record the words of
truth, and not the names of who spoke them." - Adore


     Approach means knowing how to deal with the breakdowns and
malfunctions of life.

     An approach to the questions and problems of life results naturally
from having a correct view of what we want, and having such an approach
is part of what we want.

     But you can't just go up to someone and ask them what they want,
they have been living under the clouds in city lights for so long they
can't imagine the sun above the clouds.

     To most people then, 'what they want' is conceived only in the
context of what they think they can have.  Thus people live lives of
founded on sour grapes.

     Someone says they have 'seen the light', and others think there is
a new neon sign in town.

     Or worse people want things they would hate having if they had
     Most problems in life result from unresolvable disharmony within
the soul itself, caused by undesirable world views, thus a technology
for recovering for the being what he really wants will restore him to
his seat of glory, beauty, equanimity and sovereignty so he can play

     Uh, that's because you can have what you really want.

     All the things you can't have are really things you don't want

     That's a big statement, don't go by it.

     And then beyond that it helps to have some understandings about how
things work, which again reflects the soul's desires of how he would
want them to work in the first place.

     Desire = Truth and Truth = Desirable.

     Always look to what you want, in the grand scheme of things, if you
want to get a glimpse of the Truth.

     The most important of these understandings the relationship of
confront and acceptance to vanishment, and of cringe and flinch to
persistence of unwanted conditions, both in yourself and in others.

     Most people have acceptance confused with resignation to
     "Accept, accept, resistence is futile, you will be askimilated.  -
Popeye of Borg."
     Nothing could be further from the truth.  You can vanish a brick
wall with acceptance, but there is a lot of charge there, solidity in
time is one of the soul's greatest mortal enemies of all time.

     To vanish a brick wall you would have to have recovered your God
hood above all other God's and have not a single stain of anger, fear,
or sorrow in sight.

     If you hate the brick wall, you will HAVE the brick wall, get it?

     The way a God gets something to persist is to make it, put it
there, then resent it is there.

     Silly, isn't it?

     That's called High Appreciation for Ludicrous Demise by Adore.

     Better to vanish your stuffed nose, bad eye sight or crumpled back,
start in your own universe and clean it up first.

     Then work on others.

     Then maybe practice on making brick walls.

     *THEN* maybe you might vanish that is already made.

     It doesn't matter who made it or put it there, if you can put it
there, you can unput it there, that is absolute.

     Another important understanding is that Source creates what Source
is not, thus although the physical universe and the body tend to run on
'must never happen again,' the soul runs on the ability to do it again.
     In fact he had better be able to do anything for as long as
necessary for a while.

     Push once, the door closes AND LOCKS.  Push again, the door opens.

     Make it once and it persists.  Make it again and it vanishes.

     A soul that can't do it again, will get stuck with anything he does
once and doesn't like.

     It is the doesn't like that causes it to persist against
his will, because it is THERE against his will.

     It is putting it there again with full affinity for it being
there that allows it to vanish when he let's go of putting it there.

     The universe is a massive Chinese finger trap, designed to out
persist the being putting there because he can't stand it.

     The body hates making bad things again on the physical plane,
because it makes things worse for the body, but even a body can be
healed by running out the incident by 'making it again' in the mind.

     That is what Dianetics is all about, locate an incident of unwanted
unwillingness, what is it's location, date and duration, go to the
beginning of the incident, run through to the end of the incident,
thankyou, is there an earlier similar incident?  etc, until the charge
and pain start to get thin and vanish on you.

     That is the sum total of all therapy, get the person to put
it there until he can and it heals.

     Another understanding is that shame is a lie, a con itself, that
got one into further shame when it didn't work.  That's a hard one, but
clearing out shame and the con of feeling ashamed will restore the soul
to its own native beauty, glory and self love.

     This allows the soul to better relate to others who are still in a
state of apparent self disgrace.

     Needless to say trying to shame others is a very bad sin, because
it enforces the lie of the shame that one's self is in.

     "The proper punishment for sin is Divine Magnificence."



     There is one more terror,
     Eternal shame is the error.
     There is only one blame,
     The Eternal Name is not Shame. " - Adore


     Another understanding is that we are all the multi I-AM God in
carnation and thus we are all fair chosen brothers, and we need to get
with the program of ultimate eternal togetherness and the illusions of
fair chosen separation and unreconcilable differences.

     One of the biggest understandings of course is that the world is a
projected dream in the multi body of the multi I-AM God, crystalized
into apparent solidity from our own fear.

     Can a dream spider bite a dream body?

     Yes, if you forget it is a dream and run away from the spider in

     One solidifies and interiorizes into a single stuck viewpoint to
the exact degree that one detests it as absolute and immutable.

     Any approach to clearing should be able to find and deal with
detested self images, that's about all a being can get stuck to.

     Again its a matter of putting it there.

     "Who or what is putting a detested self image there," springs the
true self image out of hiding that is putting the disgrace there.

     Waking life is a non lucid dream for many.  They use their
conscious experience all day long as a symbol to represent what they
think is a physical universe out there.

     They either think the symbol IS the referent, or they think that
because they see a symbol there must BE a referent, which referent looks
exactly like the symbol, only they think the consciou rendition is an
objective object out there rather than subjective dreamscape called a
symbol panoply in Adore.

     The physical universe is more like a data package that resides in
the library of eternity, and souls that connect to that package and
render its contents in the color TV screen of their consciousness.  They
see space and time, but there never was any.

     We are all here now in the scalar universe of the great WE-ARE.

     The conscious viewing projectors of space and time have themselves
no space or time, nor does anything else that is actual.

     In the end Adore says, "the source of all suffering is the fair
chosen adore-operation of cool, class, halcyon, sin-song, thrill and
romance, via living majestic intelligence and proud fancy free
faithlessness of grand and excalibur design.  I need this to be true,
and this I adore."

     In other words 'artful dodge'.

     For a better understanding of that goto www.adore.com.

     Eventually these understandings end up in an operational peace born
of humor and mastery of the practical joke engineered by the Imp Soul on

      And justice is restored, because justice never left.

     Justice is get what you postulate.

      "Laughter is the only kind justice there is, and the only justice
you will ever need for ever for real." - Adore

      Are you willing to cry and laugh yourself to sleep, rather than
just cry long and lonely goodbyes?

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