Nirvana knows no segregation.

      It is inconceivable that anyone could go clear with the extant
tech of Standard Scientology, circa 1985.

      Oh sure perhaps if you define being clear as a worm on a stump who
is well aligned with his purpose to be a worm on a stump.

      But has he attained a fearless future?

      I don't think so.

      Now some people will walk into the Church who already have that
ability, and they get some auditing, and they clean it up well, and they
recognize they have that ability, and they write up a success story, "I
just attested to a fearless future" on my Bogged Down Rundown.

      Well that's fine, but he had already attained a fearless future
playing craps off the belt of Orion many ages ago.  His auditing merely
reminded him of it and pointed it out to him.

      But I tell you, if anyone actually went CLEAR, they would simply
never be able to wipe the smile off their face,

      And they would have to wear sun glasses just to keep the light from
shining OUT.

      Remember those straight laced, straight faced people that used to
walk around at Org parties and whisper in your ear 'Keep your ethics in
and you will go clear too.'

      That wasn't good TR's (personal presence), that was no one home.

      Basically finding one's own immortality is the result of seeking
love for your fellow man.  All of 'em.

      When you find that affinity it takes you back to Native State,
which is a smile as wide and unkillable as eternity.

      If God's love is eternal, it follows that if you contact that love,
you will contact your eternality.

      As if anyone ever needed proof that the soul is God incarnation,
but there it is.


      (TR's are training routines designed to help the auditor not crack
up or laugh at things the pc says in session lest the pc be distracted
from the session.  Done to extreme, 'good' TR's leads to robotic
feelingless sessions.  An Auditor that can't smile in session, can't
match the pc's tone, and thus can never produce a floating needle or an
end result.)

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