Descartes said

     "Cogito ergo sum".

     The popular media has translated this to mean

     "I think therefore I am."

     However cogito does not mean only to think, it means to cogitate,
which also means to question, to doubt, to ponder, or to wonder.

     Therefore one might more appropriately translate his statement as

     "I wonder if I am, therefore I am."     or

     "I question if I am, therefore I am."   or

     "I doubt I am, therefore I am."

     From the opening catechism to the proof we have

     "A nothing could not wonder if it was a something or a nothing."

     You are free to doubt your existence all you want, but you are not
free to doubt that you doubt.

     People who doubt that they doubt are 'Mind Broke.'

     People who 'doubt everything' and who thus must doubt that they
doubt everything, make a claim at least to being consistent.

     Consistently insane.
     It's a willful self deceit, so we don't have to worry about them to

     Thus it is not the questioning, nor the wondering, nor the doubt
themselves which prove that you exist, but your CERTAINTY that you are
questioning, wondering and doubting.

     You can't be certain you doubt and yet still not exist.

     Uncertainty certainly exists, to doubt this is to prove it.

     The existence of uncertainty therefore is always certain.

     Therefore, via the certainty of uncertainty, the existence of
certainty is certain.

     Therefore the existence of something is certain also, for a nothing
couldn't be certain or uncertain of anything at all.

     Thus in Descartes' statement we have the establishment of the
existence of perfect certainty, which is the 4th line of the proof.

     So Descartes said

     I doubt if I am, therefore I am.

     Now Homer came along and said

     "I know I am, therefore I am forever."

     That's a big statement.

     It derives from the idea that certainty implies zero
dimensionality, and thus that consciousness, which is WHAT knows that it
exists with certainty, is zero dimensional.

     Zero dimensional means, amongst many other things, free from space
or time.

     Being without time it must be eternal, neither coming or going,
thus consciousness must always have been, as there is no time for it to
be born in, to die in, or change in any way.

     Notice 'forever' in this context does NOT mean forever in time, but
eternally outside of time.

     What is displayed IN consciousness can come and go because the
purpose and function of the spaceless, timeless consciousness is to be
conscious of apparitions of space and time.

     "Source sources what Source is not." - Adore

     "The UnNameable dreams the Nameable." - Sufi

     Thus between Descartes and Homer we have much of the proof.

     Descartes said:

     "I know I doubt I am, therefore I know I am."

     There you have the fourth line of the proof which says:

     "Learning with certainty exists."

     Homer said:

     "I know for certain I am, therefore I am forever.

     And there you have the conclusion of the proof which says:

     "Learning with Certainty implies zero dimensionality, which implies

     We don't say these things to aggrandize Descartes or ourselves in
any way, we say them only because the two statements together form a
masterfully succinct statement of the garden path that the proof is
trying to take us down.

     If you are ever getting lost wondering what this is all about, all
you have to do is remember:

     "I know for certain that I doubt I am, therefore I know for certain
that I am." - Descartes

     "I know for certain that I am, therefore I am forever." - Homer

     These are astounding big thoughts, surely to fly over the head of
most.  Don't let that be you.

     Please send your donations to the

     Descartes Fund for Greater Cognition.



      The full proof reads:

      1.) Learning implies Learning with Certainty or Learning with not

      2.) Distance and Learning implies Learning by Being an Effect.

      3.) Learning by Being and Effect implies Not Learning with Certainty.

      4.) Learning with Certainty exists.


      5.) Learning with Certainty implies Learning, but

      Not by Being an Effect, and

      Not across a Distance.   QED

      "Learning, but not across a distance" is what we call zero
dimensional conscious self luminosity.

      And yes Goobie, its a big deal.


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