Now many of us like to believe that God doesn't exist, because we
know damn well that if God did exist he belongs in jail for child abuse.

       But perhaps God The Father is not the proper concept of God, maybe
God does exist anyhow, he just doesn't give a damn about your sorry ass,
and he is a lot bigger than any of us have ever imagined.

       Or perhaps we ARE God in carnation and we still don't give a damn
about our sorry ass.  In either case, expecting anything of God out
there is bypassing the power of God right here where we are.

       I have said my prayers to God always come back to me marked as spam
from his spam trap, with a little note that says 'Do it yourself.'

       So we have to ask ourselves a couple of questions about God.

       The first question is:

       If God exists, is he made out of matter, energy, space and time?

       Well probably not, God is supposed to have CREATED matter, energy,
space and time, and so he couldn't be made of it himself.

       Thus God exists outside of matter, energy, space and time, which
immediately makes him meta physical rather than physical, living up in
the Realm of Eternum, and certainly not to be found by looking deeper
into the physical universe of parts and pieces, tick tocks and

       The second question is:

       If God exists, is he conscious?

       Well if he is conscious, his consciousness certainly isn't made of
matter, energy, space and time either.

       The third question is:

       If God's consciousness is not made of matter, energy, space and
time, why would we ever think that OUR consciousness is made of matter,
energy, space and time?

       Consciousness is consciousness, either it is a mechanical process
or it isn't.  If consciousness is a process in the brain, then God is
not conscious, because God doesn't have a brain.

       If God is conscious, then not only is his consciousness not made of
matter, energy, space and time, neither is ours.

       If you think for a moment that God's Eternum resident consciousness
can be replicated in fact in a mechanical process, you have another
think coming to you hopefully.

       But worst case if your consciousness IS a mechanical process in a
brain, then you might as well lump it in with eating and taking a crap
in the morning, and calling God conscious would be insulting, as God
certainly neither eats nor takes a crap every morning.

       But if both God and Soul have consciousnesses that reside in some
upper band of existence beyond space and time, doesn't that make God and
Soul Co Eternal?

       And if both God and Soul are Co Eternal, doesn't Occam's Razor tell
us to consider the possibility that God and Soul are ONE thing, not two,
namely that the Soul is in fact God in carnation.

       The Proof says that if God and Soul are two different objects, then
they can never be certain of each other.

       Oh, you didn't see that one coming did you?

       What then of the physical universe?

       Could something that didn't have any matter, energy, space or time
in its nature, MAKE matter, energy, space and time?

       Probably not.  But certainly it could make spaceless, timeless
DREAMS of matter, energy space and time.

       Dreams or imaginations of space and time don't take up any space or

       Thus we need to at least consider the possibility that being a Soul
in the apparent material world is one of God's pet dreams.

       But when God wake's up from his dream, poof, he is God again, and
the dream vanishes to wherever dreams vanish to when you wake up.

       That's the simplest theory, isn't it?

      There is one complexity though, which is that God is dreaming
many different dreams at the same time each one a 'different' Soul
and it's story.

       But in these many different dreams, dream Souls can talk to other
dream Souls and share their dreams while asleep.

       Thus as Soul, God does not dream alone.

       While dreaming, Souls think they communicate amongst each other via
the dream stuff called matter, energy, space and time, they pick up the
phone and yak, but in truth dream stuff has no agency except to be

       The true channels of agency and communication between Souls during
dream time is intra God, between God and himself above the illusions of
space and time.

       If YOU could have two dreams at the same time, could both of your
dreaming selves talk to each other inside your dreams while still

       You pick up a dream phone and dial a dream number, and your other
dreaming self hears his dream phone ring, and he picks it up and you talk
about what a beautiful dream day it is outside, and he answers Oh yes it
is just so wonderful outside, and you both love the sound of the other's

       Is there any causal agency going out over the dream phone wires
between the two of you as you talk, or is it all an illusion of cause
mastered by your waking self conniving and contriving to have a believable
dream between the two of you?

      Poor Occam, rolling over in his dream grave he is.

Wed Oct 21 14:30:04 EDT 2015