Aw, screw this crap.  Run the dangerous auditor rundown first then run
this stuff if you still have the balls.



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     This was written on 8/03/1999 but got lost in the system.


>So there are 2 ways - steadily improve your average tone, without worrying
>the small things as they will drop out by themselves. Or have some
>solo tech to apply during the low tone. Do you know any?
>Nothing solo works for me in low tone. This is like cold - you
>have to wait some time before it vanishes by itself. During
>this time you sneeze here and there inevitably. How to
>control low toned condition?

     There may be central cores to our cases that are 'unauditable', one
has to wait through them.  Try to run 'unauditability' as an item.  Also
waiting and enduring.

    Remember every item of importance has an anti item.

    Future - Anti Future

    Get the idea of a future.
    Get the idea of an anti future.


    Sometimes the anti items are totally non obvious, but running
them produces *MARKED* results anyhow.

    Sovereignty   - Anti Sovereignty
    Adoration     - Anti Adoration
    Operation     - Anti Operation
    Class         - Anti Class
    Majesty       - Anti Majesty
    Pride         - Anti Pride
    Magnificence  - Anti Magnificence
    Glory         - Anti Glory
    Source        - Anti Source
    Respect       - Anti Respect
    Tragedy       - Anti Tragedy
    Travesty      - Anti Travesty
    Ludicrous     - Anti Ludicrous
    Demise        - Anti Demise
    Agony         - Anti Agony
    Ecstasy       - Anti Ecstasy
    Golden Temper - Anti Golden Temper
    Romance       - Anti Romance
    Thrill        - Anti Thrill
    Sin Song      - Anti Sin Song
    Joke          - Anti Joke
    Imp Soul      - Anti Imp Soul
    Humor         - Anti Humor
    Halcyon       - Anti Halcyon
    High Cool     - High Anti Cool
    High Friend   - High Anti Friend
    Miracle       - Anti Miracle
    King          - Anti King

    Get used to swinging wide on both sides of the dicoms
that you run into.

    If you have an ascension experience, run the descension
experience!  If you have a descension experience, run the
ascension experience!  They come in pairs.

Don't use opposites like good and bad, use the anti form

    Ascension     - Anti Ascension
    Descension    - Anti Descension

    Good - Anti Good
    Bad  - Anti Bad

    This isn't a solo process so much as a way to live life and
field the curve balls it is throwing you.

    Life - Anti Life

    Don't let an important concept go by without running both sides of it,
*DEEPLY* and beyond when you might think it is flat.

    Important   - Anti Important
    Unimportant - Anti Unimportant

    Also remember there is not-isness producing a 'No' Item.

    No can mean truly not there, but it usually means No at
the bottom of the CDEINR scale.  Pretended not there.

    No Importance - No Anti Importance

    The basic form is

    Postulate    - Anti Postulate
    No Postulate - No Anti Postulate

    Take any subject.

    Pretty girls.

    "Is there a postulate on pretty girls?"
    "Is there an anti postulate on pretty girls?"
    "is there a no postulate on pretty girls?"
    "Is there a no anti postulate on pretty girls?"

    You don't have to get *WHAT* the postulate is, you want the FORCE on
both sides of the postulates.  The actual what may or may not come to you.
It's the force that you are killing yourself with, particularly the 'no'
part of the force.

    Its one thing to be operating postulates and anti postulates and know
it, and quite another to be operating no postulates and no anti postulates
and not know it!  Something else is creating the world and our condition
in it right?

    Anti postulates are necessary to produce an ongoing space time
game stream, so trying to get rid of anti postulates is fool hardy,
but running them and reoptimzing their balance against the postulates
can work miracles.

      You want to get to your car, that's a postulate.  But you can't
just get there by wanting it, desire isn't sovereign for a while, you
have to *WALK* to your car.  That's an anti postulate.

      Most people are unaware of postulates and anti postulates, so they
need to run No Postulate - No Anti Postulate first, until they come up
to recognizing that postulates and anti postulates are all that exist
and cause anything.  It's not a head cognition, they *SEE* it all of a
sudden, and they see they are operating both sides of operation and anti
operation and they been anti operating THAT for a long time too!


    Source                -  Anti Source
    Sovereign Source      -  Anti Sovereign Source
    Sovereign Anti Source -  Anti Sovereign Anti Source

    Don't ask 'What the !@#@#% does that mean?'

    Run the item, let existence show you what it means.  Don't presume to
know.  Existence is *WAY BIG*, it has more to offer us than we can know
until we get it.  Knowing what there is to know is a covert way of not
knowing what there is to know and how much we don't know.

    Also remember Adore defines a Miracle as

    The *UNDREAMED* dream come true.

    If you know what you want, it ain't no miracle if you get it,
no matter what it is.

    What there is to have and get is *WAY* beyond our comprehension in the
not have state, let existence give it to you without knowing what it is
before you have it.  That produces havingness that is just out of this
world.   It's the undreamed dream come true that results in Joy in Eternal

    Miracle    - Anti Miracle
    No Miracle - No Anti Miracle

    JOY is Joke's On You.


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