>>      If God is conscious, then not only is his consciousness not made of
>>matter, energy, space and time, neither is ours.
SP Bill:
> That doesn't follow.  If God were conscious and created us (as well as the 
> rest of everything) - there is no reason he couldn't have created us any
> way he wanted.

     This asserts the fallacy that functionality above space and time
mechanics, can be replicated using space and time mechanics.

     Mechanical analogues can be created that act AS IF they were the
real thing, like a doll that says 'I am hungry' when you pull it's
string, but it doesn't feel anything.

     Zero dimensional functionality can not be replicated at all in
multidimensional space time mechanics.

     Robots that are programmed to act AS IF they feel pain, will never
in fact act the same way as entities that do feel pain, because pain
itself is causal, and you can't make something that feels pain out of
parts that don't.

     And parts that don't feel pain will always act as if they don't
feel pain, no matter how much you make sure they say 'Ouch!' at the
right times.

     In fact state determined space time machines can't replicate non
state determined spiritual entities at all come to think of it, except
at very shallow layers.

     At a deeper level the whole idea that anything could CREATE
anything is itself absurd.

     Thus what exists now has existed forever and will continue to exist

     The something which exists now, can never create anything new that
doesn't already exist, it can only change state into possibly newer

     Space and time are glow in the dark illusions displayed in the body
of God, which is immutable and eternal.  The light show comes and goes,
but nothing of material import changes, the pixels remain eternal and
immutable whether they are off or on.

     The move from unmanifestation to manifestation is not an act of
CREATION of something that wasn't there before.  True Something is
always conserved.  The preexisting sleeping something merely changed
state to become aware of light shows.

     Thus God could not have created the soul, nor anything else for
that matter, and thus God and Soul must be One and co eternal.

Mon Apr  6 14:53:26 EDT 2009