The following material is presented solely for your reading
pleasure and fantasy.

      At no time should you consider that this material is true, just and
only because I or anyone else wrote it.

      "Belief is for losers.

      Disbelief is for those who don't wish to know.

      Certainty is for those who would operate." - Adore

      I write what I wish were true.

      "Desire and Truth are in perfect accord at the top of the tone
scale.  Thus seek what you desire, and you will find what is true." -

      I myself certainly do not believe any of it, and would laugh anyone
out of the universe who would, so you might as well take everything I
have ever written, from Adore and The Proof on down to present day as
pure science fiction.


      There are however certain points that are inexorable.


      The fact that consciousness is perfectly certain of it's own
existence, is without question to those who are conscious.

      The idea that perfect certainty across a space time distance is
unlikely, is highly likely.

      Those two together mean that consciousness is zero dimensional in
nature, in which case the world is very possibly a dream, as there is no
evidence whatsoever that space and time are actually out there as our
consciousness represents them to us.

      "Just because we see space, doesn't mean there is space." - Adore

      Thus there is a distinct possibility that the apparent universe of
space and time arose as dreamtime out of consciousness, rather than
consciousness arising out of the space time universe as the meatballs


      Spot NO   desire.
      Spot SOME desire.

      Then there is the matter of desire.  Beings do desire certain
things, and these desires are common to all beings.

      Beings *CARE* and they care in common about certain things, all
protestations to the contrary.

      Beings can be so low on the tone scale that abject hopelessness
looks like a mountain peak above them, and at that level beings can no
longer afford to know what they desire.

      There is a very sad happiness just above death where the being no
longer desires anything.  He can't remember his parents, mates,
children, friends or pets, he can't remember his goals, he can't
remember his accomplishments or failures, he just knows the daisy in
front of him looks good.

      He doesn't even know he is about to die any more, because he could
care less.

      A clear is someone who knows what he actually desires and an OT is
someone who can operate to attain those desires.

      So what does a being desire?

      At the top of the tone scale, all beings desire the same general
thing, to sleep and dream in cycles of eternal forever interspersed with
whiles of dreamtime, and to create with others during the dreamtime.

      Some have said that the top level WHAT that beings like to create
are games of art, and artful games.

     Lower down the tone scale, what beings desire starts to individuate
into different things for different beings.

      Thus as an auditor you know that your preclear in the most general
sense wants TO CREATE.

      But only your preclear knows to create WHAT.

      Thus as an auditor you can safely evaluate for your preclear that
he wants to create, and start to run whatever process you wish to
rehabilitate that ability.

      Since all creation takes place in a while, all creation and created
things must end one day and be retracted back into non manifestation or
sleep.  Eternality is called The Big Snooze by Adore.

      Thus more accurately your preclear wants to engage in temporal
cycles of create, survive and destroy (uncreate).

     Your preclear will not mind being told this, and will gladly accept
the indication and invitation to get better, and your preclear will also
be very happy that he and his auditor are on the same page when it comes
to the purpose of auditing.

      Without that feeling of being on the same page about purpose, the
preclear will NEVER be in session and no auditing will take place no
matter how much auditing takes place.

      Ever run into someone who hears without listening or heeding?

      However you must NEVER EVER tell a preclear WHAT he wants to
create, for only he knows that, and if you ever try to indicate it to
him from a point of authority, your preclear will instantly go out of
session and never come back into session with you again as the auditor.

      You will be lucky to have him talk to you as his preclear.

      However most preclears are below knowing what they want to create,
and most have given up and abandoned any hope of doing so anyhow.

      Thus they look to the auditor to help them find what to create, and
to get back to doing it.

      Remember 'in session' means the auditor is asking the questions,
and the preclear is answering them.

      Auditor: What do you wish to create?
      Preclear: Beautiful Bodies
      Auditor: Thank you.

      Out of session means the preclear is asking the questions, and the
auditor is answering them.

      Preclear: What do I wish to create?
      Auditor:  More money for the Church.
      Preclera: Grrrr.....

      Auditors do not counsel.

      Auditors do not give advice.

      Auditors ask questions, auditors do not answer questions.

      Preclears answer questions, preclears do not ask questions.

      There are exceptions to this rule in presession indoctrination,
but there are no exceptions during session.

      "I promise not to evaluate for the preclear or tell him what to
think about his case in session." - Auditor's Code.

      Auditors AUDIT, which means to ask questions, and listen to the
preclear's answers.

      And good auditors avoid questions and stick to commands.

      The worst question would be:

      "What do you want to create?" The pc has no idea.

      Better would be:

      "Is there something you would like to create?  Tell me about it."

      Or nix the question entirely,

      "Tell me something you would like to create."

      Or run it in formal mode,

      Spot NO   creation.
      Spot SOME creation.
      Since every item must be run with its NO item, and also with its
opposite item and its NO item, we present all auditing in the following

      Find a hot item on a preclear, ask them what the opposite is and
then run

      Spot NO   item.
      Spot SOME item.

      Spot NO   opposite item.
      Spot SOME opposite item.

      Then repeat, round and round to a win or release, smiles and
cognitions, and postulates coming off (lessons unlearned).

      ALWAYS run the NO item first.

      This stuff works like wild fire on the right items, if you haven't
tried it, don't criticize it, if you have tried it, and it didn't work,
find the right item and its opposite, and make sure to get into sync
with the flows that happen.

      Some times there will be middle items between the two.

      For example once something has been created, we try to get it to
survive for a while.  Then when it is old, we try to uncreate it or
destroy it.


      Spot NO   creation.
      Spot SOME creation.

      Spot NO   survival.
      Spot SOME survival.

      Spot NO   destruction.
      Spot SOME destruction.


      Beings desire to be eternal.  That means existing 'forever' outside
of space and time, where they can not be created nor destroyed because
there is no time to come or go in, and no space to break apart in.

      Spot NO   eternal.
      Spot SOME eternal.

     Beings however like to play games of immortality.  That means
living 'forever' inside one time stream.  There is not enough room in
one time stream for a being to be all he can be, thus in the end all
such games end up in immortal hells for those who have lost their
facility with eternality and their ability to uncreate old and create
new temporal whiles.  Thus beings eventually come to detest immortality.

      Spot NO   immortality.
      Spot SOME immortality.

      Lastly, no one wants to die forever, however death forever is
better than hell forever.  Thus mortality becomes a highly desirable
solution to a detested immortality.  Mortality means (the apparency of)
dying forever inside a time stream.

      Spot NO   mortality.
      Spot SOME mortality.

      An eternal being can not actually die in this way, but he can dream
that he can and will.  Once he does die and finds himself back face to
face with his detested immortality, he will seek another mortality to
continue the deceit a while longer.  Thus the mortal vessle is an
addiction of magnitude.  An ostrich with its head in the eternal sands,
with it's ass sticking out where anyone (eternal or immortal) can see
and kick it.

      The above is true whether or not anyone is truely an eternal being.
or incipient carrion.  Maybe we are all made of meat and our
consciousness will rest one day in the cradle of dust in the wind.

      If consciousness is merely a process in the brain, which is an
arrangement of parts, once the arrangement is busted apart, the process
will die with it, and thus consciousness, which was the process, will
die with it also.

      That is the meatball theory of existence.

      Such wonderful people.

      "Mortals bow and pray to the God of Time, Stone and Dust in the
Wind.  Their faith is not be belittled." - Adore

     However IF beings are eternal by nature, then all beings walking
around pretending to be mortal are escaping a detested immortality.
They KNOW they are going to hell forever when they die, because that is
where they were when they became a mortal body last time around.

     Taking on a mortal body does not end the prior hell forever, but
merely covers it, and distributes it's remaining pain and suffering into
the myriad little mortal problems that the being besets himself with in
order to avoid the truth that he really needs to cold turkey the mortal
addiction and clean up his eternal life.
     Beings who feel they would go insane if they were to exteriorize
from their mortal life are right, they are merely returning back to the
immortal insanity that caused them to hide in their present mortal lives
in the first place.

     The hysteria, shock, catatonia and oblivion can be overhwleming.

     The sufferings of their mortal lives are echoes of the various
hells their immortal bodies are still in, under the cover of their
present mortal coil.

      Immortal bodies can be very old, however not older than the
beginning of the local while they exist in.  They get created, and then
they exist from there on out.

      One or more of his immortal bodies is probably suffering the
hell of avichi, eternal aloneness.  He is not constrained, but
he is in an empty space with no hope of ever finding anyone
else to interact with.

      This leads to abject purposeless and dwindling down to the
final flicker of consciousness at Spiritual Death.

      The trap was seeking other people through the empty space, rather
than being still and duplicating their absence.

      Spot NO   aloneness.
      Spot SOME aloneness.

      Spot NO   unaloneness (togetherness).
      Spot SOME unaloneness.

      Spot NO   purposelessness.
      Spot SOME purposelessness.

      Spot NO   purpose.
      Spot SOME purpose.

      The being is however capable of making a Prime Postulate, not
necessarily at will, and this prime postulate will call him into a new
game of immortal doom.  But it will be a new dwindling spiral within the
immortal body he already has.  In this way your preclear has accumulated
hells within hells, and bodies within bodies, for a very long time.

      If some of this leaves you feeling overwhelmed, run it as an item
like anything else.  You can't DO anythiing about being overwhelmed
except rehabilitating the ability to create it.

      Spot NO   overwhelm.
      Spot SOME overwhelm.

      Not one of these hells couldn't have been as-ised by simply ceasing
trying to deal with them by DOING something more, and instead making
them as they were.

      Don't forget to run its opposite whatever that may be for you.  Be
careful always to find your own opposites to items, they may differ from
person to person and not be at all obvious.

      Some immortal bodies were fragile, they could be destroyed by
various forces or events, but otherwise would live forever.  These are
very poignant lives when someone dies who otherwise could have lived on.
Gut wrenching efforts to save lives and make dire consequences for those
that wasted lives come from this era.  There was no 'heaven' afterwards
to make death ok.

      Your present preclear has both died as a fragile immortal in the
past and God save him, had friends die on him, and probably still has
other fragile immortal bodies still in good operating condition in
present time along with a whole mess of non fragile immortal bodies.
Thus he fears damaging the fragile ones by messing around in dangerous
waters (auditing).

      And he is terrified witless of being thrown back into one of his
eternal hells without an escape back into his mortal body.

      Thus if your auditing threatens the life of his mortal body,
auditing will cease.

      The down side to immortal bodies of any kind is they could be
punished forever.

      It was to escape this that your preclear ducked his head in the
eternal sands of mortality.

      The being is seeing the world through all of his existing immortal
and mortal bodies.  He thinks he has only one body and one view, but
sitting inside his mortal body the being is already sitting inside his
last immortal body, which is sitting in ever earlier immortal bodies.

      The outer most body is the earliest original body.

      The inner most body is his present time mortal meat body.

      Thus the view he has of present time is a composite of his views
through all his existing bodies from the inside on out.

      Its like looking through a stack of 35 mm slides.  The closest
slide is his first body, the next furthest slide is his second body.
The slide furthest away from him is his present mortal body.  The
compound image he sees through all of them form his view of present

      Thus if he has a chronic headache or stuffed nose, you have to ask
which slide is that headache in?  Which immortal body, in which immortal
hell are we trying to clear to deal with that particular condition?

      Screw the question asking though.

      Spot NO   immortal body.
      Spot SOME immortal body.

      Fortunately any being can kill off any or all of his immortal
bodies at will once he understands the problem and gives himself
permission to do so.  All he has to do is be with it again, and chill
out the effort to DO something about it.

      We all live in hell because we think we should.

      Only the good feel guilty, only the good die young, and only the
good live forever.

      The primary error was a confusion between eternality and


      Then there is the doubt effect.

     Doubt and desire create a feed back loop that will nail any being
to the cross if he no longer understands the mechanism.

      Any being can doubt anything, even his own existence,

      Witness your average PhD in physics.

      But he can't make himself feel good about it.

      Thus if a being doubts his eternality, he will start to feel fear,
dread, despair, terror, and no promise of future pleasure.

     As an adult he may have little or no contact with these feelings,
but as a kid he sure as hell did.

     These feelings will be so strong that the being will take them as
evidence that his doubt is true.  "If I am truely an eternal being, how
come I can feel so bad about the possibility that I am not?"

     Doubt also obscures the certainty of his eternality, because he has
to descend into time for a while to fabricate the doubt.  Thus from that
view, there is no eternality.  

     The forever of no time seems like a forever in time, which is a
nightmare, and thus the doubt seems valid.

     Thus the more he doubts his eternality, the worse he feels, and the
worse he feels the more he doubts his eternality.  Eventually he falls
into numb where he isn't aware any more of the problem, and slowly sinks
down into oblivion.

     Cute.  But fair chosen.  The being knows what he is doing.

     This is HOW he descends into dreamtime with some guarantee of being
able to stay there for a while.

     You can only stay where you are sinking and trying desperately to
get out of.

     Chilling out about getting out, and a willingness to dive and come
in will tend to pop him out.  The being knows this, so he has to avoid
it at all costs, thus the more drastic and dramatic his desperation to
get out, the better he can stay in and not have to worry about it.

     Waking up from dreamtime too early was a real problem at one time.

     Now waking up from dreamtime has become impossible to him.

     He has lost his awareness of authorship or choice for dreaming.  He
may not have authored the dream, but he put his 10 cents in the dream

     When your preclear tries to chill out, he tries to as-is the whole
thing all at once, and it doesn't work.  He ends up feeling worse.  So
auditing needs to approach the problem one item at a time, not the whole
shebang all at once.

     This is because your preclear can't wake up from an item he that he
no longer knows what it is.  They just hurt him instead when he tries to
chill out.  But once an item is found and run, it will chill out
naturally, and stop bothering your preclear completely.

     Oblivion is oblivion of eternality.

     From oblivion on down your preclear is no longer aware of
eternality, or that he ever had a problem with it.  He no longer knows
he is dreaming, and thinks things are as they appear.

     From oblivion on down he lives in immortal worlds headed for hell
until he reaches disassociation, criminality, uncausing, disconnection
and unexistence at the spiritual bottom of the awareness characteristic

     Don't read the whole posting, just look at the chart at the end of

     Disassociation means he is no longer working to associate with
others, trying to remove himself from the world.

     Criminality is the wall of evil that he descends into, the last
effort of a being trying to give is to take.

     Criminality is the dark thing in the closet, and the every where
present omni evil that your preclear is terrified will over take him if
he starts to get better.

     This is the Devil of the Christians.  The joke is beings don't
become religious until they have fallen through criminality and out the
bottom to become a mortal body hiding from their spirit.  When they try
to wake up as spirits and head back upstairs again, they run head on
into the wall of criminality and they know they shouldn't go there.

     God wouldn't approve.

     Beings know they are God in carnation on the way down, but they
don't know it going back up, so becoming infinite operating evil at
Criminality seems like a bad thing to do.  So the being gets stuck below
it in a mortal body.

     He is stuck between a rock and a bad place.

     The criminality level shows up as monster vibrations during drug
trips and nightmares and things that hide under the bed as a child.

     This level is also 'too ugly to look at', we fear that looking upon
it would kill us or subsume us, assimilate us into it's cause.

      To make nothing of everything.

     When people get near it they get terror, can't get away fast

     If you are going to audit someone back up the tone scale, please
don't get him to this point and then chicken out leaving him stuck

     Remember Hilter was a mortal body below the bottom of this scale,
not a fully operational GodSoul operating at criminality.

     On the other hand the existence of this level indicates that the
being must take full repsonsibility for criminality on all 8 dynamics as
he reascends back up into GodHood and AuthorShip.

     Thus do not call for whom the noose swings, it swings for you.

     Remember the GodSoul has two operating functions, God and Soul,
Creator and Creature, Author and Character.

     God scribes FOR HIMSELF as Soul.

     Ever make a dress for yourself?  That is what your life is.

     To the GodSoul, operating as author, criminality is just another
color in his eternal palette for the stroke of his brush.

     A GodSoul stuck at criminality will ONLY create criminality, but a
GodSoul higher up will be able to blend bottom scale criminality with
higher scale colors to produce an interesting tapestry.

     And you thought humans were dangerous.
     Basic color dicoms are things like beauty and ugly, love and hate,
good and evil.  However there are zillions of these from human to
totally weird.

     At uncausing your preclear is trying not to cause anything.

     At disconnection he disconnects from the steering wheel of his

     Disconnection is the action of transferring control into a body and
allowing the body to run one's life for him.  The being goes to sleep as
an eternal spirit, and maintains only a sub dream consciousness as a

     And that is unexistence as a spirit.

     He thinks he is a meatball, Grade A, FDA approved brain!

     An incipient carrion dweller.

     The body is a stimulus response machine that survives by doing what
other's did to survive that killed the body.  The body stores death
engrams in the reactive bank, and uses the many victor valences in these
incidents to decide what to do when an engram is restimulated by similar
incidents in present time.

     Engrams are moments of pain and unconsciousness.  They contain both
the pain and the uncosnciousness, and can reinforce these upon the body
when called into action by restimulation via similar situations in
present time.

     Engrams also contain complete recordings everyone and everything
that was in the incident, even though the body was 'unconscious'.  The
more unconscious an near death the both is, the more brilliant and
detailed is the recording of the moment in the entram.

     Generally engrams are caused by something or someone, these then
will be the winning valences in the engram.  There will also be
onlookers, and of course the preclear or body itself which is the losing

     Everything that is said or done in an engram by others can act
later as a hypnotic command on the preclear or body.

     Interestingly, such hypnotic commands can affect the availability
of the engram itself!  If someone screams "I can't see anything!" in the
engram, then the preclear may not be able to see anything in the
incident when returned to it, until he gets the phrase and runs it out.
Then the engram is free to turn on.

     Apparently accessibility to engrams in session is determined both
by the preclear's level of confront, and by the phrases in the engrams
themselves that limit the preclear's access to the recording.

     Engrams are not carried by physical or genetic mechanisms.  They
are spiritual imprints that carry force and unconsciousness in them
across the lives of both beings and the body composites beings like to

     A valence is who or what was present in the engram, the most
important valences are those that won (killed the body), and those that
gave the body or preclear sympathy when he lost.

      Thus auditing Villan, Victim and Hero is productive on bodies.

      Spot NO   Villan.
      Spot SOME Villan.

      Spot NO   Victim.
      Spot SOME Victim.

      Spot NO   Hero.
      Spot SOME Hero.

      The hero is often called the Golden Ally, so you can use that
instead.  The golden ally is opposed to the Nemesis One on the case.
The various villans in each engram merely restimulate the original
Nemesis One that the body or the preclear have been fighting forever.

      Spot NO   Golden Ally
      Spot SOME Golden Ally

      Spot NO   Nemesis One
      Spot SOME Nemesis One

      Thus when the body treatened someone in a past life, and the other
killed the body with a baseball bat to the head, in this life the body
will be very prone to hitting people on the head with a baseball bat
every time it feels threatened.

      The present time body has trillions of winning valences in its
engram bank from billions of years of evolution, and when threatened
into fear or sorrow, these valences are higher tone than the body is at
the moment, as they were the winners.  Thus the body tries to get back
up tone, by being and doing what they did, often anger.

      In some past life the body walks into someone's garden and tramples
his roses.  The owner gets angry and kills the body.  The body's girl
friend, who never gave him a kind word in all the time they knew each
other, kneels at the dead body's side and says "You were so beautiful,
please don't leave me, I love you so."

      The body now has an engram complete with flowers, wooden club to
the head, and anger from the owner of the garden.  It also has a Golden
Ally saying magic words to the preclear recorded forever in the engram.

      In this life, someone runs over the body's daisies with a car, and
the body goes into fear and sorrow for his flowers, and finds killing
the guy in the car with a baseball bat (anger), quite satisfying and

      Until he regrets it, Lord save him.

      Regret is the effort to turn back time, so the preclear goes
zooming back down his time track to BEFORE the engram he used.  He tries
to hide there, but everytime he starts to come back up to present time,
he runs into the engram again.  But now he is IN VALENCE, because he
regrets the out of valence anger, so he gets a chronic headache from the
club to his head.  NOW he wants sympahty.

      Everytime some chick asks him how he is doing, he points to his
head, tring to get the girl to SAY the words that the Golden Ally said
in the engram.

      Thus the resolution of chronic somatics lies in resolving the need
for sympathy, and the regret that followed out of valence dramatization.
That gets the body or preclear OUT of the engram and back up to present
time, where they can erase the engram so it isn't there any more.

      Over billions of years of evolution, eating has become the favorite
baseball bat, "eat or be eaten", but with trillions of deaths all the
way down the evolutionary chain, the body has a large repertoir to chose
from on 'how to survive when threatened'.

      It simply picks and chooses from its many engrams 'what won against
it', in the hopes that if it acts like the past victor, it will be a
victor too.

      The basic computation on the reactive bank is:

      "The way to not be a victim is to be the villan."

      The most successful valence of all in the reactive bank is the
physical universe, which kills without caring and treats love like the
ocean treats sand castles in the sand.

      Thus many beings will be found to be in the valence of the physical
universe, and acting like wise.

      People who are chronically out of valence, are called psychotics.

      People who are chronically in the winning valence (villan) are
called dramatizing psychotics, they are doing to others what others did
to them.

      To dramatize means to bring drama to.  Drama means importance
seriousness, permanance and pain.  And boy is it important that this
asshole ran over my daisy, and it makes a whole lot of sense to simply
bash his head in, that will take care of it won't it!

      People who are chronically in the losing valence (victim) are
trying to make others be their Golden Ally again and save their sorry
asses.  They are called computing psychotics, as they tend to think of
themselves what every one else in the incident was saying about them at
the time "Die you dirty dog!" So he feels like a dirty dog all day long,
and loves anything that will give him sympathy and says the words that
are in the engram, "Oh you aren't a dirty dog at all, you are so
beautiful, I love you so."

      Jesus, this guy will be so sick from this engram, he will probably
be tied up in a ball in a mental ward somewhere.

      Spotting the Golden Ally on the case will go a long ways to
clearing a being, because he is holding half his case in restimulation
just to relive that perfect moment when the Golden Ally loved him
totally for being a victim.


      Spotting the Nemesis One on the case will go a long ways to
clearing the other half of his case, because he is holding all his
villan valences at hair trigger alert to be prepared for them next time
his Nemesis One appears.

      And he keeps baseball bats in every bedroom with in easy reach.

      Remember these are not mortal items, they are IMMORTAL allies and
foes, so for most people this stuff will go right over their heads until
they can contact their whole track.  Very few people have any feel for
what it is like to hold and swing their Sword of Exalibur in their hands

      And in any case, a clear doesn't have his own reactive bank any
more, so when presented with a threat he will make decisions anew rather
than ransack his history of failures for a best fit in what other's did,
to do him in.


      Charge results from violation of desire and the effort to make the
pain vanish by throwing force and mental mass at it.  The mental mass is
charge.  It has push and pull in it, just like electric charge does, and
it can drive a being batty.

      Charge particularly likes to form around dicoms in doubt.

      A dicom is a dichotomy of comparable but opposite magnitude.

      "I am a brain" - "I am not a brain"

      Physical pains in the body are the result of mishandled questions.

      "AM I a brain?" Yes, no, yes, no, yes no, Ouch God damn it!, yes,
no ...

      The being does not have to know anything to feel good, he does
however have to stop mishandling questions that portend to violate his
sovereign desire.

      If you don't know whether you are eternal or not, throwing a fit
will not get you there, and will create untold damage in your physical,
emotional, mental and spiritual space.

      Every physical disease or physical discomfort has a mismanaged
question operating under it.

      And by mismanaged I mean your preclear was and is *FURIOUS* about
it, about not being able to answer the question and not knowing
the answer.  The problem is he doesn't know what the quesiton is
any more, so he CAN'T chill it out until he does.

      However asking "What question is it?" is just another
question which is is also furious about, so auditing by asking
questions about the worst thing you can do to a preclear.

      Spot NO   question.
      Spot SOME question.

      We run NO QUESTION because the guy is so furious about the question
he doesn't know he has it any more.  It's just a pain in his zorch to
him.  He went to sleep one day knowing it was a question, and woke up
sick without a clue why.  And the question is never thought of again.

      Spot NO   wonder.
      Spot SOME wonder.

      The ability to NOT KNOW for a while is the ability of a saint.

      The being has a problem with his immortality.  He wants to live
forever (eternal), but doesn't want to live forever (immortal).

      The way he has it worded, he can't see his way out of the problem,
and form a problem it does.

      A problem is two opposing intentions at the same time:


      He wants to live forever, *AND* he doesn't want to live forever.

      Remember ANDs run, ORs do not.

      He can't get aberrated by an oscillation between two different
intentions, but once they oscillate so fast they become a blur, with no
time between sides, then they form a timeless mass.

      Anything he thinks during a timeless moment becomes a God Postulate
with the full power of eternity behind it.

      A God Postulate is any postulate that the being later thinks is
true because he observed it to be true, when in fact it is true only
because he thinks it is true.

      God postulates are uniformly detested and thus accrue huge
quanties of mass, despair, hopelessness, apathy and total failure
on them.

      He thinks he ain't never going to be able to do anything about the
postulate, and right he is.  DOING always fails, all he has to do is
change is mind about it, and the postulate will fall into
unmanifestation again.

      Anything he thinks inside of time is limited by things he has
thought before, but anything he thinks outside of time, watch out.

      Thus he escapes the problem of his detested immortality by becoming
something that can die namely a body.

      The BODY is a solution!

      But he detests being a body!  He detests taking care of it, he
detests trying to accomplish his goals using it, he detests trying to
survive himself by keeping it alive.  He despairs of the whole

      And one day, no matter what game he is playing, or how well he is
surviving, he has to die anyhow, never to know when.  Where is the
fairness in that?

      You ask him "How are you doing?" and he says "Just fine, and you?"

      But the smile is a pasty on his face.

      The oceans of Earth are filled by the tears of its people.

      Multiple times he has considered killing the body only to realize
this will kill him too.

      He has also considered killing himself, only to realize that will
kill the body also.

      Thus he has a DETEST/ADORE relationship with the body.

      This forms charge as he vibrates back and forth in the dicom.

      The purpose of auditing is to get the being to see what he is doing
WHEN he is doing it.  The head ache or stuffed nose that comes an hour
later is unauditable.  He needs to be there at the moment of convulsion.

      At first the alternation between detest and adore is fast and
obvious.  Way later it's like a snake made of stone convulsing once in a
long while.

      If you have ever seen stone move with life in a dream, this
is what you are seeing, entombed detest and adore.

      So we run this with,

      Spot NO   detest.
      Spot SOME detest.

      Spot NO   adore.
      Spot SOME adore.

      This will run for DAYS and months.  It isn't a one session thing,
it's a way of life.  But once started the results will be very fast and

      If you run it with questions, "What do you detest?" you will merely
restimulate his entire core stack of questions he has mismanaged through
all of time, and make him worse.

      Never run questions, always run commands.

      "Get the idea of detesting your body."
      "Get the idea of not detesting your body."

      "Get the idea of adoring your body."
      "Get the idea of not adoring your body."

      "Tell me something you detest."
      "Tell me something you do not detest."

      "Tell me something you adore."
      "Tell me something you do not adore."

      Your preclear will be found to detest and adore many different
things, not just his body.  They all need to be fleshed out and run to
full awareness and control.

      He will finally see why his body is sick.

      Even if he hasn't found the answer yet, he will understand why his
body is sick, and what he needs to find to alleviate the next layer of

      He will have attained

      "Awareness of Truth and the Way to Personal Freedom."

      He may be sicker than a dog, but one lucky dog he is.

      "What in your life like a cancer grows?"

      Flunk it's a question.  Just want to see who was paying attention.

      Spot SOME cancer.
      Spot NO   cancer.

      Flunk, run the NO first and SOME second.

      Doesn't have to be a litteral cancer, you want anything that is
'cancerous' in nature, growing out of control and destroying everything

      Then spot the opposite of cancerous and run that.


      Your preclear will be trying to solve problems by DOING something
about them.  This is natural in the physical universe, but is death on
wheels in the spiritual universe.

      If the being has something he doesn't want, the LAST thing he
should do is create SOMETHING MORE to deal with it.  Now he has two
things he doesn't want.  A few billion years of this, and well you can
see where it leads, a picture in facebook.

      The way you vanish something is to be with it, utterly stop any
effort to do something MORE about it.

      "Tell me how it seems to you now."
      "Tell me how it seems to you now."
      "Tell me how it seems to you now."

      This won't work on the global mess of his case, but it will work on
properly spotted items and somatics that are ready to run with

      Spot NO   item.
      Spot SOME item.

      No truth will ever satisfy you with a truth you are dissatisfied
with now.

      The being is already DOING something, he is creating the unwanted
condition.  He doesn't need to do something more to fix this, he needs
to stop doing what he is already doing.

      Him and a hundred gobzillion body beings, ghosts, demons, and
dieties who are echoing him.

      His case is a full blown orchestra playing pain and damnation at
him, but he is the conductor.

      So you have him in session running,

      Spot NO   hate for eternality.
      Spot SOME hate for eternality.

      Suddenly he stops the session and looks at you accusatively and
says "Hey how do I know if any of this eternality stuff is true?  What
if it isn't?  I would just be wasting my time running this crap wouldn't
I?  Prove to me this works or I won't run it!"

      Your preclear has created a 'wall' of sorts between eternality and
himself, so he can no longer freely ascend and take a look for himself.
It's not a wall per se, but it is a stop on getting there.

      Worse he has cemented the wall in place with hate, doubt, worry,
fear, sorrow and apathy.

      Now he wants you to show him there is something on the other side
LOOK, and refuses to run the process that will take it apart.

      Since the hate is cementing the wall in place, if he would simply
continue to as-is the hate until it starts to chill, the wall would
start to come apart on it's own.

      So you say to your preclear, being as polite as possible,

      "Listen you AssSoul, just keep running the process, and let's see
what happens.  Thank you!".

      Or maybe if you are feeling tactful that day,

      "Well you know I have always wondered my self about this eternality
stuff, I was kind of hoping you could show me the proof it exists once
you get there.  Perhaps if we continue running the process, we will both
find out!"

      A little application of faith on the preclear's part can go a long
ways towards getting him to where he wants to go.

      He will be 3 commands away from the wall coming apart, and suddenly
he wants Proof!  You bet he does, he is terrified there is no eternity,
as the last time he looked, he didn't see it and he went dive bombing
down the tone scale into hopelessness and below.

      Talk about a crash of hope.

      He can't stand the thought of being let down again.

      Poor dear.

      So keep him in session, continue to run the process, no excuses, no
sympathy, no nothing but the next command and the next command until the
wall starts to disintegrate, just a hint of light, then suddenly goes
poof into fairy dust, and your preclear ascends again into his seat of

      Suddenly he has this big sheepish grin on his face, love pouring
out of his eyes enough to miss withholds on any saint, tears and
laughter ringing down the hall for all to hear, and money in your

      By the way, if you can't produce these kinds of wins on your
preclear on a regular basis, you don't deserve to be paid a penny.

      And if you can, you shouldn't be having any problems with money,
either in auditing or in your daily life's work.

      And if you believe any of the above, I have a Bridge to sell you.

      So that said, the following is fiction, pure and simple, unless of
course it isn't.

      Even a monkey could write the truth by accident...

      Go take a break, eat a donut, come back to this refreshed.

      You are going to be a mess at the end of it.


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