The motivations of a God that would create a human being might seem
some what odd.

     The motivations of a God that would create ITSELF as a human being
might seem some what odder.

     We know that creating a perfect duplicate causes vanishment of that
which is duplicated.

     To duplicate means to create again in its original time and place,
free of added significance or other alter-is.

     Remember when a being originally creates something, he has no idea
what it is, it is just an IS.  WHAT it is, is added later, and that then
causes a persistence as it was not part of the original creation.

     Notice that since there is no cause between mockups, any
attribution of cause between mockups, such as the sun lights the moon,
is both a lie and an alter-is of importance.  By casting cause into the
world of mockups, the being can deny he is mocking things up, and thus
continue their persistence indefinitely.

     Duplication does not itself cause vanishment, but once one has a
hold of the original moment of creation, one can let go, and the
creation will go also.

     Duplication is both a solution and a problem.

     Early on the track, when things were simple, duplication was a
problem because beings, trying to make things persist, ended up
vanishing things instead.  All they had to do was take their attention
off of something and it would fail to persist.  Hard to play games if
you can't keep the playing field or the other team there.

     Later on the track, when things were a sticky mess, duplication was
a solution because beings, trying to make things vanish, usually ended
up making things persist instead.

     Thus early on, duplication started off hated and considered
suppressive by those who were trying desperately to get things to
persist and stay around.

     Later duplication became precious and considered saintly, but
mostly out of reach to those who were now trying desperately to get
things to vanish so they could start over again.  Who wants to play
tennis on an old football field?

       See PERSISTENCE AND VANISHMENT in the archives.

      One of the miracles of duplication is that it doesn't matter who
created something, anyone can duplicate it and vanish it.

      But it is not enough to simply duplicate WHAT was created, one also
needs to duplicate WHO created it, and WHY.

      In other words a creation doesn't stand alone from its creator, in
fact all things are continuously created in the now by the many creators
involved, even if they no longer know they are doing it.

      You can't just create a red round ball and set it rolling and
expect it to persist on its own.

      Someone has to keep it rolling and that would be its present time
creator or continuer which could be one or many different beings.

      The bible says that the world is created anew by every breath of
God.  Well God is a multi I-AM being, otherwise known as the High Us,
and in fact everyone of us is continuing various things we and others
originally first created in the past.

      Persistence and thus creation however is always in the now.

      One reason it is so hard to duplicate something any more is because
the created object has been alter-ised so much, and so beings are trying
to vanish something that doesn't actually exist as they think it does.

      Say someone creates A.  All they have to do to vanish A is take
their attention off of A, and it will vanish.

      But if someone creates A, and then causes himself to think it is B,
he will try to vanish A by taking his attention off of B!  And of course
it won't vanish, because B doesn't exist in the first place, A does.

      Thus the being gets stuck with B, which is really A, but the being
thinks it is B.

      So a full duplication of an object involves reattaining a correct
view of what is being created, A, who is creating it, and why.

      Now the why is very important, because the why provides us the
motivation behind the intention powering the creation.  Without an
intention to create, their can be no creation.

      Without motivation, a reason why, to intend, there usually is no

      The reason that anyone can duplicate anything no matter who is
creating it is because anyone can BE anyone else and duplicate them.

      That's a big statement, don't go by it.

      We are all connected at Source, and who is who just becomes kind of
meaningless when we all retract back from the many to the one.

      It isn't true that we are all truly one being, and it isn't true
either that we are many beings.  We are both one and many, two different
operating aspects of the AllThatIs.

      So completely enlightened beings will have both feet in the one,
and really not have much to do with anything here.

      Completely lost beings will have both feet in the many, and have no
idea of the one and in fact detest it, "Thank God I am not as them."
Which God is he thanking now, certainly not the High Us.

      Really sane beings will have one foot in the one, and one foot in
the many, and thus be able to operate their individuality at the same
time as operate other's individuality too!

      Willingness then to be someone else (for a while), and to have
someone else be you, is necessary to duplicating what they are creating.

      So if Dufus (that's the who) is creating a red round ball (that's
the what) because he likes them (that's the why), and Goober comes along
and wants to vanish the ball, all Goober has to do is become Dufus, and
perfectly duplicate Dufus creating a red round ball because he likes
them, and then take his attention off it.

      Since Goober is being Dufus, when Goober takes his attention off
the ball, Dufus does too, and thus the ball vanishes for everyone.

      This is part of Projection of Intention at Operating Thetan VII, on
the Scientology Grade Chart, because in order for Goober to take his
attention off the ball, he has to retract his INTENTION to put his
attention on the ball in the first place.

      In order to duplicate Dufus, Goober first has to project the
intention into Dufus that Dufus should intend to create the ball.

      Notice Dufus ALREADY is intending to create the ball, because he is
creating it.

      At that point Dufus' intention to create the ball becomes Goober's
intention that Dufus have such an intention.

      Goober effectively declares himself the cause of Dufus' intention
by matching intentions with Dufus.

      Thus when Goober retracts his intention that Dufus have the
intention to create the ball, Dufus's intention retracts with it.

      Heh, and you thought telepathy was scary.

      Notice that projection of intention by Goober doesn't force Dufus
to do anything, it merely gets Dufus to have an intention of his own to
do what Goober wants.  If the projected intention is natural or
agreeable to the Dufus anyway, he will take the intention as his own,
and not notice Goober creating it.

      This is all by agreement by the way, it is the way many of us take
orders from our spiritual High Command.  They project an intention and
we think it was our idea!

      If Goober tries to project an intention into Dufus that Dufus is
naturally opposed to, the two of them can get into a serious mind war
that way, particularly if they know what is going on and sense the dual
cause taking place.

      People are projecting intentions into each other all day long,
whether they know it or not, and it works or doesn't work as the case
may be.

      You run your body by projecting intentions into it, so that it
intends to do what you want it to do.  Bodies enjoy this particularly
from beings more intelligent than them, which gives the body a higher
purpose and more fun.

      Horses LOVE cowboys to death.

      Put a stupid mean being on a smart body however, and watch out.

      Thus Goober has to duplicate not only Dufus as a being, and Dufus'
INTENTION to create the red round ball, Goober also has to duplicate
Dufus' MOTIVATION to create the ball in the first place, i.e.  the 'why'
Dufus is making it.

      Thus when a preclear suffers a failure to duplicate something in
his own universe or the universe of others, he will be found to have
failed to duplicate one or more of three different things.

       1.) WHO created or is creating the object and their INTENTION
to create.
       2.) WHAT exactly they created, including secondary alter-is or
add ons from the original creation.
       3.) WHY, their MOTIVATION in creating it.

      Thus if Dufus is creating a red round ball, but then alters it and
thinks it is a daisy to make it persist better, and he is doing this to
impress a girl who likes daisies, then Goober has to duplicate Dufus
(who) and his intention to create a red round ball (what), thinking it
is a daisy (alter-is), in order to impress a girl (motivation).

      Then Goober can retract the intention and the whole thing will
vanish for Goober, Dufus and the girl.  The girl may be offended, and
Dufus may be surprised, but he can always mockup up another one.

      Now beings can get irritated at others duplicating their creations
out of existence.

      It can be a very intimate thing having someone else enter your head
and retract or initiate one of your own intentions, especially when they
enter your head from Source down, where they have as much power over you
as you do, as they effectively ARE you, although if you are awake, you
can tell someone else is doing this to you.

      These and other attendant abilities are all fair chosen by
unanimous decree, but that is mostly forgotten in everyone's long ago.

      So to solve the problem of vanishment, beings try to make their
creations more and more complex, lay the alter-is on really thick, and
create unduplicatable intentions that no one could ever 'figure out',
whether they come from Source down or not.

      That then becomes the game, to create something that only they can
vanish and you and nobody else can.  This is dangerous of course because
if the originator takes off and no one can find them, everyone else
becomes stuck with the creation forever and ever, amen.

      The INTENTION to stick someone else with a creation forever is in
fact a serious overt act (harmful, evil intention born of ill will) as
it is an attempt to ruin and sink a being forever with things they can
not ever get rid of.

      This leads to considerations of hell forever, which then leads
beings to mockup death forever as a solution to hell forever.

      "I can't suffer forever if I am made of meat and get eaten by worms
one day!"

      It doesn't matter whether the persisting creations are beautiful or
ugly, the FOREVER in their intention is a violation of any being's
sovereign desire to create only in a WHILE, for a while.

      Create the prettiest thing in the world and put 'Yours FOREVER' on
it, and you have just violated that being's sovereign desire to live
only in a finite while.

      Thus even pretty things adorn the walls of Hell.

      Consider a beautiful sunset.

      Thus where ever you find that your preclear is stuck and can not
make case gain, you will find him stuck trying to deal with
unduplicatable intentions and the apparency of ill will.

      Ill will is simply someone's intention that you are unwilling
and unable to PUT THERE as your own long enough to withdraw it.

      Silly thetan.

      Unduplicatable intentions span the dicom from the UnHoly to the

      "Divinity is all powerful self-responsible good."

      "Holiness is care operating divinity." - Adore

      Although Divinity can not truly be harmed, it can try.

      Thus Divinity's favorite game is the creation of The UnHoly or

      "Fools rush in where Angels dare not tread, and God's go running
for their Mama."

      Thus one has to understand that whatever UnHoliness there is in the
world, it is Divine UnHoliness, created by and for Divinity to play and
corner itself into committing suicide with.

      Thus one might get the idea that Divinity itself has a touch of
UnHoliness to it.

      Remember, in an AllThatIs of God in carnation, of God become Soul,
of Author become Character, of Creator become Creature, both Creator and
Creature are two different functions of one and the same being!

      But there in lies the rub, the Creator delights in becoming a
Creature that would never have created itself the way it was created.

      Thus the Creature just can't figure itself as Creator out, and thus
becomes stuck as Creature.

      Duplication tells us that the way in is the way out, if you can
duplicate coming in, you will get out.

      This is because you have to BE out in order to come in, so practice
coming in, puts you out.

      And since the Creature can't figure the way in, the Creature can't
get out.

      This is a bit of a no brainer, but escapes most people.

      The way out is to practice coming in, as practice coming in,
ASSUMES YOU ARE OUT and thus puts you out.

      But the Creature is terrified of being out, of being the Creator
again, because he doesn't enjoy being the Creature, thus the Creature,
having lost his willingness to come in, loses his willingness to be out,
and thus can not get out long enough to be willing to come in again.


      He can't duplicate the MOTIVATION behind the intention to come in.

      If the Creature can not get out, he can't duplicate coming in, and
thus he can't withdraw his intention to come in, and thus he gets stuck
in and thinks 'somebody else made me!'

      Which burns him up to the core.  Looking inside your most secret
heart of hearts, and what do you see?  Cinders.

      The rest of his existence is engaged in religious insanity...  er I
mean Truth Seeking:

      "Who or what is cause around here and why is it such an asshole!"

      This is the fundamental unduplicatable intention between Creator
and Creator become Creature.  The Creature just can't figure the Creator
out.  The Creator has become an alien intention to himself as Creature.

      After a while the Creature just doesn't believe he ever was Creator
any more.

      And if you point this out to him, and he tries to reassert himself
as Creator again, he will run smack into despair and his own
unduplicatable intention to come in.

      He has tried and failed.  Give a God his due.




       Spot SOME ill will.
       Spot NO   ill will.

       Spot SOME good will.
       Spot NO   good will.

       Spot SOME suppression of awareness of death.
       Spot NO   suppression of awareness of death.

       Spot SOME suppression of awareness of birth.
       Spot NO   suppression of awareness of birth.

       Spot SOME suppression of awareness of conception.
       Spot NO   suppression of awareness of conception.

       Spot SOME suppression of awareness of assumption.
       Spot NO   suppression of awareness of assumption.

       Spot SOME suppression of awareness of deassumption.
       Spot NO   suppression of awareness of deassumption.

      The assumption was the moment the being transferred into the body
and forgot about itself as a spirit forever (or until the body dies.)

      Remember death forever is an effort to escape apparent hell

      Since death forever is not necessarily a very sane solution to hell
forever, it is quite possible that when your preclear exteriorizes for
the first time, he will find himself quite insane as an immortal being
wanting to die but can't.


       Spot NO   ETERNALITY

       until your preclear is no long stuck in a time stream forever
(immortality), and he can doff the immortal body that was suffering
forever, and can reorient to his true home in eternity.

      Eternality is out side of space and time, forever.

      Immortality is inside of space and time, 'forever.'

      Mortality is also inside of space and time, 'for a while'.

      Immortality is a faux forever, like glass is a faux diamond.

      Mortality is a faux 'while', which hides the bigger Immortal while
that contains it.

      Eternality is forever outside of time.

      Immortality is Hell 'forever' inside of time.

      Mortality is Death 'forever' also inside of time.

      However, in truth, time exists only in finite whiles, with a
definite beginning and a definite end, always a finite while later.

      There are an infinite number of finite time whiles that have been,
can be and will be created.

      Time whiles can be and are embedded inside of other bigger time

      Your preclear knew this when he first got himself involved in Hell
whiles, but forgot it by considering the Hell while was forever in time
and then wishing them off on others, then self.

      He can get stuck in any particular Hell while FOR A WHILE, but that
in itself won't get him stuck in any other Hell while unless he is stuck
in a Hell while inside a Hell while, inside a Hell while.  But even that
is finite, so once he pops out of his stack of Hell whiles, he is then
free to roam again.

      One can pop out of any while by spanning the duration of it,
and gleaning a true confession of it.

      No hell can out last a true confession.

      Confession consists of intent, aesthetics, and motivation, along
with who, what and why, and how, where and when.

      Spanning the duration of any while results in the preclear putting
it there, at which point he can let go of it.  He can then deal with the
next while up in the same way.

      Spanning the full duration of a while to the point of putting it
there, *IS* a full confession of responsibility for all of the parts
of the while, and thus returns control over the while to the preclear.

      Before the confession the while is moving the preclear along,
and after the confession the preclear is moving the while along.

      Mortal whiles do not happen AFTER Hell whiles, Mortal whiles
happen DURING Hell whiles.

      Hell whiles and can contain many contiguous Mortal whiles, lifetime
after lifetime of thinking you are are mortal, live once, die once and
"That's it Bud!".

      Although Mortal whiles exist inside of Hell whiles, both are
finite, but Hell whiles are a good deal longer.

      I bet you can't count that high.

      But your preclear can span any finite duration or age, no matter
how long, by putting it there.

      How did this all start?

      He confused Eternality with Immortality, and in withdrawing from a
detested Immortality he failed to reach Eternality, and thus sought
Mortality further inside of space and time.

      He no longer believes in home outside of space and time, so he is
trying to die forever INSIDE of space and time.

      But he can't be dead as long as space and time are still going for
him, even if he is 'unconscious' of them!

      To doff is the opposite of to don.  To don means to put on, like a
piece of clothing.

      Donning of the mortal body takes place during the assumption, and
just so, somewhere on the whole track your preclear donned one or more
Immortal bodies that are now in Immortal pain.  These are his Hells
forever, and he may have more than one.

      (Yeah I know I can't believe a word of this stuff either, "not
being able to believe" is a Guardian Dicom, there is nothing you can DO
about it, just be with it, make more of it, until it blows off.

      There is no need to believe, when you run into one of your Immortal
bodies hanging on an Immortal cross of one kind or another, you had
better be able to audit Eternality and faux whiles, and fast or you will
just become a mortal meatball again, only this time never to return :)

      The other Guardian dicom is "Me? I didn't *CHOOSE* any of this!"


      Get the idea of someone who would.
      Get the idea of someone who wouldn't.

      E/P: Wouldn't, Schmouldn't....

      Watch it, we aren't fooling around here.

      He's right, his little sim identity he is running around in,
wouldn't, couldn't, shouldn't and didn't choose any of this.

      We are trying to get him to spot the guy who CREATED
that identity and then kicked him into the pit of despair :)

      Anyhow it doesn't matter who created something, if he can
PUT IT THERE in the light of full high appreciation for ludicrous demise,
it's gone.

      That's because he COULD HAVE put it there if only he had
thought of it first."

      After reverse engineering what was done to him, he can set to work
creating something even cooler and unduplicatable to do to another.)

      Eventually your preclear will cognite that unholiness is not
something that Creatures do to spite their Creator, divine unholiness is
something that Creators do to spite themselves.

      That changes everything doesn't it?  In fact at the ends of the
dicom it is hard to tell the difference between Beautiful Ugly, and Ugly
Beauty.  This is what traps the beings attention, he wonders if he
can duplicate it, and bang he can't.

      One way to get a preclear to spot this problem without telling him
what it is, is to simply run:

       "What do you fear?"
       "What do you not fear?"

      For those that have learned never to ask questions in auditing, run
it as commands instead.

       Spot NO   fear.
       Spot SOME fear.

      Actually the stuck point is despair not fear, but run fear first.
Then run despair.

       Spot NO   despair.
       Spot SOME despair.

      Fear is the last tone where the being is still trying to win,
mainly by running away.  The tiger is chasing him, he tried anger and
fighting back to no avail, so now he is running in fear.  This is good
survival strategy.

      When one can not run fast enough however, one gives up, that is
despair.  It is a timeless moment of stopping all efforts to win.

      Terror and numb are waiting to be eaten.

      After that your preclear is trying to figure out how to kill
himself before the tiger reaches him.  That's propitiation, sympathy,
sorrow, and apathy.

      The amount of suppression that the average preclear has dumped on
despair is monumental, and it solidifies at the center of his case like
obsidian glass.

      The case that absolutely won't move, no matter what, who can't feel
anything, can't see, hear, smell or taste anything, can't remember
anything, and can't DO anything about any of it, has put every last
nickle of free theta into the stone covering his despair.

      He is refusing to despair.  But if he can't feel despair, he can't
feel anything else, and thus he walks around as if dead, given up
inside, but not admitting defeat outside.

      That's your average 9 to 5er with a PhD.

      If he looks at the stone, it will look back at him with more life
than he has.

      Running despair will turn on mockups on the dead.

      They will be mockups of despair, but at least they are mockups!

      Blow the top off the mausoleum of despair, and he can start crying
again, feel fear and anger and exuberance, *COURAGE* thrill and romance,
joy, love and laughter, and his case will start to run out.

      Sorrow is inverted love, a being who can not cry, can not love.

      How many times have you heard someone say "I don't know what love

      Ask them "Do you know what sorrow is?"

      "Do you cry for what you do not love?"

      Anything that turns sorrow off is a lie.

      Anything that turns sorrow on is the truth.

      Remember sorrow is not just for past losses, but for losses yet to

      Who or what are you bonded with, or attached to?

      Consider how it will be on their last day with you.

      Get the phrases that go with the loss.

      Find a pet that the preclear just adores to pieces.

       "Goodbye little buddy."
       "So long old friend."
       "I will never see you again."
       "You know you were loved don't you?"
       "I won't be able to take care of you any more."

      In the physical universe, love translates into the intent to 'take
care of'.

       Spot NO   taking care of.
       Spot SOME taking care of.

      If you can't love your body like your pet, then your intent to take
care of your body AS a pet has been alloyed by your intent to kill it in
kamikaze or strangle it outright.

      Same for mama and papa.  Your preclear has an original perfect
vision of his mommy and daddy, he still loves that vision, and no matter
how much he hates what they have become, the underlying love of the
perfect being MUST be rehabilitated in order to restore your preclear's
willingness to live and audit again.

      A day without sorrow is a day without love and God shine.

      The charge on sorrow does not happen at the moment the loss is
perceived, but at the first moment of awareness that the loss WILL

      The greatest sorrow then is not on the day mommy dies, but on the
day the baby was first aware of death and saw that mommy WAS GOING to
die someday no matter how long in the future.

      The rest of that being's time track acts as a growing lock on the
original vision of despair until mommy actually dies and thereafter.
The being will be found to be doing this to everything and everyone he
ever loves or will love.

      He is *TERRIFIED* of finding something NEW to love.

      God save him from that.

      Since the purpose of life is 'to take care of', the feeling of
absolute absence of being, and aloneness that comes with the first
conception of mortal death, produces abject purposelessness which is a
horror to behold, and which kills the being's ability to move in time.
The postulates he makes during these timeless moments of purposelessness
and aloneness define and shape the rest of his life.

      Many of these postulates will be of the form 'Better to just not
think about this', which then produce the mass and solidity on the
emotional mausoleum of love that his soul becomes.

      Not to mention mess with his relationship to God as the High US in

      Pity the poor mortal with a smile then, as only a God could do this
to himself.

      YOU can't heal him, until YOU see the worthwhile laughter to
his suffering.

      If you try, you will simply become like him, because you and
him are co empathetic at source, and if he is in despair, so will
you be.

      Try getting into someone else's skin some time and looking at
THEIR stone.  See how it looks back at you with more life than
the both of you have together?

      Now do the same with mankind, then all life, then the total

      There is a wall of compassion that needs to be broken through here
before you can feel good again without blinding yourself to where and
what you are.

      It is our despair about the FUTURE that causes us to use the PAST
(engrams) to mess ourselves up in PRESENT TIME.

      Remember despair is a timeless moment, throwing tons of suppression
on top of it is throwing a stop on a stop, so this can look hard to
audit, and most cases simply miss it or bypass it, they go right on by

      Your preclear is in despair about running despair!  So he doesn't.

      All you got to do is just run it, and don't leave it, until the
volcano blows.

       Spot NO   despair.
       Spot SOME despair.

      Spot in himself, in all others, people, places and things, in his
pets, in his Body Thetan's.  ghosts, demons, deities,

      If it's got it, you spot it.

      This doesn't happen in a day.

      You will be lucky to go clear while you are dying.

      And you will be lucky to not die while going clear.

      Remember NO ITEM means pretended no item, you want him to run the
not-isness on his fear.  He will also run truly not being afraid of
things, and that is fine, but underneath he is TERRIFIED of things and
no longer knows it.

      Remember also the tone scale goes:



      If your preclear can't feel terror at will, he is stuck at or below


      One of the primary things he is terrified of are unduplicatable
intentions, as these ruin him with failed attempts to vanish unwanted

      So instead of cleaning up after unwanted or detested stuff, he
carries a persisting garbage dump around with him, filling it up as time
goes along with unwanted creations, and pretends it isn't there and he
is just fine.

      He becomes a "What garbage dump?" case, and he honestly no longer
remembers what the problem is.

      This is a 'no regrets' case.

      He regrets everything ever existed at all, he would trade
everything for nothing in an instant, and he's "got no regrets".

      You see?

      He's got a small safe pocket of 'nothing there' to hide in, all the
while pretending the rest of the universe that he can't not-is as
easily, doesn't exist or matter at all.

      And his free theta gets smaller and smaller, and his self respect
goes down the tubes, and he puffs himself up bigger and harder so no one
will notice what a fake he has become, and eventually he just ends up
under his own garbage pile.

      He will tell you the pile is a temple to God, and being the rector,
he lives in a little room in the basement, rather than admit it is all
junk, made of pain and terror, and he has become a total failure as a
being, no longer able to vanish his own or anyone else's creation.

      That's a problem you see, because the WILLINGNESS to create and to
allow others to create, DEPENDS on the ABILITY to vanish, so one can
create again and not be stuck with unwanted creations.

      A being will not freely write, nor allow others, to write on a
blackboard that he can not erase, no matter how big the blackboard is.

      Once one cannot vanish, creating becomes dangerous, you might fill
up the place, and pretty soon he doesn't dare create except in small
little areas, that's his little room under the pile, and eventually not
even there.

      So you run spotting fear on him until all his present time
solutions, er I mean problems, blow off, and he finally realizes he is

      Maybe even since the beginning of time.

      Time itself may have been created to run away from an
unduplicatable intention.  I mean the kind of time we are stuck in now,
not simply the time of easy going persistence and spirit of play.

BODY LIFE, which is the unduplicatable intention.

      Therefore every present time problem that he has is a solution,
every one of them.

      If you audit present time problems as problems, his case will get
worse, because it is a lie and a MASSIVE MISSED WITHHOLD.  And believe
me your preclear can fabricate present time problems faster than you can
audit and write them down.

      If you audit present time problems as solutions, his case will
start to erase and clear the way for him to see what a problem really

      Then he will stop fabricating problems in his present time life to
obscure the real problem powering his *IMMORTAL* demise.

      "The hurry of impending Mortal doom obscures the hurry of impending
Immortal doom." - Adore


      So what then of a being who can create but not vanish?

      First let's take a look at the mechanics of vanishment.

      The guy creates something.  That is an as-isness, it is not a
something of significance, there is no significance added to it.

      If he takes his attention off of it, it will vanish.

      But then he says "Yikes!  That's a spider and it is coming to eat

      Now he has added significance to the object which is an alter-is of
its original pristine just IS.

      Notice the significance he has added to it, is the significance of
CAUSE, the spider is the effect of hunger, and can CAUSE itself pleasure
by CAUSING the preclear to be digested in the spider's stomach.

      Further he has added significance to himself as spider food.

      The basic on propitiation by the way is offering an enemy need

      He has also created a problem for himself, as his intention is to
survive and the spider's intention is to eat him.  This isn't the kind
of problem that being's develop within themselves, but it is a problem
he is developing with someone or something else.

      He finally says "I must DO something about this!"

      Well what he should do about the spider is retract all the pretty
but nonsensical significance he placed on it, then withdraw his
attention from the matter, and the whole scene will disappear for good,
until he recreates it again, should he desire to do so.

      But that would ruin his game of being eaten.
      So instead, he starts to run away from the spider.

      He is DOING something about the spider by creating something MORE,
namely his running, rather than undoing the spider.

      But since the spider is in his space, and his space of course goes
where ever he goes, the spider comes with him no matter how fast he

      Fear is running away.

      You can't run away in space and time from something else in space
and time!

      You may place more distance between you, but you are both still
stuck in the same space and time cage.

      Despair is can't run fast enough.  You know that dark thing in the
closet that once it sees you it's all over?

      Terror is certainty of being eaten.

      Numb is mercy.

      No matter how much space he puts between himself and the spider,
the spider is still in HIS SPACE, you see, and thus one day will come
and eat him.

      His postulate is that if he runs away from the spider he might be
able to save himself, and so he might.  But thus also maybe he might
not.  Fear is based on a doubt.  The postulate of doubt allows for the
possibility of both success and failure.

      And given a finite probability of losing, no matter how small,
given an infinite amount of time, the loss WILL happen.

      Thus one can only win these kinds of games for a while, then
eventually you lose them all.

      So the being creates a game in which he might be destroyed, and
thus eventually he is.

      Now losing a game is no big deal, you can always create another

      But if he has added the significance that this is his one and only
game, then once he loses it, that's the end of games period.

      And that was the beginning of drama.

      Drama means seriousness, importance, permanence and pain.

      THE GAME

      There used to be a game that beings liked to play called "I can
create something you can't duplicate."

      Your worst nightmares come from this game, you lost.

      The penalty of losing the challenge was getting stuck with the
creation forever more.

      Since beings are natively capable of duplicating each other with
ease, it was quite an accomplishment to get this game going, let alone
lose it.

      All you have to do to duplicate anything anyone else has made,
is travel back up to native state, and then back down the thread
that he descended from and both of you are now him!

      But if you can't quite get back to native state yourself, then you
can't travel down his thread to him, and you get stuck spending your
time asking him what the hell he is doing and why using communication
particles through the co hallucinated space and time you are both
mocking up.

      Two causes, you and him, are now trying to communicate through
space and time which HAS NO CAUSE, to learn by looking what the other
guy is intending and why.

      This is stupider than stupid comes.

      You can imagine the scene, beings mocking up the most horrific or
beautiful things they can imagine, hoping to leave everyone else
dumbfounded and in shock as to how and why they did it.

      This leaves everyone rolling on the floor in hysterics, laughing
their asses off, vanishing things as fast as anyone can possibly mock
them up.

      Then one day someone comes along and creates something, and
everyone goes still and silent, thinking to themselves,

      "Whoa, now *THAT'S* UnHoly!"

      One poor being, braver than the rest, walks up to the creation and
tries to duplicate it, but comes away wobbly and cross eyed, never to be
the same again.

      Thus persisting creations become scars you wear of having lost the

      They are the scars of defeat in the battle for nonduplication.

      Scars on your self respect, on your self image, both of which
depend absolutely and utterly on your ability to create, duplicate,
understand and vanish anything and everything.

      You communicate with someone in order to communicate, right?

      Once your communicate has been received and understood, why keep it

      Ever know someone who keeps every letter ever sent to him?

      He hasn't truly duplicated one word of any of it.

      Now this got very serious, and here is why.

      Once a being was able to mock up something that no one else could
duplicate, the losers started to consider that the winner was somehow
DIFFERENT from them.

      Although it is tempting to claim that a being can mock up just
anything, in fact beings are limited to mocking up things that align
with their basic nature, namely harmonies, disharmonies and resolves.

      For example a disharmony followed by a resolve produces a kind of
complex harmony, so it's allowed, and beings rejoice in creating these
kinds of things all over the place.

      If you feel you are stuck in an eternal disharmony with no possible
resolve, you have run into an unduplicatable intention.

      A popular game was to mock up a disharmony/resolve pair, show
everyone the disharmony, and then let them bet on whether you could
create a satisfactory resolve for it.  If you couldn't you would get
your sorry artistic ass kicked all over the Orion Nebula.

      But in the more deadly game we are talking about here, if a being
managed to mock up something that no one else could duplicate, the
losers started to think that the winner's basic nature was fundamentally
different than their own, and thus the winning being could, would, and
should mock up things that everyone else couldn't, wouldn't or

      Beings became AFRAID to duplicate these creations, because if they
managed to succeed, their compatriots would consider them different from
themselves too, that they were one of THEM.

      "Behold ye now Behemoth.  He who created him can approach unto
him." - Bible

      Everyone has an inner sense of THEM, these are simply those that
can mockup things you can barely look at without getting burnt out

      So it became very dangerous to be able to duplicate and thus vanish
anything that everyone couldn't ALSO duplicate and vanish.

      No one wanted to be DIFFERENT than everyone else, it destroyed the
bonding between people.

      If A created something that B and C couldn't duplicate, then B and
C could commiserate together about how bad and different A was.  But if
B then finds out later he can indeed duplicate what A created, C will
immediately debond from B, unless B can prove to C that C can duplicate
it too.

      But often C doesn't WANT to be able to duplicate the thing, because
then C would be one of THEM, and that's just too alien for him, so he
withdraws from even trying.

      If you get enough people who have withdrawn from trying because
they are afraid of WINNING, they will eventually pass laws against
trying and winning, as 'we don't need more of THEM around.'

      But in the meanwhile everyone is wondering if they could duplicate
the thing if they did try, and so maybe they are one of THEM anyhow, but
no one knows it yet because they haven't tried.  Groups get mighty sick
from this and go south quickly.

      This is in part why when someone starts to do miracles, rather than
be considered an arm of Christ, they are often considered an arm of the

      And worse once beings began to doubt their ability to duplicate
something, they lost the ability to do so, because doubt is self

      This is a no brainer also, for a being who can create in the mere
conception of things, if he considers he might fail, then fail he might.

      So going into it on a 'try to duplicate' was sure to create a
failure somewhere down the road.

      The losers of course started to consider the winners evil or bad,
something different, something that the losers hadn't AGREED to be part
of the game, because no one could have, would have, or should have
created or agreed to a game with other beings who could create an

      The winners walked away free and clear, and the losers had all
these detested creations like electric spiders stuck to them that they
couldn't get rid of and couldn't confront.

      The only thing that can create an unconfrontability is doubt that
one can confront.

      Others, not yet involved in the game, and not knowing what had
happened, and seeing their fellows in this shape, blamed the losers for
creating the creations that were stuck to them, and considered the
losers part of THEM who were different, when they weren't, and
everything went quickly to hell from the desire to make nothing out of

      Thus the losers put all their energy into denying the existence of
these creations that were stuck all over them, and became 'What spider?'

      Delirium Tremens is merely a time when the most detested parts of
these creations start to turn on en-mass.  This can happen
uncontrollably during withdrawal from drugs, but also in dreams.  It is
the flinch and cringe that makes them stick.

      The basic flinch is worry about being able to duplicate an
intention, particularly to duplicate it out of existence!

      Stop flinching and you can duplicate again.

      Part of what came of this, was beings would see that creations
existed that they couldn't duplicate, and wouldn't, shouldn't, 
have created in the first place even if they could have created them.

      That meant that something ELSE had created the universe without
their consent, and put them into it.  Thus they considered that they
were created by an incomprehensible and unduplicatable God, and their
job was to figure out it's bidding, which they couldn't, and obey it,
which they couldn't and probably damn well shouldn't either.

      Wham, Slam, Thank You Ma'am.

      Suddenly the being finds himself so low on the tone scale, it makes
absolute zero look like a tropical summer.

      Some people like LSD to create themselves a warm thaw, but once the
trip is over, back down into the basement you go with the spiders.

      If you can't feel the cognitive dissonance of a God that is all
powerful, all loving, all knowing, and everywhere present, that none the
less created you as a human being and dumped you in this universe
without your permission, where the bad are allowed to bang on the good
in the Holy name of Free Will, and the universe treats love like the
ocean treats sand castles in the sand, then by all means run amuck to
your nearest Church and sign up.

      If a HUMAN created beings and put THEM in this universe, he would
be put away for Creature abuse.

      It's always a good test to see how you would feel if a human did to
other humans what you think God did to you.

      If it would be outrageous for a human to do it, then it is probably
outrageous for a God to do it too.

      If you say that God's infinite wisdom makes you feel better about
what God did to you in creating you and dumping you here without your
permission, then by all means go for it as best you can.

      Once you attain God's wisdom, you too will be able to make
Creatures and send them to hell forever for not living up to your
personal needs.

      On the other hand if you can understand that you ARE that God
incarnation, and you have done this thing to yourself, then run the
following to start taking it apart again.

      "Only he who can make it, can unmake it, for by making it again, it
will unmake." - LRH paraphrased.

      "Confidence means to confide to yourself that you did this thing to
yourself." - Adore

      "As for God, who hired him, and what are we paying him for?" -

       Run fear and despair flat first as above, then run


       E/P: Freedom to duplicate and make case gain again.


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