AUDITING Revised 8/11/2009

     Auditing is a big subject, certainly bigger than this posting.

     However the basics of auditing are very simple, not only how to run
a session but what to run.

     To audit means to listen, but in this context it means to give a
properly devised command to your preclear (pc), and then listen to his
response.  The auditor then acknowledges, and continues with the process
until a suitable win is achieved on the matter.


     Auditing serves a wide range of purposes from enhancing the
auditor's pocketbook, to actually doing something for the preclear.

     Bad auditing will do only one.

     Good auditing will do both.

     That's called fair exchange.

     Don't think for a moment that auditing is some kind of free give
     If you are going to spend 8 hours a day dealing with another's
arrogance, conceit, hubris, vanity, lies and self deceit, you will
eventually need to be paid for it.

     Barf bags after all cost money.

     When your preclear finally gets around to telling you what his REAL
lies and deceits are, like when he used to mircowave kittens to see how
many dosages they could stand until he couldn't revive them any more,
and after he did revive them, how many MORE times he could dose and
revive them until they were done for good, you will finally understand
that sometimes the guy who did the crime and is confessing it to you has
more confront than you the auditor will ever have.

     And when your preclear finally goes whole track and starts owning
up to what beings have done to BODIES for the past zillion years, well
it's time to triple your rate so you can afford a stomach replacement
every now and them.


     A preclear is dramatizing item pairs.

     For example,

     Love - Hate 
     Beauty - Ugly
     Good - Evil
     Hope - Despair
     Fear - Numb

     There are MILLIONS of these, and your preclear will be bogged down
in most of them.  Not all of them need to be run, just his particular
core group.  But you may need to run many surface item pairs until core
pairs come to the surface.  Once the core pairs run, the whole mess just
blows up and leaves the preclear free to be himself again, free from

     He is also dramatizing NOT-ISNESS on these item pairs, meaning he
has covered them in black mental mass, THEN made invisible, never to be
thought of again.


     Beings start off in native state, the Big Snooze, total
unmanifestation.  This is called Basic Truth, or just simply Truth.

     It IS what IS.

     When you wake up out of the Big Snooze and create or mockup
something, that's an As-Isness, the thing is also what is, simply as it
is.  When you take your attention off of it, it vanishes, thus we call
this a vanishing truth.

     However after you have created something, and you then assign
significances to it, or alter your view of who created it or why, you
have Alter-Ised the As-Isness to create an Is-ness.  Is-ness persists
because when the being tries to take his attention off of it, the thing
he thinks he is trying to take his attention off of isn't actually the
original thing that he created, so he fails.

     Thus his attention becomes 'stuck' on the creation and persistence
becomes compulsory.

     Thus As-Isness + Alter-Is produces IS-NESS, which we call a
persisting Truth.

     If the being gets desperate to get rid of the creation, but can't
remember how to As-Is it into vanishment, he will NOT-IS the creation
into an apparancy of vanishment.  But really it is just the IS-NESS
covered in black mental mass that looks like nothing there, but is
really very much something there that can then affect him later THROUGH
the blackness when he isn't looking.

     We call a NOT-ISness a persisting Lie.

     It is a persisting IS-NESS that looks like nothing there.

     Thus we have:

      Native State   Basic Truth         Unmanifestation
      As-Isness      Vanishing Truth     Manifestation
      Alter-Is       Added significance  Manifestation
      Is-ness        Persisting Truth    Manifestation
      Not-Isness     Persisting Lie      Apparent unmanifestation.

     The purpose of auditing then is to get the preclear to contact all
Not-isness on his case, recover it back to a state of Is-ness, strip the
Alter-Is off of it, returning it to a pristine As-Isness, and then get
the preclear to take his attention off of it to vanish it properly.

     Not-Isness sinks a being with continuous added mental mass.  That's
all the crap you feel in your body and your face that get's in the way
of you doing anything with joy.

     As-Isness floats a being with continuous vanishing mental mass.

     The less mental mass a being is carrying around with him, the more
facile his ability to operate and enjoy it will be.


     Take the item pair DETEST - ADORE.

     Pc's will come into session going:

     "I detest, I detest, I detest, grrr, I detest..."

     Auditor: Thank you for telling me that.
     Auditor: Spot NO detest.

     PC: yak yak,

     Auditor: OK!
     Auditor: Spot SOME detest.

     PC: grrr, yak, grumble, kill, grrr, yak grumble kill....

     Auditor: OK!
     Auditor: Spot NO adore.

     PC: "Oh phooey, adoration is for sissies!"

     Auditor: OK!
     Auditor: Spot SOME adore.

     PC: "Er well, uh, I don't know, let's see, I adore detesting!"

     Auditor: OK!
     Auditor: Spot NO detest.

      Run around and around to major win.

      Thus a full session on an item pair includes both the NO and SOME
modifier on both the item and it's opposite.

     "Spot NO   detest"
     "Spot SOME detest"
     "Spot NO   adore"
     "Spot SOME adore"

      Then start at the top again.

     The reason we run the NO item is because if the pc is complaining
mightily about detesting things, you can be sure there is a whole mess
of detestation that he no longer knows about because he has not-ised it
out of existence.  It is this charge which is driving him batty and
which runs and ruins his life for him.

     In other words the destestation he is conscious of is just a
fumarole for a volcano of detestation that he long ago suppressed and
lost track of.  Once the volcano blows it's lid, erupts and is gone, the
fumarole-ing stops.

     The pc can now detest freely without being MADE to detest.

     He can and will get mad, but he can't be MADE mad, he can't be
provoked.  Pushing someone's buttons to get them dramatizing some upset
or another is simply kicking their volcanoes that they don't know are
there so they will blow off some steam through their many fumaroles.

     When the volcano is gone, there is nothing left to kick, so you
can't push the being's buttons any more, as there aren't any.

     But this is more than the pc being immune to other's attempts to
taunt him, LIFE can't bring him down either any more.

     Depression is just one super yellowstone volcano waiting to blow
with fumaroles blowing off with every breath he takes.

     The pc has also fallen away from the positive side of the item pair
through the same mechanism of not-isness, force and mental mass covering
free feeling.

     Thus when you first ask him what he adores, he can't tell you.  But
if you keep running the process, as the detestation volcano starts to
erupt and blow free, the adore volcano will also.

     When you see the auditing room lit with alternating detestation and
adoration, you will know you are getting there.

     The end result is a preclear who is no longer not-ising detestation
nor adoration, and thus can freely create both at will.  He can handle
them, rather than the item pair handling him every time something
restimulates him (kicks his volcano).

     Thus the End Phenomenon of any session on any item pair is freedom
from and facility to operate that item pair.

     In other words if he detests or adores something, it is because he
is choosing to do so, and not because this subterranean mountain of
charge he no longer knows about is making him do so.


     Now whether the opposite of To Detest is To Adore, I have no idea,
Adore thinks so, but Adore is biased :)

     The opposite of Adore might be to Abhor for example.

     (Adore is "A Divine Operating Religion of Excellence" at

     So you have to let your preclear choose his own opposites, and
certainly never force pairs down his throat that he doesn't agree with,
or is not interested in running.

     Usually the pc will say "I detest, I detest, etc..." and you say
"Ok, great, can you tell me what you would consider the opposite of To
Detest to be?"

     Your pc may list a few items, write them all down, but then he will
give you the best fit.  If it is To Adore, then fine, if not, run what
he gives you.

     If the item he first originates in session is adore, then find it's
opposite instead.

     What is the opposite of To Adore?  To Detest?  To Deplore?  To

     Who cares, take what he gives you, To Banana, and run it.

     NEVER tell your preclear or even suggest what the opposite might

     And never tell your preclear what items he needs to run.

     There is a whole dumping ground in hell for the heads of people who
do this to each other.  Auditing, and the rules of auditing are a way of
life, if life is making you sick it is because everyone around is
breaking the rules of auditing and so no auditing or worse, reverse
auditing, is taking place.

     Reverse auditing is used to destroy people, if you know how to
help, you know how to harm.  Reverse auditing is doing the opposite of
everything mentioned in this paper.

     Remember always the rules of the auditor/pc relationship.

     The auditor knows the general, but does not know the specific.

     The preclear knows the specific, but hasn't a clue what it is
because he has not-ised it, made nothing of it, and nailed it out of
existence and chernobyled it blackness and invisibility.

     (To chernobyl, to bury a radioactive mass in concrete.)

     Thus it is your job as the auditor to remind the preclear that he
is dramatizing item pairs, and then get the preclear to find them and
tell you what they are.  Once the preclear can operate them again
freely, he is free of them, and free to be or not be them any time he


     I trust you all know how to run a session

     We call this the "What's up Doc?" rundown.

      Auditor: "What's up doc?"

      Auditor: OK, tell me about that.
      PC: yak, yak, spit, vituperate, cough gag, spit.
      Auditor: OK, I got that.
      Auditor: Now can you tell me what you might consider
to be the opposite of hate?
      PC: Love
      Auditor: Thank you.
      Auditor: OK, so we are going to run HATE AND LOVE, that ok?
      PC: Grrr, sure, smiling...
      Auditor: Great!

      Auditor: Spot NO hate.
      PC: yak yak
      Auditor: Thank you

      Auditor: Spot SOME hate.
      PC: yak yak
      Auditor; thank you

      Auditor: Spot NO love.
      PC: yak yak
      Auditor: Thank you

      Auditor: Spot SOME love.
      PC: yak yak
      Auditor: thank you

      Use Spot, Tell me about, Get the idea of, or Conceive.
     Then back to the first command.  Run to a good win, may take 5
minutes, may take 30 hours.

      Item is run to standard End Phenomenon of any item:

      Facility with operating and not operating the item pair.

      Spot NO   operation.
      Spot SOME operation.
      Spot NO   crush.
      Spot SOME crush.

     Facility with operation and non operation in general, is a major
win and goal of your preclear.


     Generally, if you don't evaluate for your preclear, he will start
spilling items from the moment he starts talking, if you have him in

     In session means interested in his own case, and willing to talk to
the auditor.

     He has hundreds of years of things he wanted to say to SOMEONE that
he never said, you ask him 'Whats up Doc?' in a way that he thinks you
might mean it, and YOU will get the deluge.

     As long as you shut up and don't REACT with garbage in return.

     People don't tell you their problems because they want YOU to give
them solutions, get it?

     In session also means the goofball auditor gives the commands and
the preclear gives the answers, not the other way around.

     The reason is if you allow the preclear to give the commands and
the auditor to give the answers, then the auditor is in session and not
the preclear!

     Most of his initial items will be low tone items, for example
anger, fear, sorrow and apathy, and yes he has to run low tone items in
order to get better.  But he will actually get better while running the
higher tone opposites.  Running the low tone item frees up the ability
to run the higher tone opposite, and visa versa.

     Thus both sides need to be run.

     When spotting items, your preclear needs to be able to spot them
both in himself, and in others, and in disembodied beings, demons,
deities and gods if he can, even if he thinks they are all imaginary.

     That monster under his bed as a kid sure has a lot of detest and
adore suppressed on it.

     Not to mention despair and courage.

     If he can't spot an item in himself or anyone else, have him simply
IMAGINE the item in himself or another.  Doesn't matter if it is true or
not.  Eventually the true item will show up.

     Get the idea of someone not adoring.
     Get the idea of someone adoring.

     Get the idea of someone not detesting.
     Get the idea of someone detesting.

     The nice thing about these commands, is he can get the idea
something or someone is adoring that actually never has adored anything!
That changes things for him, as he gets to rewrite existence.

     Auditor: Get the idea of your mother adoring you.
     PC: No way, never happened, grr, kill, chop, flush, puke spit...
     Auditor: I got that.
     Auditor: But let's try to get the idea anyhow.
     PC: Oh Jesus, ok, well...  Wow...
     Auditor: Thank you.

     Notice get the idea of MOTHERS adoring you, might be more
productive than get the idea of YOUR mother adoring you, but he has to
change HIS conception of HIS mother if he is ever to get better, and he
has to change HIS conception of HIMSELF AS A MOTHER who never adored
anything except for a price.

     Changing people and things and time is all his case is about, so
getting him to mock it up not changed and then changed, and then
not changed, and then changed, frees up his feelings on the matter
regardless of the thing's present state.

     If he can FEEL that his mother adores him, it WILL change her too,
as she is part of his karma group which is held tightly together only by
people's causal conceptions of each other in it.

     So some preclear just can't spot hopelessness on anything or
anyone, have him PRETEND his dog is hopeless, then some guy on the
street, then some building etc.

     On the other hand if the process is running just fine without being
creative about it, and your preclear just can't spot something once in a
while, don't force it with pretense, just acknowledge and go on with the
next command.  Running the positive will open up the negative, and
running the negative will open up the positive.

     But if your preclear just can't spot, can't spot, can't spot, can't
spot for 8 or 16 commands, get him into creative pretense, he will find
it entertaining and winning as it puts him at cause over his own

     But only as long as it is really his item, that he is interested
is an item someone else gave him, or God save your sorry ass, that you
gave him, then drop it immediately, and get him into what HE is
interested in and willing to talk to the auditor about.  You see that
means HE is in session, and not you or someone else.

     Running someone else's items is an auditing High Crime.



     Questions are fine for scientifically dealing with the physical
universe through a body, but questions are death on wheels to a preclear
trying to clear up his own space of hidden volcanoes.

      Spot NO   question.
      Spot SOME question.
      Spot NO   answer.
      Spot SOME answer.

      Primary questions are:

      How long, far?
      Is it?
      Does it?
      Plus a billion more.

     You can stop compulsive question asking by spotting questions and
answers as above, or by spotting the subjects of questions.

      Spot NO   who.
      Spot SOME who.  (Spot a who.)

     This may get at hidden terminals, people he has forgotten
COMPLETELY about, real fast.

      Run on all of the above question subjects.

      For example,

      Spot NO   when.
      Spot SOME when.

     This will start to open up his time track, as the time track is
simply a recording of all the wheres and whens the pc has traveled
through and then poured a lot of NO over.  It also contains all the whos
he has ever known :)

     Eventually he will stop spotting wheres and whens in his memory,
and start to spot them in actual space and time.  If you are worried
about direct telepathic penetration of space time, past, present and
future, don't run this process.

     A particularly bad question is AM I?

     Yes you am.

     Get the idea you do not exist.
     Get the idea you exist.

     For example lots of people are walking around asking themseleves

    AM I A BODY?

      You run spirit like any item pair, first find its opposite, say

      Spot NO   SPIRIT
      Spot SOME SPIRIT
      Spot NO   NOT-SPIRIT

     The grammar of some of these commands may stretch the imagination
of both yourself and your preclear, so word clearing each command is
important, and of course you are free to reword them any way that feels
comfortable, as long as it isn't a question.

     SPIRIT means anything that is a caring self luminous conscious unit
that is capable of giving a damn.  Yes cats and dogs give a damn, and so
does every other living thing in existence.

     NO SPIRIT means either the true or false (pretended) absence of
spirit.  Pretended absence of spirit results from NOT-ISing his own and
other's spirits since he was born, "Hey spirits are for drinking!  Hic!"

     NOT-SPIRIT means anything that isn't spirit, namely illusions of
matter, energy, space, time and force.

     NO NOT-SPIRIT means either the true or false absence of things
which are not spirit.

     This distinction between NO and NOT is critical to running these

     If your preclear has a NO diamond, then actually he probably does
have a diamond but doesn't know it, as it is covered in black mental
mass.  He needs to recover the diamond to go free.

     If your preclear has a NOT diamond, then he doesn't have a diamond
at all, he has piece of coal.

     If your preclear has a NO NOT diamond, then he has covered the coal
in black mass too.

     When spotting NO diamond, you DO NOT want him to try to spot the
diamond under the NO because it ain't there yet, you want him to spot
the NO on top of the diamond.  This as-ises the NO on top of the
diamond, allowing the diamond itself to finally surface.

     You might ask, well if your preclear can't see the diamond because
it is covered by NO, how do you know there is a diamond there in the
first place.

     Trust me, if your preclear is all up in arms about ITEM, there HAS
to be NO ITEM there also, fumaroles don't exist without volcanoes to
power them.  And there will also be his opposite item and NO opposite

     If you try to run a NO ITEM on an item the preclear doesn't have he
will get worse.

     The purpose of the process is to blow off the NO, and leave the
ITEM and NOT ITEM free for the pc's use.

     In the case of adore and detest, NOT ADORE = DETEST.

      Some item pairs come in the form of ITEM and OPPOSITE ITEM as
adore and detest do.

      Spot NO   detest
      Spot SOME detest
      Spot NO   adore
      Spot SOME adore

      Other's come in the form of ITEM and ITEM NOT, such as WANT and

      Spot NO   wanting not sex.
      Spot SOME wanting not sex.
      Spot NO   wanting sex.
      Spot SOME wanting sex.

      Yet other's come in the form of ITEM and ANTI ITEM such as
disestablishmentarianism and antidisestablishmentarianism.

      Spot NO   disestablishmentarianism
      Spot SOME disestablishmentarianism
      Spot NO   antidisestablishmentarianism
      Spot SOME antidisestablishmentarianism

      That's a joke, you figure it out.

     It is up to your preclear to tell you which kind of opposite it is,
for any particular item.

     The volcanoes you are trying to uncover consist of the false or
pretended non existence of the item pair.  For each item pair there are
two volcanoes, both of which are capped into non existence except for
the fumaroles that blow steam when your preclear is all steamed up.

     They also RUN your preclear like a steam engine, making him go and
do, feel and think things all day long not under his long term control.

     When he tries to stop and chill, the steam starts to cook him.

     Running the NO command gets the preclear to spot the false non
existence of these mountains of charge until they become evident, blow
off and then become a true non existence of charge.

     A PRETENDED NO ITEM will read as a stop followed by a fall or dirty
needle on the meter, that's the NO blowing off the ITEM which in fact is

     A TRUE NO ITEM will read as an F/N.

     Thus when ever you find your preclear grinding away in a question
about something, just extract the item pairs from the question and run
spotting on them until the whole thing is a non event.

     Running the items will answer some questions for the preclear but
not all.  Some questions are just too stupid and shouldn't be asked at
all.  Many questions don't HAVE answers the way your preclear thinks
they should.  Other questions are their own answer, they are called self
answering questions, the question IS the answer.

     "What am I doing wrong?"

     Asking that question!

     Run the god damn item pairs.

     That might be WRONG AND RIGHT.

     Even running,

     "What is right?"
     "What is wrong?"

     is better than "What am I doing wrong?" but it's still a pair of
questions, rather than pure items.

     Better to run,

      Spot NO   wrong.
      Spot SOME wrong.
      Spot NO   right.
      Spot SOME right.

     Spiritual question asking is psychosis.

     The being KNOWS, what the hell is he doing wondering or asking

     Spot NO wondering.  
     Spot SOME wondering.

     Yes the pretended goofballism is fair chosen, so just run it out,
and he will recreate it all over again later in a more optimum game for
a while if he wants to.

     Auditing is basically game cleanup.


     Your preclear will be found to be stuck in vibrating problems, with

     A problem is two active desires diametricaly opposed to each other
on exactly the same subject.

     He wants and he doesn't want the same thing at the same time.

     By doesn't want we mean WANTS NOT.


     Break it down into the item and its opposite and run as above.

     The problem will come apart.

     Notice a problem doesn't mean that he wants to create A but doesn't
want to create B.

     A problem means he wants to create A *AND* he doesn't want to
create A.

     If his mother drives him batty chances are he wants to destroy his
mother *AND* he wants not to destroy his mother.

     That's a problem you see and will tend to taint his relationship
with his mother.

     The AND causes a vibration between the two actions, and while in
destroy mode he will commit overts which he will regret when in the not
destroy mode, then he will regret his kindness when back in the destroy
side.  And he is doing this a few hundred times a minute.

     For his whole life, across a whole track of many interspersed

     It forms a painful twisting snake in his spine and face that he
can't shake because HE IS IT.

     He is shifting self images so fast they look like one confused
mass, 'I am a destroyer of mothers', 'I am a lover of mothers.'


     There is a hell containing trillions of beings packed together in
the dark, all trying to murder each other.  Since these beings are live
valences, if one comes into restimulation, the impulse to murder will be
strong, and natural regrets will cause a restraint, thus giving the
preclear a problem.

     The desire to murder and the desire to not murder THE SAME PERSON
AT THE SAME TIME forms a problem, and sinks into oblivion.

     Black V's are people who can't mockup anything, because they can't
stop mocking up an AND of magnitude, they have a problem with mockups.

     This is NOT a NOTHING there, this is very much a NO SOMETHING

     The 5 senses are see, hear, touch, taste and smell.

     If your pc can't see anything he tries to mockup, there will be
something he wants to see and not see at the same time.

     And it won't be small and insignificant, and it will be a two item

     When his vision turns on, it will be something like he finds
himself surrounded by God and the Devil in a swirling tapestry of demons
and angels.

     Go word clear vertigo.


      SPIRIT        - NOT SPIRIT
      ADORE         - DETEST
      DESPAIR       - COURAGE
      RIGHT         - WRONG
      FUN           - NOT FUN

     Courage is an interesting item because it is above enthusiasm which
is the highest tone the body can feel.

     The being LOST courage coming into the body, and now being lower
tone than enthusiasm, he can no longer get out of the body.  He thinks
he IS a body, and that sinks him.

     Thus spotting COURAGE and NO COURAGE and their opposites will go a
long ways towards re exteriorizing the being from his body because his
tone will be higher than his body's tone again for the first time since

     The body has it's own sense of courage, but nothing like the true
courage of an eternal being.  The horse in war gets its courage from its

     A being in good shape exterior to his body should be running at
exhilaration, thrill and above.  The body is his pet and beloved work
horse.  You ride a body like a horse, giving it subtle indications of
what needs to be done.  You don't drive its every muscle from inside its
head 24x7 with spurs and whips.

     People can exteriorize for all kinds of reasons, mostly near death
shock events.  With running courage we are talking about a full self
determined exteriorization that leaves the body breathing and in love
again with the being that rides it.

     That's a star high goal by the way, the body wants to kill the
being and the being wants to kill the body, they can't wait to get away
from each other, AND they can't stand the thought of separation.

     Neither the body nor the being would know what to do without each

     Neither the body nor the being know what to do with each other.

     Underlying their hatred for each other is undying love and wanting
to take care of.

     Take that problem apart, exteriorize the body and being, and you
are worth your while as an auditor.


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