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> Dennis L Erlich  wrote:
> Homer, strange as he is, I still consider one [a friend].
     I am not strange.
     Me and thee are both God in carnation, who is a multi I am being.
     We choose to choose, and we choose to choose more, and we choose to
 not know we chose.
     We did this for fun, thrill and romance, the aesthetics to
 suffering.  The desire to get lost so we could find our way home.
     The sole purpose of auditing is to recover the choice one made to
not know one chose on any matter of import, at which time one can take
back the choice and then choose otherwise.
     One can only become stuck with choices that one then chose to
pretend one didn't choose.
     Finding a workable auditing approach is a non trivial pursuit, and
I have no clue about Hubbard, but he seems to have made an ego-alloyed
mess of it.
     For those that don't believe they chose to not know they chose,
well they chose to not know they chose, eh?
     It would be improper for us to ruin their game of lost and never to
be found, until they want it to be ruined.
     Thus we still have some time to figure out what we are doing,
before they start lining up at our doors.


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