Richard Ford  wrote:
> Are you really saying that the Church could make all the critics
> dissapear and then become the worlds leading religion- simply by
> showing the world the first clear,
> - and yet they chose not to?

      Don't know about becoming the worlds leading religion, but surely
the world's leading target.

      The proper way to prove that you can improve a being is to do it to
them, not show off a product already done.  No one wants to be shown
off, particularly clears and OT's.

      If someone comes out claiming to be a showcase for someone who can
recognize the source of problems and make them vanish, the are sure to
attract crowds of people trying to be a problem to him to prove him

      So if you got it, and its fragile, don't flaunt it.

      It doesn't take long to get a being up to 'Knows clearing is a good
thing and ought to be continued.'

      From there on out, they keep coming back on their own, particularly
without the Church brainwashing, high prices, heavy ethics,
invalidation, evaluation, and disconnection etc.

      That really is the only way to audit and be audited, in a free safe
space, free of control.

      Anyhow when you demonstrate super human powers, particularly those
that could be a danger to those with withholds, you get 4 kinds of

      1.) Those that wish to follow you and learn how to do it

      These are the ones you are talking about.

      2.) Those that wish to follow you but NOT learn it themselves, they
just want you to take care of them, and they will become serious trouble
if you do not.

      They do not yet have the understanding to confront their past.

      3.) Those that will try to destroy you because you present a danger
to them being able to read their minds or do things they can't do.  Many
of the more insane will consider your gifts come from the Devil.

      4.) Those that want to own you as a weapon of war for their own
ends.  These are the most scary as they know the abilities exist, and
they will go after your friends and pets if you don't obey their will.

      Nah, safer to be a drunk in the street, or at least pretend to be,
and clear on side in the hush and hush.

      It's called staying Fabian.

      Not everyone can go clear that easily, regardless of what Hubbard
says, it takes ENORMOUS guts.  Far easier to find someone who is OT and
get them to take care of you.

      As Leonard Cohen said "Only drowning men could see Him", refering
to Jesus, and just so it goes.  Those that are not drowning in life, and
not in dire need of going clear, will more than likely have a negative
reaction to it.

      People don't like to admit they were Gods that came to think they
were pigs, wrong in other words, until they are forced to eat their
shame and chagrin in the matter.

      Hubbard talks about the wall of fire, he never mentions the wall of
shame.  Actually not true, just not so public about it.

      People are ready for the personal investment in being clear and OT
again when they would rather die than continue as they have been.

      It isn't easy admitting you are God in carnation and those that try
to prove that they might be, just scare the hell out of other people.

      For example if I could move a marble with my mind, I would actually
want to lose the ability quickly, lest I get recruited or crucified.

      And if anyone demonstrated to ME that they could move the marble, I
would shit in my pants and get very scared, and probably very unstable
for a long time.

      Even proving that prenatals are dead accurate would be a serious
error, because so many people don't want prenatals known.

      For example, mother was fucking the Mafia Boss who couldn't help
blabbing while screwing...

      But really the journey is a spiritual issue.

      People have become meatballs because of detested immortalities.

      On the other side of mortality is hell forever awaiting those that
wake up.

      The hell forevers aren't really forever, but the being sure thought
so when he ducked his head in a body.

      On OT III beings were waiting in line to be canned, "Can ME!  ME

      They were fighting over each other to get into the compactor
because of the restim of the earlier detested immortality.

      "Please I just want to die!  Oh its only the apparency of dying,
then I have to do it again and again?  That works, take me now!  ..."

      That is why exteriorization is so traumatic, REAL exteriorization,
not just bigger than the body, but out of the body, out of the universe,
it's because he is facing his detested immortalities again.  Most people
when they die try to duck back into another body so fast they don't have
the chance to sizzle.

      The apparency of mortality was invented to handle the apparencies
of hells forever.

      On the other side of hell forever is God awful beauty and power and
willingness to engage in the greatest of deceits on oneself.

      It's fear and danger all the way up the bridge to total peace.

      Worst that can happen is the person gets knocked back down again,
and it is so warm and safe in the mud where he can't remember
where he is and why he is there.

      So proof is available that each step of the way OT power is there
to be had.  You just gotta do it.

      Really if you just spent some time piecing together what your past
zillion years might have been like, ASSUMING YOU WERE IMMORTAL, you will
quickly get a feeling for the beauty and savagery of your past
experience that ended you up a meatball.

      Remember mortality is a state of decay from immortality in time,
and immortality is a state of decay from eternality above space and

      The top level decays were fair chosen, dives, if you will, into the
abyss of experience.

      Even auditing the beginning steps of ARC Straightwire and the Self
Analysis books, you will probably get glimpses of the immortalities that
were and are to come.

      At that point you don't need proof, you will just keep walking in
the right direction until you get where you want to be again.

      And when you get there, YOU will have not the slightest desire to
be shown off as a product.

      Because the issue really is not whether scientology or clearing or
dianetics work, but whether these states exist or not, and whether you
have attained them.

      You wouldn't want to be shown off no matter HOW you got there.


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