Slarty  wrote:
> The united states millitary would not have continued the remote
> viewing program for around a decade or longer if it didn't work.  I
> say this because I've no intention of talking to dogmatic materialists
> @ this ng.

     Well the problem with materialists is they think the 3 or 4 or 11
dimensional physical universe is actual rather than a virtual projection
in a 0 dimensional consciousness.

     They believe that consciousness is a process in something that the
consciousness perceives, namely its brain.

     That's like thinking a TV set works because of something seen in
the TV show.

     In an actual physical universe that could be true if the video
camera were pointed at the TV set's circuit boards, but the point
remains, in general, what is seen IN the TV set picture is not the cause
of the picture.

     If you are asleep at night, and you look in the mirror and cut the
top of your dream head off and see your brain, is that brain cause of
anything?  No, its a virtual projection.

     Same with the waking state, it is just another hallucination.

     When you wake up out of a sleep dream, you come back to this world.

     When you wake up out of this world, you come back to the next
higher world.

     Keep waking up, dream level after dream level, and you come to the
top which is the Big Snooze, no dream at all.

     Totally awake means totally sleep.

     Everything lower than that is dream state.

     It is cute that materialists call the dream state awake.

     So people who have faith in the existence of space and time because
they see space and time, and who believe their seeing of space and time
is the result of a process IN space and time (brain), will never be able
to deal with OT powers which are impossible in that model.

     The real demand for proof then is demand for proof that the world
is a dream in God's mind, me and thee.

     But then we just demand back that they prove that there IS actual
space and time that is NOT just a hallucination in the mind of God.

     They claim that the extraordinary claim bears the burden of proof,
well that's like saying that the claim the world is round bears the
burden of proof because everyone else thinks it is flat.

     Anyhow it is easy to prove that one CAN NOT prove that the physical
universe exists at all, since all we have contact with is our
consciousness of it.  Looking at B can never prove the existence of A no
matter how allegedly causally connected they are.

     Occam's sharpening strap says never to assert anything you can
prove you can never prove exists, so from there we work with the idea
that the external world is not in fact actual or external, but only a
dream of externality in a non dimensional consciousness, and see what
follows from that.

     Occam's razor itself says never add factors unnecessarily, well we
KNOW consciousness exists, then we go and assert out of whole cloth and
for no reason at all that the stuff we see in consciousness,
representations of space and time and matter and energy also exists,
thus adding 4 other factors.

     In other words because the represenation exists, we assert the
represented exists too.

     We KNOW cosnciousness exists, and we KNOW that we CAN NEVER KNOW if
the physical universe exists because all we can see is our conscious
representation of it.

     So why bother with the physical universe except to play its virtual
games of survive and succumb?

     Most people think that when they are dreaming, the dream is actual
but then they wake up.  Same for the waking state, it creates a strong
illusion of an external objective actuality that exists independent of
our consciousness of it, but in fact there is no way to prove it is

     The materialists have faith that consciousness exists inside the
external universe, but the other idea is that the virtual universe
exists inside of consciousness.

     THEY DON'T GET THAT, so talking to them is a waste of time until
that point is gotten across.

     *IF* the world is a dream, *THEN* OT powers are obvious.

     *IF* the world is a dream, how then might we have lost those
powers, and how then might we reattain them?

     You figure out some theory or another on the matter of loss and
regain, design an approach to recovery, and then try out your
experiments and see if they work.

     (Part of designing an approach to recovery is a security protocol,
you don't want people messing with the game if they succeed).

     A positive result acts as evidence that the world might be a dream,
and a negative result means back to the old drawing board until you get
it right or give up and become a meatball.

     If you can see the number on the 3x5 card taped to the back of your
head when you exteriorize during session, materialists are going to have
a fit, because EVERYTHING they think is wrong.

     I mean talk about chagrin.

     They have had their nose in a dream for a trillion years thinking
it was actual.  
     Remind me, how exactly dumb can you get?

     They weren't wrong actually, but only virtual.  Science works well
in the virtual universe using dream tools to measure dream events, but
at some point they have to start studying the DREAM PROJECTOR and how it
works, and that is a whole new ball game.

     You can't measure the source of the dream using dream tools, dream
meters etc.

     The perfect certainty that consciousness has of itself is not
possible in a multidimensional space and time, and so that perfect
certainty of self existence is very good evidence that space and time
might not exist at all.

     How are you going to interface a zero dimensional consciousness
with a 3 or more dimensional space time?

     A little thought will show you that a 0 dimensional to 3
dimensional interface coupler is unlikely.

     We KNOW the dream exists.

     Why postulate further except as a virtual reality?



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