Well the issue here is question asking itself.

     Auditing was built on the fundamentals of asking questions and
getting answers.

     Scientology is defined as the science of knowing how to know
answers to questions.

     The problem is that the being is so totally caught up in question
asking, that you can't possibly ask him a question without a trillion
years of failure convulsing on every question he ever failed to answer.

     "All aberration is waiting for an answer." - LRH Dianetics 55!
     Worse many questions are self answering, the QUESTION is the source
of the problem, and ceasing to ask the question is the answer to the

     All persistence of any kind is cemented into place by a question.

     Postulate -> Alter-Is -> Question -> Committment of Effort ->

     The guy postulates a spider, denies he created it (alter-is), asks
'what do I do about it?', commits effort to the answer (get a gun), and
the spider comes after him as he goes for the gun, which is persistence.

     The question is usually of the form, 'where did that come from, and
what can I do about it!'

     If he really wants to do something about it, he can make it again,
and it will vanish when he lets go.

     But the question asking COMMITS effort, and thus him, to his
consideration that he didn't make it and has no clue what to do about
it, and justice is you get what you postulate.

     Thus running,

     "What question are you asking?"

     is a great process, except it is a QUESTION!

     run instead,

    "Spot NO question."
    "Spot SOME question."

     A NO question would be a question the preclear or anyone is asking
but no longer knows it.

     "The Service Fac is an excuse for not expressing a resentment by
asking a question instead." - From Adore.
     Every service fac condition is cemented into place at the end of it
with a question about why it is there and what can I do about it?

     "Who or what is cause around here, and why is it such an asshole?"

     That is probably the generic who, what and why question, and your
top level listing question that is driving your pc nuts.

     Now that he has a persistence going, he asks further 'What can I DO
about it?' and away we go into time.

     It is all a deceit of magnitude because the being just put it there

     He KNOWS.  What then is he doing asking questions about how to get
rid of it except in order to keep it around?

     Question asking is an effort to continue not knowing the answer to
a problem, via pretending to want to know.

     He will ask the question on the pretense of wanting to know the
answer, which will make sure he never finds the answer, which is what he
wants underlying the deceit, a rough game.
     These lead to games that can never be won.

     The end result of question asking in auditing is the auditor asks
"Whatsit?" and preclear says "I don't know, you tell me, you are the

     The pc has turned the tables around on the auditor by getting the
auditor to answer 'What is wrong with me!', and that's called out of

     Even the questions asked during in-session sessions add up and
build on the bank which is all snarled up and persisting because of
failed or wrong answers to questions!

     And silly auditor thinks he is going to clean up that snarl by
getting some *RIGHT* answers to questions this time!

     Good luck.

     Primary dramatization is question asking!

     Run "What am I dramatizing?" until you are dead.

     Run "Spot NO/SOME dramatizing" until you are alive again.

     This is in part why auditing itself needs to be run out at the end.

     Every question that is asked of the preclear restimulates the
entire bank just that much.

     You think the preclear can ask just one question at a time?

     Dream on.

     You are trying to be laser precise in your auditing, yet your every
question kicks the whole bank into a great big grinding groan.

     Especially if the question or process you are running is not THE
exact question you should be running at this instance.  But who can ever
know ahead of time really what to run.  So while the preclear is trying
to answer the given question, he is also seeking for the right question
that should be being asked, which is self C/Sing in the chair as a
result of wrong C/Sing.

     Rather than add thousands and thousands of more questions to the
bank and time track, we want to spot questions that are already going on
and as-is them out of existence, particularly the questions that are
self answering and thus are killing the preclear while trying to find a
(by definition) wrong answer to them.

     If a question is self answering, then ANY further answer to that
question is a wrong indication, and the preclear will start seeking
those answers with a feeling of doom because he knows when he 'finds the
answer' he will feel just awful because Truth stinks.

     Below Grade 3, ARC Break Release, he knows this for sure, and thus
the worse he feels the closer to the truth he is sure he is.  Given two
possibilities, he will accept the one that makes him feel the loudest
and the worst.

     He has already missed the correct answer, the question itself, and
thus ANY search for another answer to that question is SEEKING a wrong
indication and thus leads down the path of final dismay.

     The prclear at Grade 3, ARC Breaks, will learn not to do this.

     He can get the correct answer to questions because he determines
the correctness of an answer by how good it makes him feel rather than
by how bad it makes him feel :)

     All ARC breaks stem from seeking the answer to a self answering

     That is the missed withhold!


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