The meatball wants proof within the meatball context.

     He spent a lot of money getting himself properly convinced of the
meatball world view, and now he wants someone to prove to him it was a
all a rip off.  :)

     OT powers can not exist in the meatball context of "space and time
are actual cause and consciousness is only a process in space time (the
     Machine's can't be certain of anything, let alone that they exist,
so no way can consciousness be a process in space time.

     OT powers can only exist in the dreamball context of consciousness
being actual cause, and space time being projected renditions of virtual
realities with no actual objective existence beyond our consciousness of
them.  The TV set (your consciousness) is actual, what's going on in the
TV set is virtual only.

     As long as a meatball believes in the actuality of his own
hallucinations of space and time, he will demand proof and think you
can't provide it.

     And he would be right.

     And if you did provide the proof he seeks, it wouldn't prove much
to him except that he had been an AssSoul of magnitude, and the meatball
would wakeup to become a dream ball, but probably not in very good

     His body might die of the shock.

     So preclear goes into session and audits a few hundred hours of
violations of the OT Prime Directive Protocol over the past 100
quintillion years, you know, he used this power to that end, and that
power to this end, and he regretted it and turned back time and that
really messed up everyone and so he tried to turn back time on turning
back time, and he got confused, and left the whole thing mid cycle, and
everyone in the universe is looking for him, and he runs out all these
violations of the OT Protocol, and finally he can move the marble on the
table again.

     WHEW!  What a withhold!

     Anyone who can CREATE a marble and PUT IT THERE, of course can move
it.  He uncreates it and puts a new one somewhere else.  Its just a

     If you practice this in your sleep dreams you will have greater
reality why you don't want to be doing this in the waking dream.

     But anyhow, this can only be done safely within the Protocol, that
is with game creators and not with game players, under strict rules of
operation, and never ever waste a move in life by mere demonstration of
ability except in practice with game creators at the same level of
protocol that you are, under tight security.

     As he leaves session, after auditing 100 hours of OT Protocol
violations and the trouble it got him and everyone else into, a meatball
comes up and demands that he prove he can move the marble.


     I think not.


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