OT III is a major war incident that is alleged to have happened 76
million years go, where in many beings from local galaxies were
captured, dumped on Earth in volcanos, hydrogen bombs were set off to
soften them all up, and then the beings were recaptured and canned by
telepathic and electronic means into large clusters and left to roam the
country side, to take over evolving humanoid bodies, and finally become
those that walk around on Earth today, me and thee.  Thus although each
being has a prime being who controls the lot, he is encased by possibly
millions of other beings who are sleeping or subservient to him (or not
as the case may be:)

      Notice the prime being may or may not have gone through the implant
himself, but almost assuredly many of his composit subservients did.

      Most of the controversy around OT III stems from the date and the
volcano places.  Unless Earth has been seriously terraformed in the past
76 million years, it is hard to reconcile the date and volcano's with
relatively solid scientific evidence to the contrary.

      This doesn't mean the incident didn't happen, although it could
mean that.  Or the date could be wrong, or it could have been JAI, just
another implant, or it could have been wrong universe, or dub in on the
real incident, Lord save us.

      Auditing theory says that when the proper date and location is
spotted the incident will run to erasure.  If the wrong date and/or
location is spotted, the incident may run, but never to erasure, because
the EXACT time, place, form, event has not been found and thus as-isness
of creation has not occurred.

      If 200 pc's were given the basic OT III incident but not the date
or location, they might come up with many different dates and locations,
but if the incident is true and does not contain implanted dates and
locations, then chances are those that find the incident and run it to
full erasure should all agree on the same date/location.  Unless it
happened many times in different times, but you would still have a small
pool of answers according to which occurance they ran.

      However by GIVING the preclear the dates and locations, not to
mention the content, one messes with the auditor's code, and it is
anyone's guess what 200 true believers would come up with or whether
anything would erase at all.

      It has been commented that trusting an E-meter read for anything is
bogus, but this is pretty well discounted by simple experiments that
anyone can do with date and locate.  People claim there is no science to
clearing, but there is a LOT of science to E-meters and their use.  But
there will always be people who complain about using the objective to
measure the subjective.

      This is of course bogus, doctors use client reports of effects all
the time to measure the effectiveness of a drug, whether or not there is
a known physical correlary to those subjective effects.

      So let's get away from this objective/subject crap, consciousness
is the only objective thing anyhow, and let's get down to real science.

      Although the E-meter is a bullshit detector, it only works well on
people who WANT to be audited, WANT to confess, and WANT the E-meter to
find the correct date/location/content.  If the preclear is opposed to
finding the correct data, the E-meter is constrained in its performance.
The e-meter is also constrained if the preclear has a vested interest in
what IS found.

      Let me tell you however, if you have ever seen an e-meter run on a
real incident, you will know that any efforts of the preclear to get it
to run on false incidents or incidents which are not ready to be run
yet, will be faint in comparison.

      But the point is, it is not the e-meter read that proves the date
anyhow, but the fact that the incident turned on, ran out with full
somatics, visio, sonic and thought, emotion and effort, and then erased
never to be seen again.

      The meter should be in accord with the running of the incident, but
it is the running of the incident to completion that gives evidence that
the date/location and content were correct.

      ERASURE measures truth, not E-meter reads.

      When incidents run, the incident itself GIVES you the content, you 
don't have to guess at it or force it any way.

      If one is guessing or forcing an incident to run according to a
predelivered script, you aren't running the incident.

      One is free to argue that one can not know if the incident really did 
run to completion without using the E-meter to see the F/N, or if it ran 
at all.  Indeed from the auditor's point of view, depending on the E-meter 
to determine erasure is dicey at best, but from the seasoned pc's point of 
view, he KNOWS whether the incident ran at all, the changes that happened, 
and whether it recessed or completed.

      In the end the meter is merely a tool to help us locate incidents 
suppressed down into the NO, REFUSED and SUB-REFUSED range of awareness, 
and only the preclear can tell us if the incident actually ran and 
benefited him.

      In fact the meter won't run on many 'SOME ITEMS' until the 'NO ITEM' 
is assessed for first!

      So many hot items have been missed by not checking the NO ITEM first, 
if missed or bypassed items were bricks you could build a whole church 
from them.


      From the solo point of view, one quickly learns that the E-meter is
deadly accurate except in some instances such as ARC breaks where it
won't read at all, or gives a False F/N.  Or one is so off the subject
that everything reads a little bit.

      But if you see session start with TA = 2.5 F/N, and during the run
go up to 5.5 totally stuck for an hour across 100's of items, until an
item is found and it cascades back down to 2.5 with a wider F/N, you
know damn well that the item was the item, that it needed to be run, and
the preclear will be better off for it, and will report so.


      And since you ARE that preclear in solo, you know damn well that
the report is not a false report and that clearing is a good thing and
should be continued.

      And the first time you spot a real RockSlam, and you feel it in
your body, and you see it on the meter, you will lose all doubts that
the meter reads as claimed, and that this can not be faked by preclear
either to himself or another.

      Beyond any other E/P's, that one E/P alone, "knows that clearing is
a good thing and should be continued," should be affirmed at the end of
every session.  If not, its a red tag even if the needle is floating.


      For much auditing, the only thing that goes clear in the being's
bank account.

      For good auditing, your bank should be going clear faster than your
bank account by a good margin.

      For bad auditing, your bank account will be going clear faster than 
your bank, and you should take notice and deal with it, with prejudice if 


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