> Alan's answer to What is a Code?
> A Code is basically the rules, diguises and creations by which you run your
> lives in order to attain what you WANT.
> A secret code means hidden rules, hidden disguises, hidden creations, hidden
> keys to understanding what has been encrypted.
> Having the Being's secret Code, is the key to decoding and finding those
> rules, those diguises, those creations, etc.

      I have always had a problem with Walter's and Hubbard's penchant
for secrets.

      I refused to get auditing from Walter ("come down to Dallas, we
will crack your case in a few hours"), because of his insistence on my
signing a non disclosure agreement concerning the tech and any codes

      This crashed me so hard, I couldn't resolve it, and so I told him
no, signing a non disclosure agreement on any form of tech or results
would violate my codes.

      He never saw more than a potential trouble source in me.

      I have no idea what my codes are, and it is very hard to talk about
them because of a total lack of solid real life examples from those who
have audited them.

      There are quite a number 'codees' now, people how have had their
codes found for them, but I am not sure if they are not speaking because
they truly believe that their codes should be kept secret, or because
they are still under the legal thumb of the late Walter and his
organization or fear expulsion.

      For some people, if someone doesn't GIVE them any tech, they don't
HAVE any tech.  Thus being cut off from tech can be a serious worry for

      I don't think there is any tech anywhere on the planet that I would
give a damn about if I lost access to it.

      I am not saying that tech doesn't work, although I might be saying
that their tech didn't or wouldn't work on me.

      And if it don't work on me, I sure as hell ain't interested in
using it on others that it might work on.  There are already too many
noodle-oos in the world.

      (A wog is someone who is not sufficient to his own survival if he
has no help.

      A noodle is someone who doesn't have any tech if he isn't given any

      The Church wanted to turn wogs into able beings, but stopped at the
point they became noodles, as to cognite your own tech was considered


      Being trained solely in another's tech leaves the being a noodle,
able to do what he is told, but he falls down when there is no one there
to tell him what to do.

      So you might say that a noodle is half way between a wog and a
fully able being.)

      On the other hand if some tech works for me, it will certainly work
on a noodle, although they might get over toasted sometimes.

      Tech for me comes from understandings, if one has even a modicum of
basic understandings related to desire and view, tech then comes from
cognitions that result from playing the game of living.

      COGNITIONS THUS GLEANED *ARE* THE TECH for the next mini process to

      Thus really once one is in even vaguely good shape of any kind and
oriented as to how it all works, cognitions don't come from tech, tech
comes from cognitions while runnnig the process called life.

      May LRH roll over in his grave.

      The process one runs is adoration of operation of desire and view
which we call living.

      If you ain't living, or you are detesting operation, then something
has to change between desire and view, and you can only change false
desires and false views.  So anything that gets you closer to the true
lies will free you.

      Anyhow I just simply refused to be owned or controlled by anyone
period.  Back in the Church days I complained about feeling I was
becoming Hubbard's lackey, because he 'saved' my soul and now I owed him
an eternity of service.

      For me, well I ain't going to be around for eternity for them to be
in service to me, so when I help someone or give someone a piece of
workable tech, it is THEIRS, end of deal.

      I don't think I have ever told someone, here's a really good tech
tidbit but I am only going to give if to you if you promise never to
reveal it to anyone or pass it on to others.

      I am not in the business of creating spiritual secrets and

      The snot nosed lords of secrecy will say that I don't have any tech
worth knowing, look at how well it hasn't worked on me!

      Emphasis on the word snot, let these wizzards give me the proof in
their own words, and let's see how long they stay standing.


      I once tried to show Harry Palmer the proof, and had him give it
back to me in his own words.  Not a single clue what it was about.

      Then I gave him a very short personal session on it, right there in
his living room, and suddenly he got real silent, and he looked at me
and you know what he said?

      He said, "Homer, don't ruin people's games."

      Well now if you want to be a barnacle on the inside of the drain to
hell, that's fine by me, but me, I think it's time for a little drano.

      Now I have to admit that religions down the ages have always had
their secrets, so has science and math for that matter, that the broad
public should not know about.

      The Bible tells us not to throw pearls before swine, and since
earth seems like one big Oscar Mayer Bacon Factory, being open can be

      Particularly if you are going after spiritual freedom and ability.

      Well the religious bigots don't want you getting there, the CIA
wants to know about it if you do, and generally you lose your ownership
over your own life if anyone ever takes you seriously about going free.

      Thus we must be careful never to be taken seriously :)

      But one has to ask a few salient questions.

      Is it really true that a being needs to keep his most fundamental
codes, operating procedures, and desires a secret to win at his games?

      Are these merely trade secrets in a win-lose game of competition
where there can only be one winner?

      Or are these dramatizations down at ...ruin, despair, suffering,
numbness, introversion, inactuality, disaster, hysteria, shock
catatonia, oblivion, duality, SECRECY, hallucination, sadism,
masochism...  on the awareness characteristic chart?


      Does a being really need secrets of this magnitude to win?

      Or even to play?

      Does he really need others to not know what he is BEING in order to
move forward in the games of life?

      What about the group mind?  Is he individuating away from total
meld with others in order to keep his secret BEINGNESSES intact?

      What happens if someone misses his secret?

      Now Hubbard was worried about coffee shop auditing, 'any auditing
is better than no auditing' became 'you audit out of session and you are
dead for eternity.'

      Particularly when the GPM materials started to surface in 1962 with
R2-3D criss cross.

      GPMS are Goals Problem Masses, that are formed when a being takes
on certain games that are available to be played in this universe or

      They consist of a ladder of rungs, each rung is an item pair of
terminals that would oppose each other.

      Bottom rung at beginning of GPM might be

      God - Devil

      The being starts off trying to be Godly, and ends up crossing over
to becoming Devilish.  Usually the goal at the end nearest present time
is the opposite of the goal at the beginning.  Thus the guy starts off
as a saint and ends up as a monster.  Easy to fail at being a saint,
hard to fail at being a monster, you see?

      That's the slippery slope, the 'sashay', the 'dosey doe' down the
GPM (from bottom to top nearest present time!) that sinks beings and
organizations, sometimes in one life.

      Implanted GPMS had a number of rungs, maybe 17 to 19, with a middle
rung called the cross over, and were used mostly to trap and control

      Personal GPMS, had far fewer rungs and were the top level games of
the being in this universe.

      You might see how possible top level goals such as To Find, Look
For, Discover, or Search For, might keep a being busy for eons.

      R2-3D criss cross got the being to spot the various item pairs and
run them out so he was no longer dramatizing them.

      It was during this time that Hubbard gave a lecture where he
clearly had crossed over from openness to secrecy.  The reason at the
time was people were auditing GPMS out of session and seriously messing
up people.  The stuff is dangerous and it was almost impossible to
repair people after they messed it up.

      You simply can not contact the goal to look for without the danger
of burning your eyes out.

      You are auditing an item that may have hundreds of lifetimes on one
rung after all, open it up wrong and it can bend the body in two.

      One of the more dangerous aspects of this auditing was the
forgotten item, a person would think of an item out of session, not
write it down, and then not be able to remember it later.  That would
stop auditing cold.  If you have ever forgotten an important cognition
and never gotten it back, you know how crashing this can be.  So Hubbard
didn't want people even THINKING about auditing or their items out of
recorded session.

      Me I carry a digital recorder with me at all times :)

      Forgetting a cognition and never getting it back can be a
life long loss.

      But all that to contrary, I saw long ago that a proprietary system
for clearing, distributed only on an as you can pay and are approved of
basis, controlled by a monolithic military command structure with the
stated purpose of controlling the world, was simply never going to work.

      Hubbard knew that he had to give people new games to play, as the
auditing disintegrated the aberrated human games they had been playing.
In offering freedom from, he had to also offer freedom to, for a being
will not give up a game unless their is another better game to play.

      So the organization became that better game for clears and OT's.

      The problem is the people in it just aren't that clear or OT, so
its more like a machine gone mad where all the parts and people in it
are aberrated all the way from mildly human and neurotic, down to
totally intergalactically criminal.

      Such structures are hives for criminals that bubble to the top of
the power structure, where they can hide out and protect their

      Healthy people seek advancement due to ambition and a sense of
civil duty.

      Criminals seek advancement in order to *HIDE* and control.

      Once the advancement process has one or more criminals with their
fingers in the proceedings, well its like a cancer, the org is done for.
Criminals act as filters, filtering out the healthy ones and advancing
the criminal ones.  Eventually the whole org can become criminal from a
certain level on up.

      Public coming in at the bottom don't know this, but once they
enter, they and their bank accounts become sheep to be eaten, kind of
like the Morlocks and the Eloi in the Time Machine.

      When clearing is controlled by criminals you have a serious problem
on that planet.  Might as well nuke the place for containment sake.

      I also saw that any system of helping people that absolutely
depended on needing others to help you, led to people being stuck in
dependency and need for help.

      There is nothing wrong with help, everyone wants to help others,
and everyone wants to be helped.  It's a no brainer that sometimes two
people can get a job done faster than one, and its also obvious that
sometimes people get themselves into a jam where they need to be helped
to come out alive.

      In fact civilization moved along out of the ice age because the
group became differentiated, so everyone needed everyone else.

      All for one and one for all.

      Trying to get auditing done on raw public without a group of
support terminals can be daunting.  But eventually the group seeks
support from hirees that are just there for the job, they don't come
because they want to be clearing people, they come in because they need
to pay the rent.  The org tries it's best to convert them after the fact
of putting them on the job, but it fails.  That is part of how the
criminals get in.

      One for all, and all for none.

      But all that said, there is something wrong with making help the be
all and end all of existence.

      And there is nothing wrong with helping yourself and helping others
to help themselves.  Teach them to fish in other words, rather than make
them dependent on your fishing or insist that you fish together.

      There is nothing wrong with needing help once in a while, but to
make a religion of needing help is self defeating.  The being wants to
handle his dependencies, not cement them into place.

      Spiritual freedom does not mean needing help for the rest of time.

      If you want to help OTHERS, you will probably need a trusted group
to help you help others, but you should also be able to help yourself
when needed.

      Hubbard once said "Those above 2.0 on the tone scale don't need
help (but can create and use it), and those below 2.0 can't be helped."


      Now back in the days when Dianetics was trying to clear people on
an irresponsibility, namely as victims, what had been done to them,
Hubbard said rightly that the pc's bank is bigger than the pc, but the
auditor plus the pc is bigger than the pc's bank.

      That's because the auditor wasn't being a victim!

      And this is true, when looked at from the motivator point of view,
what has been done to the pc, the preclear has more energy tied up in
victim charge than he has left to handle himself or anything.  Thus help
is needed.

      The very thought "I need help with this", postulates the continued
existence of the *THIS* that the preclear is demanding help for.

      The preclear thinks he needs help, so he does.  The help he should
get however, if its good help, is help that gets him over his need for
help and quick.  But early on the bridge this is rare indeed.

      That is why in early dianetics the preclear was expected to just
sit there, and the auditor was expected to move him on the track for
him!  The preclear merely had to confront and report what was going on.

      Hard enough work I suppose as it is, but to need someone else to
rub your track in your face for you, in order for you to get at what you
need to get at, well that's called degradation.

      And leads to a highly dependent pc who can't for the life of him
figure out what you did to help him even after hundreds of hours of it,
and he certainly can't do it to others.

      But the joke is, that when looked at from the overt point of view,
what the pc has done to others, the preclear alone is bigger than his
bank because looking at overts immediately keys the bank out.

      The way to happiness is a true confession.

      When the preclear is running a true confession, the preclear is
BEING THE AUDITOR, in fact a total OT auditor, and thus the track obeys
him and not his auditor!  In fact since the preclear is now the auditor,
the other being who used to be the auditor will find it very hard to run

      Thus when running other determinism, you need other determinism to
run it.

      But when running self determinism, you not only do not need other
determinism to help you run it, you might want to kick that other
determinism out of your session, because it will only slow you down, if
it insists on being in control!

      May the good Lord Ron Hubbard find a more comfortable resting
position in his grave.

      But rather than clarify the issues, Church dogma has stayed with
the idea that a preclear's bank is bigger than the preclear, at least in
the beginning of auditing, and the preclear plus auditor are bigger than
the preclear's bank.  That makes the auditor necessary and gives him job

      Unfortunately what often happens is that the auditor's bank plus
the preclear's bank are bigger than both the auditor or the preclear.

      If the thought of going into session WITH SOMEONE ELSE is a glum
area for you, you might just want to indicate to yourself the above and
see if it cheers you up any.

      Most auditors auditing today are banks with certs.

      Notice however, although you may not want to go into session with
someone else, you still want others to go into session with you as the
auditor.  So you have to admit some affinity for help, even if it is
only on the giving side and not the receiving side.

      So I have always erred on the side of openness, trying to find a
route to case gain that did not involve anyone else.  We just don't have
the time on a planetary scale to make all the party arrangements.
Barriers of travel alone stop people from getting auditing from good
auditors, and often preclears find themselves spending more money on
airplanes and accommodations than they do on the auditing.

      The internet has changed this somewhat, in that now there are
e-meters that work over the net, and people can talk by phone and use
video cameras to see each other, and so sessioning can take place once
one gets used to the communication lag that the internet imposes on
meter reads.

      One also has to admit that getting auditing from a professional is
highly desirable compared to trying to do it alone from scratch.  So the
only reason why one would go it alone is either lack of time or funds to
pay someone else, or lack of other people worthy of auditing with,
professional or not.

      Picture an army of banks carrying e-meters...

      Sometimes you HAVE to do it alone, in secret, away from your
'friends', state spies, suppressive parents, the PTA, controlling
governments, religious bigots, warlords, not to mention YOUR OWN GOD

      So if you have the data necessary to start and continue the process
alone, certainly you have the ability to audit with others if and when
the time comes.

      But the problem is that auditing alone involves auditing from the
top down.  You DO NOT start at the bottom, and try to work your way up.
You do not start for example with Dianetics, although you might start
with the Self Analysis memory and mockup lists.

      Being able to make a fresh new mockup of a desirable future is
always better than trying to duplicate past mockups of detested futures.

      So really the way out is the way in.

      If you know how you came in, you can figure your way out by
learning to operate coming in again.

      Thus you have to know something of what the top looks like and how
we came down from there.  Now since YOU did the bungee jump into the
abyss, you should be able to figure this all out yourself, but if you
are lacking in imagination it can be useful to get some basic data from
someone else.

      In theory you don't need a hell of a lot.

      And it all has to do with responsibility, choice, desire, view, and
the ability to confront guardian dicoms until they no longer impede you,
incredibility, impossibility, forbiddenness, ridiculousness, absurdity,
danger, too good to be true, etc.

      If you had the ability to chose anything you wanted, what would the
AllThatIs have to be to accommodate you, and what would you choose?

      That involves knowing what you want, and seeing your way in to the
mess you are in.

      And if you are playing a game that depends on secrets, 'the way to
BE is to hide', well then that's fine.  But don't be surprised to find
them on the front page of the New York Times after some spiritual hacker
pokes his nose into your holy of holies.

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