> Homer: IF our existence is a  MOCK UP......as  you stated.....then why not
> mock up cracking it....and VOILA...

      Actually you would want to mock up making it uncrackable.  The way 
out is the way in.

      This is a very involved question, and a very good one.

      Part of the problem is wrapping one's wits around the enormity of
what one mocked up, and the enormity of what one is, that one could
have, would have, should have mocked up this place in the first place.

      Part of the disappointment with Hubbard was how easy he said it was
going be.

      Hurry in the matter is way underjudging what you have taken on in
trying to go clear.

      Part of this is answered in TRIAD/CHOICE/HELP of the last few
weeks.  And the earlier postings on unduplicatable intentions.

      The being has a massive problem staying lost, staying in the dream
and not waking up.

      Thus one can expect he has gone to great trouble to make sure this
time it is hard to find his way out.

      Joke is, once he finds his way out his first reaction will be 'Whoa
that was easy!' no matter how hard it was.

      Part of the problem from the down under point of view is the nature 
of infinite charge.  The being who never fell for the mortal nonsense 
doesn't have this problem and most of early wins in Scientology were with 
step 1 and step 2 beings, those that could get out of their bodies easily. 
Route 1 beings in Creation of Human Ability.

      Ah but then there are Route 2 beings you see, steps 3 4 5 6 and 7
beings, a hint lies there.  Their problem is mortality and the infinite
charge it lays down about infinite loss of an infinite number of
futures.  Bringing a being from step 5 where most of us are up to
a step 1 that can get out of their body at will is almost impossible
with existing tech.

      These guys need a whole book, the rest of Creation of Human Ability, 
just to bring them up to Route 1 beings you see.  And whether that Route 2 
even works is very open to question.

      Promising clear to someone who can exteriorize at will and always 
could even if he never did before he walked into the Church, and promising 
clear to a Black V who can't see, hear, feel or remember anything are two 
totally different ball games.

      The being has an ENORMOUS amount of charge on being a body, and he
fears the life of the body will be forfeit should he go close to it.
Heart poundings come to mind, but also just plain body death if he looks
at something too dangerous or too ugly to look at.

      Thus protection of the body makes case gain go slow and careful.

      Further the being is in a valence that can't conceive it would ever
have done all this stuff to itself, and so the ARC break with self and
Source is very strong.

      Most beings are down below oblivion, they have no clue where they
been, where they are, or where they are going.

      And they have no clue 'who or what is cause around here and why is
it such an asshole!'

      And no recognition of responsibility.

      Bodies have been tortured to unfathomable levels over the past
track and once that starts turning on, fools rush in where angels dare
not tread and Gods go running for their Mamas.

      So the being fears getting better at the same time as it fears
getting worse.

      And the being feels itself alienated as Creature, from itself as

      The being doesn't like its creator side any more, and in truth a good 
Author is not the same as a good Character, and what is virtue for the 
Creator is not virtue for the Creature.

     Mostly it is the inconceivability at the creature level of the
beauties, power and willingness of the Creator to get lost as a Creature
in hell forever.

     "Safety is hell and high water via Eternal Omni Awesome Peace."
From Adore.

     The being is safer in whatever hell and high water he is in, than
as a Creator who might design something worse for himself you see.

     The creature also doesn't WANT to be the Author again because he
WAS the Author and so he wants to enjoy the story already written, even
though it needs a bit of editing for improvement.

      So we are trying to produce a being who can handle both Creator and
Creature aspects in his living, and thus lead a desirable existence no
matter how much adventure might be involved.

      And not catch on fire by looking into the eye of the dragon
too fast.

Mon Dec 14 17:24:35 EST 2009