But what is lacking here is a sense of actual hours in the
chair using any of the tech to produce gains in others.

     If so were the gains real?

     And also lacking is a sense of auditing you received to give you
reality on the gains you were giving?

     Anyhow really cool writeup, I understand 'owning orgs' in general, I 
have been doing it all my life in and out of scientology.  I call it 
weaseling, getting what I want.  But it is all ARC applied properly.  I am 
such a GOOOOOOD guy, so sweet and honest and TRUST WORTHY, people fall 
over themselves to break the rules for me.  I try to live up to my 
reputation :()

     ARC means Affinity, Reality, and Communication, or from Adore,
Clear harmony, Accord, and Co-Communication.

     OK, Mr Meatball, now let's take up the two theories

     Dreamball vs Meatball

     Do you understand clearly the differences so you can make rational 
scientific comment, or do you wish me to go over it in detail?

     My position is

     1.) There are two theories, dreamball and meatball, mutually 
exclusive, with a possible third one, hybrid, inbetween for beginners.

     In the meatball theory, consciousness is a process in the brain.

     In the dreamball theory the brain is a (virtual) process in 
consciousness.  So is the entire apparent external universe, a dream.

      2.) OT powers are only possible in the dreamball model, and not the
meatball model.  OT powers are telepathy, telekinesis, exterior
perception, remove viewing, and creation and destruction of dream stuff,
namely what the meatballs call matter, energy, space and time (MEST).

      By OT power, we mean any ability that violates the norm,
particularly those that provide evidence that the meatball theory is
wrong.  Meatballs hate that and become violent, terrorized and covert
when this happens.

      OT means Operating Thetan, a thetan in royal operating condition.

      A thetan is a conscious unit or GodSoul.

      An OT is the opposite of a Theetie Wheetie, a thetan who can't
conceive of ever have have done anything wrong, but beyond that a a
thetan who can't conceive of having any responsibility for his

      3.) People have proof and evidence confused, we can provide
evidence for one model or the other.  We might be able to disprove one
model by doing something which that model says is impossible such as
full exterior with perception, or telekinesis etc.

      However we can prove that we can NEVER prove that the meatball
theory is correct, because looking at B (our consciousness) will never
give us perfect certainty of A (MEST).  That's the proof in action, two
different things can never be certain of each other.

      THE PROOF http://www.lightlink.com/theproof

      4.) Should the dreamball theory be true, operation of OT powers are
governed by strict security protocols, most easily described as
'demonstrate upwards'.  In other words only use powers around those that
have your level or higher of ability, unless you are in a training
relationship with someone lower than you, in which case security needs
to go through the roof.

      5.) Best way to demonstrate OT powers to someone is to rehab the
powers in the person wanting the proof.  Then he can demonstrate to
himself and others at the same level all day long, called practice.

      One quick process to run with someone is:

     "What power or ability would you like to have?
      What would you do with it?"

      Run repetetively, through the Wall of Glibness, to major win and

      E/P minimally no longer a prove it case.  Hopefully no longer a
dogmatic meatball case either.  Possible return of OT 'shimmer'.  Hey if
someone doen't know what that is, have them run the process!

      OT shimmer means not only are the lights turning on inside
the head, the *BEAUTY* is turning on also.

      OT shimmer can be scary because in fact it is a dicom of
beauty and ugly.

      Further there is a range of beauties and uglies having to do with
each point of the triad: mortality, immortality and eternality.

      The beauties of mortality are hardly worth talking about, most
of them are dripping in numbness and sorrow.

      The beauties of immortality however are scorching hot with pain and
loss and betrayal and hell forever.  Why do you think the meatball
became a meatball?

      Beyond that are the healing halcyons of classy tears, love,
laughter and peace of eternality.  With them comes candy lands that are
almost unimaginable, the lights are on, and the lights are beautiful
eternally friendly and without problem.


      That's OT shimmer, it's when eternality starts to break through the
two walls of immortality and mortality, of hell forever and death
forever, and you can't quite keep it around, because you keep getting
scared by the two walls, but it keeps coming back on its own and it
turns your consciousness to candy for a moment where desire is fulfilled
in the mere awareness of itself.

      Run the damn process anyhow.

      Don't solo it, be OT, find someone else who wants to be OT too.

      Ron in his normal plodding fashion called it 'Awareness of
Awareness is sufficient communication.'

      And lay off the drugs, they will throw you into the immortalities
before they allow you near the eternalities.

      6.) In the dreamball theory, meatballism is fair chosen, as is full
irresponsibility for condition.  So if someone wants to be a pearlless
swine, all the more power to him.  But please take the swine poo to
a.r.s., it could use some air freshening.

      On the other hand, if the meatball understands the dreamball
theory, and is willing and interested to come up to 50/50 on which is
true or not, there are those that are willing to apply them selves to
that end.  Once the being reaches 50/50, well it is up to him to keep
his damn mind open, and the world will show him the rest as he dares.

     Homer, inveterate dreamball.

Homer Wilson Smith     The Paths of Lovers    Art Matrix - Lightlink
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On Mon, 14 Dec 2009, Ted Mayett wrote:

> On 9 Dec 2009 16:19:55 -0500, homer@lightlink.com wrote:
>> Ted Mayett  wrote:
>>>>     Remind me again how much Scn you have done?
>>>>     Homer
>>> The long version, or just the Titles?
>>     Whatever feels comfortable.
>>     Homer
> Thanks for your patience.  As far as Processing Titles go, I may not
> even have a full one of those.  But for Training Titles, those are of
> a substantial number.
> SS 0,1 and 2.  And they told me I was the only one in many years to go
> to SS 2.
> Some advanced Dianetics Auditing course, it was involved is all I
> really remember.
> Student Hat, M1 Co-Audit, Purif, pts/sp course.  Some of the TR's and
> Objectives.  Several variations or versions of the Comm course.  Of
> course that free FSM course, and probably any and all variations on
> that FSM thing.
> Beyond these a score of what I called "meat" courses at the time.
> Things like Dynamics of Money, Ups and Downs in Life Course, and so
> on.  You see I would drift in and out of org life on a whim.  They
> never had an address on me, just a POB.  Never a phone number, only my
> beeper number.  And when you drift back in after a prolonged absence,
> welllllll, you weren't really part of it unless you came out of pocket
> with some money for a course.  And then as a student on course, you
> had complete run of the org and were an outstanding member in good
> standing, and etc.  I must have done close to a dozen "meat" courses,
> and really cannot remember the titles.  They were simple things and
> the trick was dragging them out without being obvious about that.
> Now beyond these courses, well per the tech, as a legit student, you
> were allowed access to the courseroom even when not scheduled for
> course.  And I took great advantage of that opportunity and read quite
> a bit, read a lot of Hubbard.  And at that time it was $2 to listen to
> a tape play in the courseroom, for students, when not on actual course
> time.  I listened tapes, but only about 20 of them maybe in total.
> Tapes put me to sleep, I was a speed reader.
> I knew more tech than only one guy there, the course sup.
> The first course I ever took however cost $10.  It was based on that
> Minshall book, How to Choose Your People, it covered the Tone Scale.
> My twin was this OT named Ray for this course, and it was fun, fun,
> fun.  It grabbed my attention fully, this tone scale thing.  The zero
> to 40 part, I never related that much initially to those minus tones,
> just sort of ignored those.
> And I got lucky because of this guy Ray.  He was an ARC freak, he used
> arc, he was totally enamored of arc.  And he took me by the hand and
> laid it out slowly as time went by.  Showed me it all, arc.  Because
> it is spread all over the place, some in Problems Of Work, some in
> this book, that book, this PL that red on white, and so on, all over
> the place.
> I understood arc and communication, I could use them, and I owned both
> orgs because of that.  They were helpless before me, they never stood
> a chance.  All they were doing is selling the stuff, while I was
> actually using the stuff.
> Doing that M1 co audit, and it seemed to me that a needed emeter drill
> was missing from the checksheet.  I point it out to the sup, and tell
> him I'm doing that drill even though not required.  It was, I don't
> know, maybe a year later I go in the org and he has this big smile on
> his face for me.  So I ask, "ok dave, what is happening?"  He says a
> new m1 co audit checksheet came, and that drill was now on the
> checksheet.  So that's the kind of student I was.  I was there and
> tuned in.
> Does this answer?
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