BT's are Body Thetans, often clusterd into groups from 2 into the
trillions that are attached to or involved in the personal body space of
a thetan.  Beings in dreams are BT's, whether they have bodies or not,
sometimes they are just clouds with intention coming out of them.

     Most of them are simple minded, you can ask them questions and they
will respond up to a point, but then they break up.

     The larger the cluster controlling a body or dreamscape, the more
intelligent and powerful it can be.  Since any of them can be obnoxious,
ie.  they try to ruin your dream, or beat up on you, or otherwise act
like delinquent bullies and assholes, it is useful to know how to handle
them in the dream.

     Back many years ago I used to have a recurring dream where I had to
take a leak, so I found a bathroom and was standing at the urinal and
someone else would come in and stand right by me at the very next urinal
over.  Since I can't take a leak while other's are watching.  This used
to piss me off no end.

     Also every time I would try to jump up and start flying, someone
would try to stick their finger up my ass to distract me.  God I hate

     Or every time I wanted to whack off in the dream or make out with a
girl, beings would wander in and interrupt me.

     Eventually I learned how to puddle these guys, or at least make
them behave, I have no desire to ruin or harm them if they will just
start acting decent and leave me lone.

     The process runs pretty much like this.

     For real nasty demon clusters you have to hold their eyes with your
eyes, or it just won't sink in.  Get their eyes locked in with yours and
just don't let go of eye contact.  They won't be able to look away.

     "YOU ARE A BT!"

     Said accusatively with finger pointing at them, or ta least with a
clear indication that you know it, they know it, you know they know it,
and they know you know they know it.

     They idea is not to let them make you miss their withhold on it.



     No need for an answer on these two but give them a chance.  I have
never gotten an answer back from any cluster, but just asking is
sufficient to disarm or puddle them.


     Often clusters will start counting up like an adding machine, click
click click, 1 3 7 14 24!  They smile broadly and they leave you alone.

     Some will not answer, you need to assess until they go eyes wide.
1 10 100 1000 millions billions trillions 100 trillions etc.  If that
doesn't work, probably too high to count for the moment,

     You may have to invent numbers to count higher, real high, like
use scientific notation if you have to.


     This one has never failed but I can never remember it when I need

      Repeat the above as many times as necessary.

      If nothing works, call off 'WHO AM I' instead, use the I form
rather than the you form.  Get them to spot you.  That worked once


>>  Regarding the BT drill.....Are they under our control if  we use   Tone
>> 40......Your drill indicates  that.....

Homer said:
> Yes, if you can get them to merely spot what, who and how  many,
> they will disintegrate the evil purp and become docile like well fed
> puppies.

>> DO I HEAR "IF"????

      Many of them are bigger than you, and the higher the count of
beings in the cluster, the more intelligent and powerful they are.

      In my dreams where I deal with NOTS and clusters all the time, I
have had beings so powerful they could pick me up and throw me across
the room.  I had one pick my BED up and throw it across the room with me
in it.  Never saw the guy, scared the living daylights out of me.  Talk
about chills up the spine.  Ever worry about something under your bed?
Well that night in that dream there was something under my bed.

      I even had to learn how to move through walls lest I get seriously
cracked up by being tossed into walls.  Walls are like thick molasses,
if I relax enough I can ooze through them, but if I flinch, they are
hard as concrete and hurt like hell at 30 miles an hour head on.

      I had a whole army of ghouls coming at me once and I started the
usual 'what are you' etc, and they all started laughing and chanting
bodies dragging body parts behind the, eye balls falling out, all
chanting and sneering in unison.

      I started asking them how many they were, meaning each individual
body/ghoul, they just kept coming and laughing, until I got to 10
trillion.  Then I saw a wave go through the crowd, a shudder, like a
disturbance in a pond, but they kept on coming.  However the moment I
got to 100 trillion, they all stopped dead in their tracks, their eyes
when wide open and that was the end of them.

    You will find as you make case gain that dreams become a big auditing
ground for beings who are trying to obnox you.  I have written too much
on this to repeat it here, it is all in the archives, the little
clusters of 1 to 5 beings puddle easily with YOU ARE A BT!.  The rest
get harder and harder, and sometimes you have you ask them who am I etc,
before they will blow.

    Often I have dreams where I can not puddle the cluser, and they win, 
and I wake up.

    Then I got to get better at it.

    On yeah, the last group that I couldn't puddle even at 100 trillion,
I finally had to say 'YOU ARE REAL PEOPLE!"  And that stopped them all.

      I also had a lot of fun telling people 'Thank you for being in my
dream,' it doesn't handle obnoxious BT's, but it does make for a lot of
affinity between lots and lots of friendly sleeping beings.

      I also interview beings often, if they are simple clusters however
it will puddle them, they disintegrate and leave a color puddle on the

      Also never ask a friendly being its name, that will puddle it and
you will feel bad for unmocking them.

      I also get times when I am surrounded by swarms of people, far too
many, I get panicked, and I have found that if I just put out the
thought, 'make room you are too dense in this area' they will.  I don't
have to say it, just think lightly and give it a moment to work.

      I have also had a lot of fun with room fulls of students in dreams
with 'Everyone take off their shirt!' Once one starts doing it, they all

      Swarms of bugs are handled simply by not flinching and letting them

      Read read read, lots of stuff in my archives going back two or
three years where all this is covered.


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