Long ago when we were doing T-shirts, every night I would fall into
a nightmare of whirling energy where I couldn't remember my name or who
I was or where I was, and it felt like I would never recover them.

      Accidentally I learned that while in this nightmare if I asked

      "Who do I still want to murder?"  
      "Withheld/Refused Apology?"

      the nightmare would suddenly stop and everything would be fine.

      Problem was I could never remember those phrases when it turned on
because my memory was being ripped from me.

     We slept on the ground on a fouton, and next to my side were boxes
and boxes of fractal t-shirts, so I wrote on the side of the box those
two phrases.  Thus I could wake up, and with one eye remember the
phrase, go back into the nightmare and use them.  This worked fine and
as time went on the nightly mares started to lose power as if the
incident was running out.  This might have happened over 7 to 10 days of
the same thing every night.

     Then one I night the nightmare turned on, fear was dripping off the
walls and I was about to use my magic phrases as I was getting good at
this, didn't need the reminders on the boxes any more or the flash
lights to read them, and I said "Aw screw this, and I *DIVED* into the
center of whirlpool".

     Suddenly all the fear waves turned into pleasure waves, and I was
surrounded in warm candyland beauty.  All pain was gone from the dream.

     The nightmare never happened again.

     Incident erased.

      Hubbard talks about the whirlpool implants in History of Man I


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