> I remember back around 1996 when
> this NG was HAPPENIN, from my pov/@least relatively.  It's now pretty
> much dead/way too bad, too.  I think the fz is way more important than
> the FZ, if you dig?

     Yes true.  Generic fz as opposed to FZ (tm).  fz = freezone

     For me I got talked out, core dump done, now everything
I post is new, but it can take weeks of going between
new gains, unless I get into discussion with various people
like you and a few others.

> I don't think so.  I just wish scientology critics would get it
> streight and go from there.  I imagine I sound like I'm working for
> OSA sometimes.  I think the fz is still embryonic/in danger of staying
> that way, if it oesn't find an optimum solution to it's inherant
> problem, which is something like this:  lrh said there are no hidden
> comm lines to him.

    Uh I believe he lied about that one, surely.

> I also wish more scholar wogs could understand
> what makes lrh great/ write about such.  I want scientology to be
> accepted w/out being declawed.

     Yeah that goal is always there.  Well I got 2 billions years
left on my sea org contract to make it happen.

     However I have a problem with a central monolithic control structure 
for clearing.  I thought at one time that it was the way, but competition 
is the only thing that keeps everyone straight.

     That's my computation on life, so the one church way to clearing is no 
longer of interest to me.  Being an Only One and wanting to be an Only One 
is nuts just as Hubbard said it was.

     Different people take different routes, mine is very LRHish, and in 
the basics is very closely aligned.  But in the specific approach, its way 
different, although it may not be that different if one wants to consider 
LRH non standard tech across all the years.

     But I am definitely looking for a route ALONE to OT, not to a well and 
happy human being, like LRH said clears are a waste of time, we need OT's. 
And OT's tend to be very independent until they form a group mind.  And I 
just don't see one group forming any more.

>>     I used to be one of them until I understood the underlying view
>> of the cosmic all, universe arose out of consciousness, that allowed
>> all the new age crystal gazer nonsense to be possible.
> I wouldn't be surprised.  Why is the trap so tough?

      We made it that way because we got sick of figuring it out so easily. 
The goal was to create a game that would never end.  Impossible, but we 
tried again :)

      Technically it is tough because we continue to not-is earlier
levels of it, collapsing beginning and end with nothing in between.

      Auditing itself is a form of higher level dramatization that
just sinks us 2 steps every time it frees us 3 steps.
That is why AUDITING needs to be run out.

      Hidden levels of alter-is and not-is cause as-is to fail.  One just 
needs to keep on digging and enjoy as best as possible along the way. 
The game is intentionally bigger than we know, so we fail in trying to 
duplicate it.

      Many in the beginning are trying to as-is the game to get rid of it, 
but they haven't a clue what they would replace it with. A more mature 
approach that leads to faster case gain is the goal to opimize the games 
of life, so one isn't interested in auditing any more.

      "Sorry I had too much fun today playing tennis to come into
tennis classes..."

>>     Then I had a long series of ascension experiences that convinced me
>> there was something here that needed explaining very badly,
> via scientology?

    Not sure what that means.  My interest in scientology was an absolute 
alignment between Hubbard and me on the world is a mockup in 
consciousness, and we are totally responsible for our own condition and 
everyone elses, as we all pre existed any existing condition.

    In otherwords the world was created by unanimous agreement.

    We also agreed on the importance of dicoms, and the 4 conditions
of existence, as-is, not-is, alter-is and isness.

    From there it became a matter of approach to untangling the mess, and 
there are lots of ways up the mountain although most go in circles on the 
side.  I had hope LRH's approach would work for me, but it didn't.

    LRH was very concerned about hurting people, he wanted a gradient 
scale, the end result is vast majority get stuck in trying to get their 
grades or dianetics or drug rundown down and never talk to each other 
about anything.

    Jesus and Mary sweet mother of God, the way to do a comprehensive drug 
rundown is to run down all your drugs and do them comprehensively.  LRH 
couldn't handle acid cases and he knew it.

    The solution to any chronic condition is make more of it.

    The monolithic agreement that comes about when people lower
on the tone scale are higher than you in the org crushes any hope
of lasting case gain really being made.

    And the world needs good TECH FINDERS, to replace Hubbard and compete 
with each other for the cheapest fastest betterest route. Tech finding is 
a high crime in the Church so it is dead by its own hand.  It will die as 
a dinosaur while the rest of us go on around it at a much faster pace.

    We may not be very clear, but we sure as hell will be more OT.

    Me I don't give a damn about hurting people, I don't care if they go 
down in fire and explode at the bottom of the abyss, as long as a real OT 
arises from the ashes.

    I also fell in love with the e-meter, a virtual dream machine that 
could react to my own postulates of not-isness. So the electrical engineer 
in me was hooked and still am.  Those that pooh the meter are idiots.

    And terrified of it.

    A meter to an idiot is like a Tribble to a Klingon.

    Meters are not necessary but they sure do help.

> I would like you to keep in comm, MR. Smith!

    I ain't going anywhere.

    I created a whole internet company just so I could write to usenet in 
peace and check now and then for smoke coming out of the abyss.


Thu Dec 17 00:26:33 EST 2009